Case Study – Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Melissa had a thyroid problem.

She had asked  a dozen Doctors for help, over a full decade.  They all agreed that she had a thyroid problem, and she did have multiple symptoms of hypothyroidism.  They did their best to heal her thyroid, but they were treating the effect, and not the cause.  She had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and autoimmune condition. 

(My insurance contract was terminated for helping her, so the picture is appropriate)

She was so sick and exhausted that she felt like she was dying.  She quit a career she loved to take care of her health, and by the time she found True Health, she was broken physically and financially. 

I took care of her for whatever she could pay.  She helped make True Health beautiful in exchange, as she felt better.

When Melissa and I first met, she was ready to give in to whatever comes after our earthly existence.  She confided that I was her “last hope!”  (No pressure or anything!) 

She had tried ‘everything’ to resolve hypothyroidism, but for 10 years, she had been getting weaker and more exhausted.

And she was in severe pain!  She had pain running from the top of her head, down her right arm to her thumb, and down her right leg to her big toe.  She rated it 10 out of 10 on some days, where she couldn’t get out of bedOther days, she could get up and eat to stay alive, but not much else. 

Her first doctor diagnosed a thyroid problem from the two blood tests, TSH and T4. 

He prescribed Synthroid, which according to Medscape is the nation’s top prescribed drug, despite no known root cause of thyroid problems, well except when doctors destroy it with radiation in the treatment of Graves Disease.

True Health has resolved Graves Disease with Mother’s medicine, so there is another way.

Click Here to Read their stories.

Melissa’s story didn’t start out so well.  Synthroid caused her pain to increase dramatically.  She was naturally minded anyway, so she turned to alternative medicine.  Pushed gently by the fact that her real medicine hurt like a Mother!

Her alternative doctors did a better job of listening and responding, and she actually felt some improvement taking their medicines.  “I am slightly less exhausted!

But they all focused on her Thyroid problem, and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease.  Care needs to be focused on her immune system.

When she visited True Health, she felt as bad as she had ever felt.  She said something like, “she could just give in to death, it feels so close.”  DrStone said “Pshaw, let’s run a few tests.  I bet we’ll find a way to heal.

I took her case history, as doctor’s do, and when she told me about the pain, I thought, “I’ve seen tons of Thyroid problems, and pain is not a prominent symptom.”  This had to be something else.

Then she told me about a chronic sore throat, anxiety and chest tightness, that she rated as severe.  She was inflamed and stressed out.  Thyroid problems present more like soft women, and some men, tired of a hard world.

I guessed it before we ran the test, Autoimmune Thyroiditis.

Real doctor’s often resist testing for autoimmune thyroid problems.  Their only treatment for autoimmune problems is chemotherapy, to suppress the immune system.  And they don’t consider Hashimoto’s “bad enough” to use their hurtful medicine.

Autoimmune does NOT mean helpless. It just requires another question. 

What is aggravating her immune system?  Allergens, toxins, or infections?

I would estimate that I see toxins and infections as the trigger 90% of the time.

Formaldehyde, a know carcinogen, is used in home construction.  We are surrounded by it in the name of profit.  Antibiotics weaken our immune system, and repeated use causes Super-Infections.  I didn’t name that.

“Super-Infection” is the term medicine uses to describe the parasitic, fungal, yeast, or antibiotic resistant bacterial infections, that are a known side effect of antibiotics.

Melissa was one of the 10% that showed an allergy to food.  Gluten.  Gluten free is trendy.  I hate trends.  Doing something because it is popular feels like the most horrifying reason to do anything.  I helped create all of True Health’s amazing healing stories by sorting for results, not popularity.

“Results” wasn’t easy to find, because nearly everyone taught opinions and ideas, and very few were willing to try it out and see for themselves.  Can you believe that some people are afraid to try plant medicines?  I wonder which for-profit  corporation stuck that idea in their brain?

Parkinson's Disease
Ok, no problem.  Gluten free was nothing compared to the pain she had endured for 10 years!

With the immune aggravation gone with a change in shopping habits, we turned our attention to inflammation and the damage 10 years of no help caused her adrenal glands.

In autoimmune diseases, the immune system shifts hard in one direction.  That imbalance creates inflammation.  In Melissa’s case, we used True Immune Balance 2.

Our next healing need was adrenal exhaustion.

I prescribed True Energy Boost, Blood Sugar Balance, and Stress Resilience.  Earlier versions of course; I was learning by trial and error.  But my best was good enough.

Just to give you an idea of how exhausted she was.  Her cortisol levels were undetectable by lab at lunch, dinner and bedtime.  Cortisol is a hormone that is released during times of stress.  Ten years of suffering had her near zero.

It took time to recover from way too close to death, almost a year before she felt healthy again.  By her third year of leaning in to Mother Nature and True Health, she reported best ever.  She was past retirement age, and she said, “I don’t think I’ve  felt this alive ever in my life!

True Health was kicked out of our last insurance company for sharing her story on our website, and officially was no longer covered by any of these helpful men.

Mother NatureI responded like a caretaker would.

I now offer A Metabolic Tune-Up for those willing to try Mother Nature.  In preparing this website, I searched and searched for evidence of hurt at the hands of Mother.  Not a single death by her medicine.

I found one harsh side effect from taking Momma’s medicine unwisely.  It resolved naturally.  A small percentage get tummy aches from consuming roots and bark.  And nearly everyone finds the taste bad.

I don’t enjoy the taste, but I love it.  I can swish the most bitter medicine around my mouth with ease, because I have witnessed and felt the love and healing of Mother.

You can get them all.  All the medicines that produced these results, without a prescription, in our online store.

If you are more complicated than average, like Melissa, call or email, and I will help.



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