True Yeast Relief

Medicine does not recognize Candida as a health condition.

Well, until it is so bad, that they can see it as an external lesion.  They cannot deny what they see with their own eyes, but they deny that your feeling like crap, could be Candida.  

LOL.  OK I see Candida now.  I believe you.

Candida Albicans

True Yeast Relief works better than anything else I have witnessed for yeast infections, thrush, or chronic Candida. 

Usnea is proven to be effective with Fluconazole resistant candida infections.  Yes, that is the most powerful pharmaceutical for Yeast Infections.  Lol.  Usnea beats that by itself.  Click here to read for yourself.  


Usnea and Barberry

Barberry is proven to be one of the best to eliminate Candida Albicans.  Click Here to read for yourself.

Dr. Axe thinks Pau’D Arco is one of the best home remedies for Candida.


Pau’D Arco Tree

Pau d’Arco — made from the bark of a large evergreen tropical tree found in the rainforests of the Amazon, South America and Latin America — is a potent anti-parasitic remedy with a long history of use by indigenous populations. It also has antimicrobial, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as analgesic, antioxidant, astringent and laxative effects. It’s one of the supplements I take on a daily basis for its mitochondrial, immune-boosting and anti-aging benefits.  –Dr. Mercola

Cat’s Claw is a South American tradition.  Native to the Amazon rainforest and other areas of Central and South America, cat’s claw is an herb you’ll find thriving in forest areas. You can easily spot it — just look for woody vines with hook-shaped thorns growing on them, resembling a kitty’s claw. This plant can grow to heights of 100 feet. The thorns actually serve an important purpose, though, as they allow the vines to attach themselves to tree barks.

You won’t find much scientific documentation, but if you believe the history of their culture, it sounds pretty valuable.

They probably lied though, so they could make more Money

Mother Nature

“Pay me and I will help you when you need, I insure it.”

I was willing to try Cat’s Claw, and it resolved a horrifying fungal sinus infection.  (I’m the patient with some regularity, lol).  And, Cat’s Claw resolved the pain of diverticulitis in this Case Study.

Dr. Axe thinks it’s pretty amazing too!

Bee Balm, Wild Bergamot, Sweet Leaf.

They couldn’t decide on the name, but they shared the value.  This pretty flower offers us roots and leaves that are considered more effective at eliminating Candida than Oregano.

candidaSweet Leaf made the cut for best ever, while oregano did not, in my personal experience after 20+ years of healing.  They call it practice.  Lol.  One patient inquiry asked if I am still practicing.  I said, “No, I think I figured it out.”

I’m even willing to BET on Mother Nature, or put my money where my mouth is.  If you buy two bottles of True Yeast Relief, and you do not see a response, send the second bottle back, unopened, and I will refund your entire purchase.

Click Here to visit our online store to get what I found to make Candida relief fairly easy.  And shop around…I swear that all of our formulas are what worked the best, after 20+ years of clinical practice!  I call it True Fungal Fighter now, bc I works on mold and yeast!!



Quit Smoking

True Addiction Relief allowed me to quit tobacco with very little discomfort.

True Addiction Relief is the plant medicine I created to take away the hurt of withdrawal symptoms. Also the crazy craving of addiction to make it easy to quit smoking or chewing tobacco.  I’ve tried quitting over 100 times. However, by using this product, this time was a breeze.

Check out the plants I put together to end addiction!  (When you are ready, of course!)

Horsetail:  This plant contains a very low dose of nicotine. This makes our medicine equally as effective as nicotine gum or patches.  Science proves Horsetail helps the kidneys filter water better than a prescription diuretic. This is in case you have trouble with swollen ankles.

quit smoking

Used topically (just mix a bit in coconut oil), it has proven to decrease pain and inflammation in the 10 days after an episiotomy. This is while cutting the need for Tylenol in half!  You’ll have to look up episiotomy if you don’t know what it is. I couldn’t bear to describe that horrifying medical procedure.

Read the studies Here!

Wild Oat Seed:  Doctors in Europe are convinced this medicine is effective for improving cognitive function, and are now studying which dosing works the best.  Read Here.

Wild Oats and St. Johns Wort were tested to see if they would help opioid drug addiction.  Results of this study showed that “these medicinal plants can be effective in controlling deprivation, decreasing dependency creation, and possibly detoxification of opioid addicts.

quit smoking

St. John’s Wort and Wild Oat Seed

In my Top 10 Plant Meds for Depression Blog, I share a study that proved St. John’s Wort to be 70% better than Paxil for the treatment of Major Depression!

