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Earth Destroys Fire

Earth is the Element that includes the Spleen, Stomach, and Pancreas.

The Five Elements is an ancient philosophy of health, healing, and life, used primarily in acupressure and acupuncture practices.

The function of the Earth Element organs is to deliver glucose and oxygen to every cell in your body.  Taking care of all the babies, just like a Mother does.

Nobody is left behind when Mother is strong.

Fire creates Earth, so when your Thyroid slows down with Hypothyroidism, Mother has to play triage.  The Earth organs will sacrifice nice skin, hair, and nails as the least important to survival.


Lol.  Our culture seems to think looking good is the most important thing to survival.  Natural Law says “you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Earth destroys Fire when we move counter to Natural Law.  Water Controls Fire, but Earth is used to snuff out Fire.  When Earth snuffs out Fire, they call it Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  An autoimmune attack on your Thyroid Gland.

It is estimated that 80% of tired women with bad skin and hair, and fat storing bodies, are autoimmuneClick Here to read how we resolved every autoimmune condition that has come to True Health!

Why would their Earth Energy, which is the Mother Energy, be trying to snuff out their own Fire!?

Natural Law suggests that the ROOT cause is a lack of trust in their Heart’s Desire, and their Innate Wisdom.

The Fire Element includes energy and defense, plus it holds our Heart’s Desire and our Gut Intuition.  The more trust decays, the more looking good and being right rule the fragile heart, and muffle the gut wisdom.

In a little one, decaying trust looks like a need for control, and a critical tongue toward anyone who refuses to be controlled.  Lack of trust looks like a need to be in charge, and looks like a wounded heart when someone has a different ideaLack of trust leaves an inability to empathize and apologize for someone else’s hurt. 

Trust begins with believing Faith, that we are ALL a Gift.

Trust brings curiosity and lets go of being rightTrust strengthens What Matters Most, and lets go of looking good.  Trust brings balance to listening, looking, and telling.

Trust loves the perspective of another Gift, knowing that they have a gift that your trusting heart can’t access without their unique perspective.

I have taught TRUST to my kiddos by teaching them that their unique perspective is their gift.  And that their Heart Desire is What Matters Most.  I taught that if the person in front of you is upset, including Daddy, that person doesn’t know how to get what they want.

Offer compassion and help.   

I have taught them that our culture teaches people to be right and look good.  That our people are gifts, but very few know it, and even fewer express it.  Instead they trample people to get what they want, or snuff out their uniqueness trying to fit in.

When they see your uniqueness, they might tell you that you are wrong or bad.

Offer compassion and back away slowly.  They will try to snuff out your Fire.

And I do this on occasion, to reassure them that I am willing to express my heart, even if I am nearly certain I will meet judgment.  We lead best by setting an example, right?!


Sacred and I both thought the results were pretty cool.  98% of “the people,” turned into awkward dorks.  Not sure what the heck to say or do.  Lol.

I have a feeling that Sacred Stone will be far more popular than Dr. Stone.

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  1. Melissa Greer
    Melissa Greer says:

    Excellent perspective from a Beautiful heart. They are rare and priceless gifts, the children, the wisdom you’ve given them to equip them to face the world,, and your heart that looks at that world with Love, no matter what. Thank you for sharing them all.


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