Water Creates Wood

Water is movement and flexibility.

Water teaches us to tend whatever is sprouting.

The Five Elements represent the movement of energy in acupuncture and acupressure healing philosophies.

Water creates Wood by nourishing Earth’s sprouting love.  Wood is everything that sprouts from Earth.  The Five Elements teaches us that everything sprouting is a gift.

Every child, every pain, every success, and every failure.  If it sprouts in your life, it’s a gift from Mother and Father.

I have not enjoyed any of my pain.  I didn’t enjoy anything about Appendicitis, until day 4.  Day 4 brought visions of my destiny, my gift to this world, and I felt the joy of enduring pain in faith.  I am open to the possibility that I was out of my mind.

My therapist suggested I get out of my head from the first day we met.  Lol.

Appendicitis forced me to be present to my pain, and nothing else for 5 days.  I slept for moments of time, or maybe I was unconscious, because it didn’t feel possible to sleep with that intensity of pain.

Feeling my pain that intensely and giving it over to faith, gave me a gift.  A mission to accomplish, perhaps my life’s purpose.

And a question.  How much do we miss out on by avoiding pain?

When Mother and Father gifted me Scleroderma, a disease that real doctor’s mournfully report as a death sentence, I loved their gift.  Willingly.scleroderma

There were moments that the pain was so intense, that I braced for it’s power.  I can’t say that I enjoyed those moments, but I loved them.

Scleroderma is an autoimmune disease that attacks collagen.  Collagen is the softness of our physical bodies.  Death comes when this disease crawls up your arm and hardens your heart.

How can you NOT love that?  Lol.

Yeah, it sounds grim from the medical perspective, but I have faith in Mother’s medicine, and Father’s gifts.  Father places exactly what we need right in front of us, and my gift was an incurable disease.  Momma is the healer of our most painful lessons.

Once I achieved the flexibility to receive the lesson, I just leaned on Momma heavily.  I probably doubled the amount of medicines I had used for a sinus infection that took a year to resolve.  And I took 10 times more Medicine than I did for Appendicitis.

Appendicitis was a “guy thing.”  A tiny bit of Mother, and a whole lotta facing pain and death.

Scleroderma was a “girl thing.”  A whole lotta Momma, and the wisdom to accept and embrace the softness of a caretaker and healer.

Click Here to read my Appendicitis adventure, and HERE for my Scleroderma story.

I call them my “origins story.”

Flowing Water Creates Wood.  Water represents the direction we choose.  Freezing in anxiety and worry sprouts nothing.  Raging in anger sprouts destruction. 

Let’s choose wisely.

I teach my most sensitive girl, Sacred Stone, that she can have anything she wants.  Without battle.  Just teach the people around you how your desire is to their benefit.  Use your Water express your championenergy to move and flex in that direction, and great things will sprout in your life!

If you’d like to choose Mother’s healing, visit our online storeI have been quite impressed.  I can personally vouch for True Yeast Relief and True Stress Resilience.  They helped me get over a year long sinus infection.

And True Allergy Relief.  It helped me get over a lifetime of allergies.

Getting over Scleroderma took avoiding gluten, and adding True GI and Lymph Cleanse, True Tissue Heal and Clear Skin, and True Vessel Care, which is for varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and Scleroderma, as it turned out.




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