“In the past there was  Lobelia  in anti-smoking products as a deterrent for those with a smoking addiction. However the sale of smoking products that contained lobelia was prohibited by the Food and Drug Administration in 1993 because it was not helpful to those who were addicted to smoking.”

However, there are no studies that validate their conclusion, nor are there any studies proving it’s benefit to help quit smoking.  But 2000 years of written history says give Lobelia a try to quit smoking. 

Smoking tobacco dates back to 3000 BC. And apparently if you smoke too much, the nicotine can be addictive.  Back then, if you found yourself craving tobacco, you’d take Lobelia to ease the addiction.  So,  Big Tobacco added some chemicals to “hook the brain” on nicotine, leaving us nearly helpless to quit smoking.  quit smoking

If you click through to the studies, you will see that the 4th study concludes that Lobelia has good potential as efficacious treatments for methamphetamine abuse.

The strength to endure the fight comes from three powerful adaptogenic plants.  They help adapt to stress, strain, and the pain of withdrawal.

Fo-Ti is proven to protect the brain from toxic chemical know to destroy brain cells.  Read it yourself, dude!  Harvard Medical School researchers concluded that Ginseng shows promise for cocaine addictionRead it yourself.

This study says that Rhodiola prevents relapse to nicotine addiction, in animal models.

quit smoking

Fo-Ti, Ginseng, Rhodiola

Catnip’s use in European folk medicine for generations is as a calming agent for body and mind. It is gentle and is very useful for children and infants.

Because of this,  I use Catnip in “True Sleep” as well.

If you’d like to try the medicine, and/or the acupressure I used to ease cravings and withdrawal symptoms, I described my entire protocol on my Nicotine Addiction BlogGet True Addiction Relief in our Online Store!

How to Increase Breast Milk Production and Relieve Postpartum Depression.

True Postpartum Vitality

Three Million women go to the doctor each year for help with Postpartum Depression.  Slightly less than Four Million babies are born each year.  Not very good odds.  Relieve depression and Postpartum anxiety, plus I’ll show you how to increase breastmilk supply.

Almost all Mothers have concerns about whether their milk supply is adequate.

This is Nature’s gift to new Mothers, giving strength and happiness during a time of challenge.

One of my patients searched for “How to Increase Breastmilk Production” and found fennel seed.  She bought some from Walgreens, and reported that “it made her armpits stink and did nothing for milk production.”  Lol

That was not the effect she was looking for!  I explained to her that Walgreens supplements and herbal medicines were found to not have the actual ingredients listed on the package.  (1)

True Health uses plant medicines produced by farmers that sell exclusively to doctors.  They have to bottle “the good stuff” or we stop buying, because we have to face our patients in follow up visits.

And why would I buy more of something that didn’t work?

The National Library of Medicine reports that Chaste Tree Berry and Fennel Seed are the most effective plant medicines to increase milk supply, a quality they describe as galactagogue.  (2)  A galactagogue is an herb that is used to help increase breastmilk production in nursing mothers.

postpartum anxiety

Chasteberry Tree Flowers

My patient reported that “I only need to take a couple doses and my milk supply returns to more than adequate.  And True Health plant medicines didn’t “make her armpits stink.”  Lol.

She got what she wanted.

True Postpartum Vitality is a blend of plant medicines, that the National Library of Medicine agrees, works well to increase milk production, and improve postpartum anxiety.

It also contains German Chamomile and Lemon Balm, which were given to a group of colicky babies, along with Fennel.  The babies averaged crying 3 hours and 20 minutes per day.  After one week, average crying time was decreased by 2 hours and 25 minutes, while those receiving a placebo decreased by less than 30 minutes, which is five times more effective than a placebo.  (3)

These plants were also found to relieve indigestion and tummy aches and significantly calm stress and anxiety.  (4, 5)

You can get the most carefully prepared plant medicines from farmers that produce for doctors; formulated by observing which plants provided the best results in our Clinic.

True Postpartum Vitality includes the best plants for postpartum anxiety and depression and to increase breast milk production.

Doctors in Australia asked rural people how to increase breastmilk supply and relieve postpartum depression.

Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle are two of the most common plants for postpartum care.  59.9% of nursing Mothers used traditional plant medicines, and 70.1% said there is a lack of resources to learn the value of plants.  (6)

I’m sharing the research and traditions of plant medicines to balance out the lack of resources to learn the healing that Mother Nature offers.

