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Quit Smoking

True Addiction Relief allowed me to quit tobacco with very little discomfort.

True Addiction Relief is the plant medicine I created to take away the hurt of withdrawal symptoms. Also the crazy craving of addiction to make it easy to quit smoking or chewing tobacco.  I’ve tried quitting over 100 times. However, by using this product, this time was a breeze.

Check out the plants I put together to end addiction!  (When you are ready, of course!)

Horsetail:  This plant contains a very low dose of nicotine. This makes our medicine equally as effective as nicotine gum or patches.  Science proves Horsetail helps the kidneys filter water better than a prescription diuretic. This is in case you have trouble with swollen ankles.

quit smoking

Used topically (just mix a bit in coconut oil), it has proven to decrease pain and inflammation in the 10 days after an episiotomy. This is while cutting the need for Tylenol in half!  You’ll have to look up episiotomy if you don’t know what it is. I couldn’t bear to describe that horrifying medical procedure.

Read the studies Here!

Wild Oat Seed:  Doctors in Europe are convinced this medicine is effective for improving cognitive function, and are now studying which dosing works the best.  Read Here.

Wild Oats and St. Johns Wort were tested to see if they would help opioid drug addiction.  Results of this study showed that “these medicinal plants can be effective in controlling deprivation, decreasing dependency creation, and possibly detoxification of opioid addicts.

quit smoking

St. John’s Wort and Wild Oat Seed

In my Top 10 Plant Meds for Depression Blog, I share a study that proved St. John’s Wort to be 70% better than Paxil for the treatment of Major Depression!

“In the past there was  Lobelia  in anti-smoking products as a deterrent for those with a smoking addiction. However the sale of smoking products that contained lobelia was prohibited by the Food and Drug Administration in 1993 because it was not helpful to those who were addicted to smoking.”  HerbWisdom.com

However, there are no studies that validate their conclusion, nor are there any studies proving it’s benefit to help quit smoking.  But 2000 years of written history says give Lobelia a try to quit smoking. 

Smoking tobacco dates back to 3000 BC. And apparently if you smoke too much, the nicotine can be addictive.  Back then, if you found yourself craving tobacco, you’d take Lobelia to ease the addiction.  So,  Big Tobacco added some chemicals to “hook the brain” on nicotine, leaving us nearly helpless to quit smoking.  quit smoking

If you click through to the studies, you will see that the 4th study concludes that Lobelia has good potential as efficacious treatments for methamphetamine abuse.

The strength to endure the fight comes from three powerful adaptogenic plants.  They help adapt to stress, strain, and the pain of withdrawal.

Fo-Ti is proven to protect the brain from toxic chemical know to destroy brain cells.  Read it yourself, dude!  Harvard Medical School researchers concluded that Ginseng shows promise for cocaine addictionRead it yourself.

This study says that Rhodiola prevents relapse to nicotine addiction, in animal models.

quit smoking

Fo-Ti, Ginseng, Rhodiola

Catnip’s use in European folk medicine for generations is as a calming agent for body and mind. It is gentle and is very useful for children and infants.

Because of this,  I use Catnip in “True Sleep” as well.

If you’d like to try the medicine, and/or the acupressure I used to ease cravings and withdrawal symptoms, I described my entire protocol on my Nicotine Addiction BlogGet True Addiction Relief in our Online Store!

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  1. Melissa Greer
    Melissa Greer says:

    I think I can finally, honestly say this formula helped me immensely, as nothing has before. Had I been diligent in following the other protocol you discovered in your battle with withdrawal, Dearest Dr. Stone, I probably would’ve been able to say it sooner. Since following protocol isn’t one of my strengths, it took me a LOT longer to get to the “letting go” & moving on point. I still have my “love affair” with smoking to get over, but I Know the Need for the nicotine and other “heart hurting” additives is Gone. Thank God, and you, for this product, and for your “getting in the trenches” by testing it on your own addiction. That’s Still Amazes me.


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