Proven Pain Relief

Do You Need Pain Relief?

True Wound Mend helped heal a dislocated elbow in less than 24 hours, and is research proven to resolve chronic and acute pain!

I was walking our dog with our three youngest, and the boys were being boys.  Gates threw Westy on the ground play wrestling, and his scream suggested an injury far worse than a bruised body or ego.  I ran to him and braced his dislocated elbow, putting a tiny pressure on the deformity in the direction of normal.  I felt it slip back in and his scream decreased to a wail. 

We walked back to the road with my hands “casting” his wound and called momma.  Momma raced the “ambulance” to pick us up and raced back to True Health.  We applied True Wound Heal, one ingredient at a time to his wounded elbow.  We used acupressure to increase the relief.  It took awhile, but we got enough relief that he was able to fall asleep.  I worried that he would move in his sleep and wake up screaming again, but he slept through.  In the morning, he came out bracing his arm to his side, but calm.  We applied more, and by lunch time, he was showing mom he was ok, by doing push ups on our bed!  

And yes, it is research proven, to help chronic and acute pain, with some nice side benefits.  

Comfrey: In Germany, doctors put Comfrey to the test, and concluded, “The results were clear-cut and consistent. Comfrey root showed a remarkably potent, fast-acting, and clinically relevant effect in reducing acute back pain.”  Phytother Res. 2013 Jun; 27(6).   Researchers in the Czech Republic concluded, “Every patient that received Comfrey had good to excellent results in the treatment of muscle pain.   Study results confirm the known anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of topical Comfrey root for back pain.”  Adv Ther. 2005 Nov-Dec;22(6):681-92.

Arnica: In Italy, doctors used Arnica to heal the wounds they caused by total mastectomy.  Arnica offered significant reduction in swelling and bleeding in the recovery from their “care.” J Intercult Ethnopharmacol. 2017 Jan-Mar; 6(1): 1–8.  Researchers in the Czech Republic reported that Arnica more than doubled the relief of a sprained ankle compared to placebo,  and when White Willow was used with Arnica, relief was nearly 100% by day 10, while the placebo patients still had significant pain.  Pain Res Treat. 2011; 2011: 365625

Wild Indigo: I’m not sure why, but this plant has almost no recognition in research.  I’ve seen it work, though.  I had a patient who I couldn’t resolve a chronic infection and the pain it was causing.  When we added Wild Indigo, her pain was resolved in a matter of days.  People who know nature’s medicine call Wild Indigo nature’s Neosporin,  so I put a little bit in True Wound Mend in case you are dealing with an open wound.  I think Wild Indigo has been here longer than Neosporin, so I’d say it this way, “Neosporin is big pharma’s version of Wild Indigo.” 

I was taught that over half of the pharmaceuticals today are based on the actions of plant medicines.  

Frankincense: Doctors in India were concerned about the side effects of NSAIDs.  Aspirin alone causes 16,000 deaths per year in the US.  They used a medical device designed for hurting lab animals to study pain and inflammation in humans. They stopped at the threshold of pain tolerance.  AKA, when they said “Uncle.”  Frankincense increased pain threshold significantly just two hours after a single dose.  Indian J Pharmacol. 2014 Sep-Oct; 46(5): 475–479.  Also in India, researchers concluded that Frankincense along with Ginger and Turmeric, significantly decreased the pain of knee joint arthritis.  J Clin Rheumatol. 2004 Oct;10(5):236-45.   

True Pain Relief offers those 3 together along with White Willow, for internal use, and one dropper full resolved a headache I had after a day in bed with the flu.  I grabbed Advil first because it was “that bad,” but our bottle was expired by nearly two years!  So I gave nature a try, and it worked on pain that even I doubted it could relieve.  

