Liver Meridian

The Wood Element corresponds to the season Spring…

A time of new beginnings and growth, pushing through boundaries, and stretching for the Sun…a bursting, lively energy that follows a highly organized plan called Natural Law.

The Liver is the energy of your blueprint for following your heart desire and completing your Mission (whichever your heart decides to accept)…your Liver energy maintains the plans, the structure for your success (which, again, your heart decides upon).

The Gall Bladder, the Yang partner to Yin Liver, in the Wood Element, is the supervisor who carries out the plans.  When, where and how.

Types of Points

  • Metal – Brings quality, purity, value and inspiration, along with the wisdom careful reflection and letting go of any
  • Water – Adds patience, accommodation, flow and flexibility, along with will and determination, rest and building up reserves.
  • Wood – The bright and bouncy energy of Spring, bursting forth, new growth, along with a careful and detailed, precise plan.
  • Fire – Adds warmth and fun, humor and joy, passion and heart desire, along with the confidence to reveal your most brilliant blooms and colors.
  • Earth – Brings nourishment and nurturing, caretaking and inclusion.  This element makes sure every cell in your body receives glucose and oxygen to survive and thrive.
  • Source – The source point is something like the battery charger for the entire meridian.
  • Lou – Lou points pull energy from their partners, self love points, softening the approach on Yang meridians, or pushing harder for Yin meridians.  Lou means to embrace or hug.

When your Wood Element is healthy, everything functions flows smoothly, well coordinated, with everything arriving in the right amount, at the right place, and at the right time.

The Points of the Liver Meridian.

LV-1 Great Mound (Wood) – This point provides a burst of growth and confidence to the Meridian and Wood Element.  Helps give “failure to launch” the energy, motivation, and vision to get moving forward; restores consciousness, relieves genital pain and stops uterine bleeding.  Useful for hernia.

LV-2 Move Between (Fire) – Gives the flexibility to deal with to obstacles, adapting with a contingency plan, or an appropriate “side step” at any time. We often must consider, in planning, other points of view and sides to an issue. This need not thwart us from our path. The good humor of fire is often a good antidote for stuck, stubborn and overly attached patients. It brings love and compassion to one’s plans.

LV-3 Supreme Rushing/Great Surge (Earth, Source) – This point provides a sense of security – knowing that nourishment is always available. Consider for temporal headaches, depression, high blood pressure and dizziness.

LV-4 Middle Seal/Mound (Metal) – Provides clarity to “see” the direction that most serves your vision, and the inspiration/acknowledgement of this internal “voice.”

All Liver (LV) points can be used for “local” problems, pain or swelling along the channel, or problems with Liver or gall bladder organs.  This meridian goes through the groin and around the genitals so any urinary or menstrual issues as well.

LV-5 Insect Ditch (Lou) – To relieve irritation and annoyances, to return to peace and calm.  (Itchy, irritated genitals!)

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