Case Study – Stomach Pain, Allergy, Asthma

Abby stomach pain allergy asthma

“Your daughter checks out fine, she is healthy…just use this inhaler for her ASTHMA,” says 2 RD’s (Real Doctors). Meanwhile, you watch your baby girl have such severe STOMACH PAIN that she is in tears, and collapse in exhaustion when trying to keep up with her friends in play. She started having seasonal ALLERGIES when she was a toddler, followed by pneumonia, and by age 10, had been on over 20 rounds of antibiotics. And every year, EVERYTHING is WORSE…stomach pain, allergies, asthma, fatigue, and infections!

Years ago I read a study on ear infections that concluded… “for every round of antibiotics, the probability of another ear infection increases.” But…wait…that’s not how the immune system works! Every infection should mature and strengthen the immune system, making another infection LESS PROBABLE! So… is it possible…that antibiotics weaken the immune system!? I often cite “human nature” as an example… if you ‘fix’ your child’s ‘problem,’ when the next problem arises, are they MORE mature in their response…or LESS?

In any event, if you see a BAD TREND…you HAVE to consider options, right? She considered True Health…sent in her paperwork…and as I read her history, I honestly teared up! I have a talent in the field of health and healing, so we never had this experience…but I could IMAGINE how devastating it must have been to see your baby girl (and I have 3 of those!) STRUGGLE so much…SUFFER so much… only to be given an inhaler and a report that she is “FINE.”

I say over and over…I have NEVER found a sick or struggling person…to be FINE! With our full system labs (we check everything!)…we found she had both viral and fungal infections, some involving her heart! We also found that she had clinical level (disease level) blood sugar abnormalities! How does a “healthy” 10 year old…on a pristine diet (they were doing their BEST to control symptoms through diet!) …have ‘Metabolic Syndrome?!?’

A: Her little body was so stressed by the ‘opportunistic (viral, fungal) infections,’ that her adrenal glands, which are responsible for keeping blood sugar UP…couldn’t HANDLE their most basic job. And Mom knew it…but not how BAD…they reported that if she didn’t eat SOMETHING every 2 hours, she would feel shaky, weak, and faint!

Q: How does a health ‘expert’ send home a 10 year old as ‘healthy,’ when she has disease level blood sugar abnormalities, AND fungal and viral infections inflaming her heart!? A: They NEVER CHECKED! Makes ya wonder, ‘eh!?

When we examined her, she reacted to every food I had in my test kit. That’s called Intestinal Hyperpermeability…or in more common language…Leaky Gut. This is the condition where the lining of the intestines has been depleted, so whenever she ate food…undigested food and WASTE ‘leaked’ into her blood causing an immune reaction and INFLAMMATION!   By eating ultra clean and organic, they minimized the inflammation… PROOF that organic and WHOLE foods are less inflammatory. (Whole = as nature produces, ie. not processed)

Can you make sense of this!? Here it is…as a toddler, she developed allergies. That indicates a shift of immune function away from bacterial defense…often caused by STRESS. Her toddler stress was a high work load and a micromanaging boss. NO…she had a brother…even worse! I am speculating, of course, as we will never know, but all CHANGE equals STRESS.

The immune imbalance leads to infections… which were treated with antibiotics…which create an environment for opportunistic infections (a known and acknowledged side effect of antibiotics). The fungal infections likely reside in her Intestines, creating inflammation and breaking down the intestinal lining. Leading to the food sensitivity and stomach pain. All makes sense, right?

And…it makes me wonder…if we had given her Calm-B6 and Allergy Blend…our custom formulas for stress and allergies…which NOURISH and help ADAPT to stress…at the first SIGN of allergy…would ALL of this NEVER happened!? We’ll never know in her case…but in my baby girls, we did just that…and they are ACTUALLY fine…by MY standards…. meaning no chronic symptoms! Another tear… mourning the loss of our healing traditions!

RESULTS: We prescribed Immunoglobulins from colostrum…which I call ‘Re-Nursing’… to repair her intestinal lining…Lemon Balm, which has published research showing effectiveness against chronic viral challenges, INCLUDING HERPES Virus(!!)…and Tillandsia, AKA Spanish Moss, which pushes yeast and fungal infections OUT of the intestines AND nourishes the HEALTHY bacteria.

AND…after 2 weeks on this NOURISHING and HEALING regimen…she noted that her “eyelids weren’t so heavy,” and that she had NO stomach pain! After a month, she felt so good that she wasn’t afraid to eat ‘junk food’ and had NO allergic reaction! Being 10, she is QUITE THANKFUL that she can have some treats and not have ANY PAIN! (Be careful…anyone…of any health capacity…can find their limit!)

She isn’t out of the woods…we still have some season changes to weather…but I BET…as we meet the NEEDS of those stressors…she will be PERFECTLY FINE…by TRUE HEALTH standards!!

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