Metal Controls Wood

Metal represents the minerals, stone, and precious metals formed by the Earth.

The Five Elements healing philosophy is a symbolic representation of the movement of energy in nature and in our bodies, used in acupressure and acupuncture healing practices.

The Metal organs are the Lung and Large Intestine.  They sift through what we take in, let go of whatever we don’t need, and provide the needed inspiration (oxygen) to move forward

Wood represents growth, sprouting, and structure.  The organs of sprouting growth are thetraditional chinese medicine Liver and Gall Bladder.  They function to digest fats, which are used to build and rebuild cell walls.

They also burn fat  for energy when food is scarce.

If you store fat and have low energy, you need to care for your Wood energy.

Sometimes care means nurturing and building up.  Other times Wood needs the control or shaping of Metal energy.

Think of an overgrown backyard without the tending of the sharpness of Metal.  That is your body storing fat and not using it for energy.  Think of all the things you can do with a nicely groomed backyard.  Backyard grilling, parties, and badminton if you like.  Fun!

I have seen many patients who don’t like the shape of their bodies. 

Squishy women are like sensitive men, they don’t quite fit in this culture.  Both versions break the rules of what our culture views as beautiful.  After five babies, my wife was somewhat squishier than when we met.  I loved it, and she hated it.

One time, I heard one of my wife’s friends, who is not the “right” body shape, make a critical comment about herself.  I said, “What, OMG, I love my wife’s squishI love how it feels in my arms and hands.”  I would actually ask my wife to “lay on top of me.”  Not kidding, I loved how she felt.

She’s worked hard to trim away the softness she didn’t care for, but I still love her.  And for the first time that I can remember, I have come to love my softness.

My body is actually on the hard side, so that’s not what I’m talking about.  Scleroderma taught me to accept my softness, which I think meant being a sensitive man.

If you would like to have a hard-body, it turns out I am pretty good at helping your body burn fat.

Now.  I was horrible at it, before.  I swear, every patient that asked me to help them get rid of their softness turned out to be a complete failure.

In the last year, I’ve helped several women achieve weight loss after a life time of failure.  What changed?  “Dr. Stone changed.

Warning: Uncomfortable Honesty Ahead…

I wanted my patients to accept their softness, but I couldn’t accept mine.  I hated being a sensitive man.  Most of my teens and 20’s looked like a boy seeking the relief of death.  The closest call was when somebody gave me a prescription pain pill at a party.  At that time, I would take nearly anything that promised an escape from reality.  I escaped, losing a day of my life, waking up 24 hours later.

Maybe I did die, but God said it’s not time, and gave me a second chance?

acupunctureGod has intervened several times to help me choose direction.  Since God gifted me my first daughter Savannah, life has felt better than how I imagined death would feel.  I imagined it would at least bring me from bad to nothing.

Or even better…  Faith, my Sunday school teacher, told me stories of Heaven.  IDK

God led me to Mother Nature with my desire to heal.  He gifted me the wisdom of a healing trend through the pain of a fungal sinus infection and adrenal exhaustion.  It taught me that relieving pain is escaping.  Addiction.  Healing pain is Love.  My pain was healed by Mother Nature.

God showed me how much pain I could take and how much faith I can have in Mother Nature, with Appendicitis.

He carved 15 pounds off my already lean frame with, and sent the first visions of what I call Care Without Expectation, in the intense pain of Appendicitis.  

God showed me what I needed to heal more people than I had ever imagined, with Scleroderma.  Scleroderma is an autoimmune disease that attacks collagen, the softness of your body.

The Gift from God, was “Accept your softness.”

It’s considered dorky or nerdy in our culture, but I accept that too.  Lol.

When I hated my softness, I wanted to help “poorly shaped women” accept their softness, but I didn’t know howUntil God gave me a nudge. 

Scleroderma is fatal 40% of the time, according to medical statistics.

The disease crawls up your arm and reaches into your chest to harden your heart.  Fatal.

God offered me a choice.
down the rabbit hole
Accept your softness and heal, or accept your death and come home.

Or however the afterlife works.

I accepted staying in Wonderland, mainly because I helped create 5 of it’s people.  And from a sensitive perspective, our culture doesn’t make any sense.  It feels so hard.

down the rabbit hole
When I accepted my softness, I was able to  feel what softness wants,  including squishy women.  

I could feel their desire more loudly than what I wanted, which was for our culture to accept softness.

No more wanting or wishing, I’m going first in accepting and loving softness in our culture.

If you want a thinner or harder body, let me help.  I can help you maneuver accepting where you are, and I can shift your energy forward, toward Metal energy and carving a hard body.

Softly, instead of the “battling” the bulge.  We’ll love our softness together and move toward your inspiration gently.

Try our clinic…no charge, and only give back if you’re satisfied.”  Lol.  Sounds like a girl.

Dr. Todd Stone

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  1. Melissa Greer
    Melissa Greer says:

    As one who’s painfully familiar with being, and wanting to NOT be “Squishy”, this was Priceless. For the record, you have Never sounded “like a girl” to me. Maybe a “one of a kind, hard as Hades to find, Super Hero kind of Truly Nice Guy” with just the right balance of hardness/softness (which is Extremely Rare), but still Very much a Man. You are far too hard on yourself, but then, I guess we All are. 😊 Thanks Again, for the smile, and the Hope.

    • Dr. Todd Stone
      Dr. Todd Stone says:

      Lol…I’m Ruby Roundhouse and Dr. Smolder Bravestone all in one. Plus the awkwardness of Professor Shelly Oberon, (that must stand for Sheldon), and Moose Finbar. (that’s actually pronounced Mouse.”) LOL

      • Melissa Greer
        Melissa Greer says:

        Finally got to watch Jumanji! Laughed and laughed, Especially when, Steffi/Professor Shelly had
        To relieve her/himself!!! Thanks for telling me about it. Great fun!


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