Researchers decided that Blessed Thistle protects the brain from degenerative diseases.  (7)

postpartum anxiety, breast milk production

The traditional use of Fenugreek is to strengthen and balance hormones.  Real doctors found it worthy of testing, and discovered that it increased estrogen by 120% in hormone depleted women.  If you are not depleted, it still gives strength(8)

The traditional use of Cordyceps is to increase mood, energy, and immune defenses.  The National Library of Medicine scientifically reports that it gives you more fight.

Tail Suspension Test: Postpartum Depression Causes

The manly way to test for antidepressant activity is the Tail Suspension Test.

Researchers suspend a mouse by it’s tail, and measure the number of seconds it is immobilized in fear, compared to the time it’s fighting for it’s life.  If they fight more, the drug is a success.  They cite the example of Lithium, prescribed for bipolar disorder which increases struggle time by 20%.

Cordyceps increased struggle time by 33%.  (9)   Scientifically, that means it is ready for human testing for the treatment of depression.

I’m a bit on the sensitive side, but I never, in a million years, would have come up with “The Tail Suspension Test” as way to determine the healing nature of anything.

Manly men shouldn’t be in charge of healing, and pharmaceutical profit shouldn’t decide what the best medicine is.

If you’d like to have Mother Nature’s strength for new Mommas, click here to visit our online store.  Or click “shop” at the top of the page.  If depression is severe, you may want to add True Mood Lift.

We have “home remedies” for allergies, pain, wounds or injuries, anxiety and PMS, just to name a few.  All our plant medicines come from the most careful farmers and deliver the best results Dr. Stone has seen in over 20 years of practice.  

Maybe you can feel integrity?

Dr. Todd Stone

True Heart Health

True Heart Health is our plant blend for heart failure and high blood pressure.

You may want to have it on hand in case of heart attack.  Researchers observed Mistletoe significantly reduce the extent of heart death by sudden blockage.  That’s a heart attack.  An instant heart failure most commonly caused by high blood pressure.

I take True Heart Health when my heart suffers from stress or hurts, even heart broken, because I have witnessed the healing of Mother NatureRepeatedly.

She provides a variety of medicinal plants for every hurt or illness.

These plants are the best I have met for blood pressure regulation and heart healing.

Hawthorne Berry was observed to significantly reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure over 3 months.  Click Here for the Hawthorne Berry study.

blood pressure

MotherWort significantly decreased the damage of heart failure, including heart enlargement, scar tissue formation, and the inability of the left ventricle to push blood through towards the body and brain.    Click here for the details.  It’s an animal study, but I have personally witnessed healing and improving heart failure.  Click Here to read the story.

Coleus has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for heart conditions for 3000 years.  Its predominant effect is to lower the blood pressure and relax muscle contraction.  Click Here to read the study.


Rhodiola increases the efficiency of heart muscle contraction when confronted with low oxygen concentrations.  This study used altitude sickness to measure the effects, but “increased efficiency” would be a good effect for heart failure or high blood pressure.  Click Here to read for yourself.

blood pressure

“Viscum album L. (Mistletoe)  has been used in Turkish traditional medicine for the treatment of cardiovascular disorders and heart diseases such as hypertension, tachycardia and angina pectoris.”

blood pressure

RESULTS: Mistletoe significantly reduced the extent of cardiac death compared with placebo.

With this study, popular usage of Mistletoe in Turkish folk medicine as a remedy for cardiac diseases was justified.” Click here to read the study.

CoEnzyme Q10 is an antioxidant. Our bodies produce it for use in the production of energy.  The only dietary source I am aware of is eating beef or chicken heart.  I prefer the liquid extracts we use in True Heart Health.
Click Here for the results of this study which concludes that CoQ10 protects the heart from death when oxygen is suddenly cut off.  Yes, that’s a heart attack.  If you have a family history, you may want to take your chances with True Heart Health.

Wait…not “chances”…science validates it.

I wonder why these guys want us to believe that Mother Nature isn’t validated by science.

Mother Nature

Their salary comes from collecting your premium with the promise to take care when you need it.  They get their raises by denying your care.  Seems like a conflict of interest.

I’m pretty certain that Mothers take care of everyone.  Are these guys taking good care of you?  Or are they profiting from the “fear of not being cared for?”  Hmmmm….

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