True Health Mission

The Mission of True Health is Healing

Healing.  To make well or whole again, to restore health, original purity or integrity. (1)  Nature defines healing as meeting your needs (2), and Nature meets all of your healing needs.  Mother Nature provides food and medicine that heals and energizes.
When you have more energy and your needs are met, you share your energy.  Natural Law says you will share something extraordinary with this planet, because you are a gift.
If you’re needs are met, instead of sharing your hurt, you share your gift.

Your gift is your unique perspective, and it offers love and value.

Unless it needs healing.  Hurt people, tend to hurt other people.
A system of healing pain and discomfort, allows our people to feel heart desire, and be the gift that they are.   True Health shares healing, or Care Without Expectation, so you can be the gift your heart desires, and share your love and value.
People receiving love and value tend to heal, and share their love and value.  When I heal you, you will share the healing.  Network marketing for spreading loving care and giving value.  LOL.  Just share what you receive at True Health with a friend.

The first step of healing is loving yourself.

True Health is a trusted and proven resource for loving and caring for how you feel If how you feel is quite painful, you will receive the greatest love I offer.   That’s how healing works.
True Health shares a  philosophy and practice of looking within to meet your needs, and that Mother Nature is the source of everything you need.    Her softness can heal everything that Doctors, Pharmaceutical companies, and profit says is incurable or hopeless, if you lean in to Momma before it is too late.
Healing brings you ease and comfort, but it also allows access to the most significant gift that you are here to share with this world.  
When I was a little boy, my Momma brought me to Sunday School.  My teacher’s name was Faith, and she taught me that “You are a Gift of God.”  Monday brought elementary school, where they taught me, “You are a Bad Boy.

Bummer.  In my experience, Faith was right.

Being the gift that Faith assured that we all are, seems to cause people to treat you like  a gift.  Imagine a world where every person was handled like a precious gift.

Think about that for awhile.  Even better, feel that for awhileFeels pretty good to me.

Please share if you agree.  It’s my opinion that accepting the healing of Dr. Stone and Mother Nature could change our worldSo I stopped charging for my loving care.  You can offer a donation if you want, but my Care is available Without Expectation.  
Just click “contact” at the top of the page and email me to accept my care.  Click on Shop to help yourself to the best medicine I have discovered after 24 years of looking everywhere.  I have to make a living somehow, so your purchase would support Care Without Expectation.
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