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Transform Your Health-Coaching

How so many of my patients were able to overcome chronic symptoms, Feeling Bad, even though many had a medical condition that was considered “incurable.”

Pediatric AllergistAnd what does “incurable” really mean?  It means that you get to be a patient and customer for the rest of your life.

I have met so many clients over the years who had been to over 10 doctors and their problems were still getting worse.  I can only imagine how many people stopped trying, because their doctor told them that “we are doing everything we can, you are getting older and you’re going to have to learn to live with it.”

If you take your doctor’s word as final.  To stop trying to heal and feel better.

I bet you even know where this path leads… more and more medications, feeling worse and worse every year.  Just look at the nursing homes and assisted living facilities filled with disabled people taking multiple medications.

If you continue to believe that alternative medicine is quackery, a belief created my the AMA, documented in US history, when the AMA was found guilty of conspiring to destroy alternative medicine by the Supreme Court in 1987.  If you continue to believe that, you will continue on the path to the nursing coaching

The truth is, if your doctor were honest and humble, is that s/he can’t help you any more using the resources they have available, which are primarily pharmaceuticals and surgery.  That’s the truth.

Eastern Medicine, the version I study and practice, has a 3000 year history.  Five Elements, which I also refer to as “Natural Law” was written before the bible.  Do you think 3000 years of practice might result in some “ancient Chinese secrets” for healing?  I found a traditional Eastern Medicine that resolved Hepatitis B, a terminal illness, in 15% of the Hep B patients in a study.  IDK about you, but if I knew I was dying, I would pay $35 to see if I was one of the 15%!

Western Medicine has not much more than a 100 year history.  Most pharmaceutical were created in the last 70 years, and already, they are the 3rd leading cause of death behind Heart Disease and Cancer.

health coaching

Functional Medicine is taught at the Cleveland Clinic

Functional Medicine is a western version of Eastern Medicine.  Same concept.  Cleaning up, increasing circulation, decreasing inflammation, improving function…so even if a patient is terminal, we can still make them more comfortable while they are still here.

I actually have 2 case studies that Western Medicine considered terminal, and just by cleaning up, increasing circulation, decreasing inflammation, and improving function, using the resources of Functional Medicine and Eastern Medicine, they both went into remission.  Both are healthy and symptom free many years after our treatment!

​I’ve had a growing number of inquiries about health coaching from people who don’t live near my clinic.  Not all of you, of course.  The reality is that most subscribers to any blog or newsletter, only read a few articles and never take any action.  But for those wanting to take action, and “right action” so it’s not just another disappointment…I’ve decided to put together a brand new Functional Medicine Health Coaching program, designed to significantly improve your health in 90 days.

Transform Your Health-Coaching Program

I assure you that I can help you feel significantly better in 90 days.

If you are in pain, I will help you significantly relieve your pain.  If you feel tired, sluggish, heavy…if you drag your butt around, feeling exhausted and slow, I will help you feel more alive, energized, lighter and faster.  Significantly.

If you think to yourself, “getting old is for the birds” and worry what another year or five or ten will feel like, I assure you that you will think “I do feel significantly better and that makes life so much easier.”

And not only that, you will be able to use your improved health to increase your focus on what really matters in life.  Your passions and your people.  They want you healthy too!

You will feel empowered to help yourself and your people if they feel bad.  I relieved my daughters menstrual cramps at a park using a couple acupressure points.  It’s a pretty cool feeling when you can relieve the pain of your loved ones!

If you are interested in feeling better…a doctor standing behind his results…and guaranteed results, sign up below to get on our waiting list.  You’ll receive some emails explaining the program and a bit more about who I am.  We go live in 2022, and getting on this list will give you an opportunity to jump in the program before it goes out to facebook and my email list.

This group will be capped at 16 people.  When 16 people sign up, we are closing down the program and taking very good care of a small group of people.  Hope to see you there!



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