Rose Oil: Doctors in Iran performed a literature review for scientific validation of Rose Oil.  They  found 13 double blind studies, and discovered that rose oil is proven to increase happiness and relaxation, and decrease the pain of menstrual cramps, kidney stones, and post-surgical pain.   Avicenna J Phytomed. 2017 May-Jun; 7(3): 206–213

I don’t care about scientific proof, I have seen the effects with my own eyes.  But I did a literature review, to scientifically validate these plants so you could feel more at ease trying Nature for your healing needs!

Purchase physician grade plant medicine in our online store, and shop around.  I can personally vouch for True Pain Relief as a safe and effective alternative for headache pain,  and True Allergy Relief as a safe and effective alternative for seasonal, smoke, and animal dander allergies.  I put a woman on True Allergy Relief, and she was feeling the relief. 

Her partner forgot his version of allergy relief, while on vacation (3 pharmaceutical medicines).  In his desperation, he tried her “unscientific” medicine, and he is now choses Nature over 3 allergy medications, and appreciates the cost savings too!  Feeling is believing!  And clearly, science agrees.

Greater Comfort and Ease Through Menopause.

Research Proves True Menopause Ease resolves every BAD symptom of Menopause!

On our conditions page, I share the various approaches of six healing sciences for Menopause, but True Menopause Ease is the best resource I have found for relief of menopause symptoms.

The plant medicines that make up True Menopause Ease:


RESULTS: At 6 months, the women who received Wild Yam showed improvement in every clinical symptom investigated, and a significant improvement at 12 months.  The Greene Symptom Scale is a survey that includes anxiety, depression, irritability, insomnia, tiredness, headaches, body aches, hot flashes, and low libido.

 Wild Yam also had a positive effect on hormone balance.  (1)  “Results show that Wild Yam is useful for relief of symptoms of Menopause.”

And instead of side effects, you get side benefits.  Proven by Randomized Controlled Trials.  When you take Wild Yam, it significantly improves cognitive function, memory and inflammation levels, plus has “anti-aging” properties.

And that is just one of six truly amazing plants.



In Italy, Angelica improved all those “bad symptoms” in just four weeks.  It also lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, therefore, Angelica is  a plant worth considering! (2)

In Germany, doctors compared Black Cohosh  to estrogen replacement and a placebo.  Black Cohosh improved bone density just as well as estrogen replacement, and vaginal dryness better than a placebo, but not as well as estrogen.  However, Estrogen Replacement Therapy was proven by the Women’s Health Initiative to increase heart attack, stroke, dementia, and breast cancer.

Black Cohosh was reported to have no side effects.  (3)  Clearly, Black Cohosh is another of Mother Nature’s gifts for menopausal relief.

Side benefits of Black Cohosh include significantly improving sleep, fibroid cysts, and your body’s response to stress!

Black Cohosh and Rhodiola combined works even better than Black Cohosh alone, on a physical level, but remarkably on the mental health level, improving mood, attitude, and happiness! (3.5)



In India, Doctor’s had concern over the dangers of Estrogen Replacement Therapy, so they gave Fenugreek a try. 

Fenugreek increased estrogen levels by 120% in 90 days, and significantly relieved menopause symptoms, especially hot flashes.   (4

In London, Doctor’s searched medical journals for “Ginseng and menopause,” and discovered that Ginseng doesn’t work well for menopausal symptoms, but it seems to significantly increase Libido and “sexual arousal.”   (5)  That includes vaginal lubrication, giving True Menopause Ease an advantage over Estrogen Replacement Therapy in every symptom category, with no side effects.

Fenugreek side benefits include significantly improved blood sugar control, anxiety and physical strength, increased milk production in nursing women, lung function, and even improved Parkinson’s Disease symptoms!  With no side effects!

The research I shared are double blinded and placebo controlled, the highest standard for scientific evidence.

This plant medicine contains scientifically proven relief of Menopause symptoms, in addition it increases estrogen naturally.  A plant that balances hormones, plus lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.

Visit our online store to buy a bottle of True Menopause Ease, which is a 30 day supply.

