Earth Creates Metal

Earth is the Harvest.  The value you get from taking care of Mother Earth and Her people.

The Five Elements represent the movement of energy in acupuncture and acupressure healing philosophies.

The Earth Element represents loving, nurturing care.  Mother Earth provides everything we need to survive and thrive.  Mothers make sure everyone’s needs are being met.  Earth organs, spleen, stomach, and pancreas, are responsible for delivering glucose and oxygen to every cell in your body.  

The Metal Element is the richness of life.  The wisdom acquired by reflecting on your results and keeping your focus on inspiration.

Earth is the soil that nurtures the plants, that nurture our bodies.  Under intense pressure, the Earth creates diamonds and other precious Metals.

The Five Elements teaches us that every form of life has Earth, the ability to nurture others, and Metal, something precious inside, found only by applying pressure toward inspiration.  

Inspiration is discovered by nurturing desire.

The Earth Energy is depressed in our culture.  The most popular TED talk ever, is “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”  Click Here to watch if you haven’t.  Fifty Million people could relate to rarely hearing “what do you want?”  And often hearing, “you’re not good enough.

I wouldn’t blame the schools.  Schools function to provide basic education to all, and specialized education to those who want to develop a particular skill.

We nurture desire by looking at the child as a Gift.  There is something precious inside, and our job is to keep this little one safe as they explore desire and find their passion.

Less “telling them what they need”, and more inquiring into what they want!

If I did that TED talk, I would name it, “Do Parents Kill Creativity?”  Dads have Earth energy, too, so if it’s true, that our children lack creativity, I’d look to the Earth Element, and our ability to meet the needs of our children as parents.

If our parenting is not offering nurturing to children, Earth creating Metal, I’d look at Fire, because Fire creates a warm and loving Earth.

Fire is heart’s desire.

Are parents chasing dreams, their heart’s desire?  Most of the parents I meet are fighting for survival and healing.  I’m a doctor of something, so people come to me for healing.  Most couldn’t find healing for years, and it broke their bank, trying to find feeling ok or good.

When I met my co-parent, our sprouting friendship and interest brought her to my clinic.  She had headaches almost daily, and a couple per month knocked her on her butt.  She thought of me when she was the most desperate for relief.  Tears filled her eyes from the pain.

That was 15 years ago.  I knew something was different about me, but the only word I had learned to describe it was A-Hole.  Now I call that difference “softness” or sensitivity.

Fifteen years later, tears fill my eyes when I think about feeling her pain that day.  I did my best and her pain went away or at least much better.  My Co-Parent didn’t get the best of me, she met me when I was just practicing.

She didn’t get the softness I accepted, only by the pressure of God.

God gifted me a disease called Scleroderma.  It’s an autoimmune disease that attacks collagen.  Collagen is the soft squishy part of us that softens our cheek bones, and makes full, kissable lips.

Some people get collagen injections for the wrinkles of frowning, and to add fullness to pursed lips.

Scleroderma is considered an incurable disease that is fatal 40% of the time, when it attacks the collagen of the heart, literally hardening the heart.  Death occurs when the hardened heart can’t get oxygen to the brain.

If you can’t see the symbolism in that condition, you are literally trying NOT to see symbolism!  Lol.  I took plenty of Momma’s medicine to find my healing trend, but I also had to accept the softness in me.  Click Here to read the story.  

I realized that God had made me a Caretaker…a healer.  And God had made me a Man, and the softness is my Gift.

Man is the warrior.  The protector.  Man needs to protect Momma and give her what she wants and needs, so Momma can nurture the preciousness in our little people. 

I wasn’t great in my role as a Man!  Literally!  Just a few years ago, our family car was repo’ed.  That’s a fun night!  When I felt the Gift in me, I softened and created Care Without Expectation.  Working for appreciation, like a woman, but in the work that brings home the bacon.

I tried to offset the loss of income with an online store, and we “trimmed the fat” a bit, but after 6 months of my new “business model” we are in a better place financially than I’ve been since having an investor backing our clinic 14 years ago!

After I had been pressured into accepting my Gift with a threat of death, I have not worried or fretted over failure.  I just followed my soft heart, and it seems to be working.  The more warmth and love I give away, the more secure I feel.

I had to act like a woman.

God is hilarious!  The puzzles He places along our journey to the Gift.

And Mommas, tell your Warriors what you want, without telling them they are jerks for not knowing.  It took facing death for me to accept my softness, and understand what softness needs.  I promise you, they just don’t know.

I also promise you, your Warrior will bleed for you.

Dr. Todd Stone


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