If you buy 2 bottles, you’ll get free shipping.

What helps period cramps, PMS, mood swings, and PMDD?

Natural PMS Relief

Hi, my name is Dr. Stone.  A couple years ago I was treating a woman with autoimmune thyroid issues, and she started feeling so good that she stopped taking her thyroid medication!  With her restored energy and stability of health, she asked one visit, “Is there anything you can do for PMS?  I just screamed at everyone I love!” 

This medicine is what helps period cramps and moodiness, and PMDD.

I gave her True PMS Relief.  A month later, she said her pain and irritability were 80% better.  The next month she said she didn’t have any discomfort whatsoever!

Her periods were BAD, and she hadn’t mentioned it  because she thought PMS was “NORMAL.”  She knew the only medical solution was Birth Control and she was in the making babies time of her life.

And she only suffered for a week every month.

She may have taken True PMS Relief a month or two longer, but eventually it regulated her hormones so well that she hasn’t needed to use it for the last 3 years and counting.  She had a fourth baby in that time, and said it was her easiest pregnancy and delivery of all.  

This medicine IS what helps period cramping and moodiness, even PMDD.  Natural PMS Relief!

Is True PMS Relief scientifically proven to be safe and effective?

In the culture of medicine, worldwide, “safe and effective” is tested by double blind, placebo controlled clinical trials.  Just in case you are not familiar, that means that they gather a group of people with the same problem, and give half of them the prescribed medicine.  The other half are given a placebo, which is usually starch, sugar or salt pills. People often feel better just by someone offering them their care, so this model determines if the medicine works better than time or good intentions.  Double blind means that both the doctor and the patient do not know who is receiving the actual medicine.

If a clinical trial is performed anywhere in the world, it is published to a global database for physicians, and the access in our country is the National Library of Medicine website.  I share them all if you can understand them…they talk like doctors.  

These are the plants in True PMS Relief, and the research documented RESULTS.  

Yarrow: Female students at a local University were given Yarrow or a placebo.  The half consuming Yarrow had significant pain reduction in their first cycle after taking this medicine.  (1)

Hyssop: Doctors injected animal models with  chemicals that causes cramping of the uterus.  Hyssop blocked or significantly reduced the chemically induced cramping.   (2)

Maca Root: Doctors gave Maca Root or a placebo to 175 people.  After 12 weeks the patients taking Maca had improved perception of sexual desire, mood, energy  and health related quality of life compared to a placebo. (3)

Maca is a wellness herb.  It is proven to significantly improve quality of life in healthy volunteers.  The placebo group didn’t report the improvements in mood and wellbeing that Maca users felt!  Maca also relieves the sexual dysfunction that often accompanies taking anti-depressant medications.  (Try True Mood Lift for depression relief with NO side effects)

Maca significantly improves blood pressure and depression, and menopause, so this plant is good for a woman of any age!

Wild Yam: Researchers in Japan found Wild Yam to significantly increase memory and focus over 12 weeks as compared to a placebo. (4)

And instead of side effects, you get side benefits.  Proven by Randomized Clinical Trials.  When you take Wild Yam, it significantly improves cognitive functionmemory and inflammation levels, plus has “anti-aging” properties.

Dandelion Root:  Doctors gave animal models a toxic dose of Tylenol, and half also received Dandelion Root.  They found that Dandelion was effective in supporting liver detoxification and protecting the liver from being damaged.  The significance of that is that the last week before your period your physiologic need is efficiently eliminating the hormones that were produced for the thickening of the uterine lining, so that the shedding of that lining is easy and comfortable.  Dandelion is proven to increase the efficiency of liver detoxification, even under the strain of poisoning.   (5)

Combinations work better together!

Research proved that three of the five plant medicines in True PMS Relief  offer relief of PMS symptoms.  Two have compelling data that proves it works on the physiologic needs of a female cycle, relaxation of uterine muscle and natural elimination of hormone spikes.    

True PMS Relief is what helps period cramping, moodiness, and PMDD. 

A couple of women who purchased this medicine wished it didn’t work quite so well!  They used their pain and moodiness to know when their period was coming and after a few months their period came without warning.  

Women deserve relief from these symptoms!

I was taught that the primary desire of man is to bring happiness to their woman, and a woman’s desire is “loving attention.”  

If that is true, this is a perfect gift for men to give to their gal!  I doubt many men are searching for “Natural PMS Relief” so you ladies might have to teach them why this medicine would be a benefit to them.  

And safety is not even an issue.  There are times you shouldn’t take certain plants, because they are strong medicine.  But if you have PMS symptoms of any type, not only are they safe,  you will notice side benefits, such as improved circulation, digestion, and energy, because meeting the needs of your body with nourishment is good for you.  

One warning.  Most people, including me, think they taste bad.  Some so bad you wince and groan.  Mary Poppins made a suggestion, “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”  I have found that sugar doesn’t support  healing, but we have used stevia sweetened soda to make it easier for our kiddos.  Over time, they got used to the bitter taste and now take them directly by mouth, with a water or dark chocolate “chaser.”  

The first woman I mentioned was pregnant when she called  True Health.  She was very sick, and her baby suffered the effects too.  Since mom had such great results with plants, she opted for nature to treat her baby’s health issues too.  Her story is pretty amazing if you want to check it out.  

Purchase True PMS Relief in our online Farmacy!!

True Health Mission

The Mission of True Health is Healing

Healing.  To make well or whole again, to restore health, original purity or integrity. (1)  Nature defines healing as meeting your needs (2), and Nature meets all of your healing needs.  Mother Nature provides food and medicine that heals and energizes.
When you have more energy and your needs are met, you share your energy.  Natural Law says you will share something extraordinary with this planet, because you are a gift.
If you’re needs are met, instead of sharing your hurt, you share your gift.

Your gift is your unique perspective, and it offers love and value.

Unless it needs healing.  Hurt people, tend to hurt other people.
A system of healing pain and discomfort, allows our people to feel heart desire, and be the gift that they are.   True Health shares healing, or Care Without Expectation, so you can be the gift your heart desires, and share your love and value.
People receiving love and value tend to heal, and share their love and value.  When I heal you, you will share the healing.  Network marketing for spreading loving care and giving value.  LOL.  Just share what you receive at True Health with a friend.

The first step of healing is loving yourself.

True Health is a trusted and proven resource for loving and caring for how you feel If how you feel is quite painful, you will receive the greatest love I offer.   That’s how healing works.
True Health shares a  philosophy and practice of looking within to meet your needs, and that Mother Nature is the source of everything you need.    Her softness can heal everything that Doctors, Pharmaceutical companies, and profit says is incurable or hopeless, if you lean in to Momma before it is too late.
Healing brings you ease and comfort, but it also allows access to the most significant gift that you are here to share with this world.  
When I was a little boy, my Momma brought me to Sunday School.  My teacher’s name was Faith, and she taught me that “You are a Gift of God.”  Monday brought elementary school, where they taught me, “You are a Bad Boy.

Bummer.  In my experience, Faith was right.

Being the gift that Faith assured that we all are, seems to cause people to treat you like  a gift.  Imagine a world where every person was handled like a precious gift.

Think about that for awhile.  Even better, feel that for awhileFeels pretty good to me.

Please share if you agree.  It’s my opinion that accepting the healing of Dr. Stone and Mother Nature could change our worldSo I stopped charging for my loving care.  You can offer a donation if you want, but my Care is available Without Expectation.  
Just click “contact” at the top of the page and email me to accept my care.  Click on Shop to help yourself to the best medicine I have discovered after 24 years of looking everywhere.  I have to make a living somehow, so your purchase would support Care Without Expectation.