Proven Relief for Symptoms of High Blood Sugar and Hypoglycemia Symptoms

Natural Remedies For Diabetes

Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes, and Metabolic Syndrome cause symptoms of high blood sugar.  When blood sugar rises, you feel tired or sleepy. With Hypoglycemia symptoms, or low blood sugar,  one tends to feel shaky and irritable, then anxious, and finally panic attacks.

I created a 7 minute video describing the approaches that various health care models use, including Western Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Functional Medicine, and Eastern Medicine. (1)

Keep reading to discover one of my favorite home remedies for diabetes that dramatically reduced blood sugar in a group of diabetic patients!

If you can maintain a reasonable diet, these home remedies for diabetes and hypoglycemia symptoms will offer the help you are looking for.  Here is my version of a reasonable diet.  I bet it’s more relaxed than yours.

Natural Remedies for Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes, and Hypoglycemia Symptoms.

Acupressure and acupuncture points are used to stimulate and shift body and organ function.  You can use your fingers to push or tap these points.  Natural remedies for diabetes One of the most frequently used acupressure points is Stomach 36, or ST-36.

In this study, a group of diabetic patients received acupressure to ST-36.  Blood sugar levels were monitored for 10 weeks, and compared to a similar group not receiving acupressure.”

The ST-36 group started with an average blood sugar of 351, while the control group averaged 261.  By week 6, ST-36 averaged 168, but the control group slightly worsened with an average of 267.  At week 10, the ST-36 group averaged 113 and the control group averaged 287.  (2)

The ST-36 group received 30 minutes of acupressure 1-3X per week, depending on the severity of symptoms.  There were only 15 people in each group, but it’s harmless to try.  Rather than sit and massage for 30 minutes, I’d just slip these acupressure leg bands on while I sleep!

In my clinic, True Health, I use acupressure and plant medicines. By using these, it has allowed us to heal everything from Allergies to Yeast Infections.

gestational diabetesTrue Blood Sugar Control is the best medicine I have found for relieving symptoms of high blood sugar and hypoglycemia symptoms.

True Blood Sugar Control features a plant called Rehmannia which is proven to improve insulin resistance.

There are 38 published studies on Rehmannia’s effects on blood sugar control, including the improvement of insulin resistance in Type 2 Diabetic animal models. (3)


This study is a review of published clinical trials, which concluded that Rehmannia is, in fact, scientifically validated for use with Diabetes and high blood pressure. (4)

Rehmannia has no known side effects, but it appears to have some side benefits!

Rehmannia and Eleuthero, aka “Siberian Ginseng,” also effectively relieved knee pain and improved knee function in osteoarthritic patients. (5) Therefore, lets take a look at the comparison of two treatments for diabetes.

Metformin, the number one drug for diabetes, may cause stomach pain, gas, and headaches.  True Blood Sugar Control may cause relief of arthritis pain.

Our culture has forgotten our healing traditions in favor of Profit and Pharmaceuticals.  Prior to Big Pharma and Billion Dollar drugs, Ginseng was of high value, just like Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.  Maybe you recall that story?

Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh were gifts to Jesus, by three wise men.  Gold for security.  Frankincense is for injury and pain relief, while Myrrh is one of the strongest antibiotics for infections.

Ginseng was often reserved for royalty, and regarded for its gift of vitality, strenth, and virilityEleuthero is a plant that grows in the harsh conditions of Siberia.  Eleuthero received the nickname Siberian Ginseng because of  it’s vitalizing and strengthening effects.  Plus eleuthero has been studied for it’s effects on Diabetes.

Eleuthero enhances glucose utilization and lowers blood glucose level in rats with insulin deficiency diabetes, which suggest that this plant may be useful in the treatment of human diabetes.” (6)

True Blood Sugar Control includes the gentle healing of Bilberry.  Researchers concluded that “Bilberry significantly lowered blood sugar levels before and after eating, and HbA1c without any significant adverse effects on the liver/kidney function, compared to a placebo.” ()

Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) measures your blood sugar averaged over 2-3 months.

natural remedies for diabetesBurdock has been used for symptoms of high blood sugar and hypoglycemia symptoms for 3000 years!

Researchers tested Burdock on animal models with diabetes and concluded, “Burdock helps the body produce insulin naturally and improves insulin resistance, with no side effects.”  (8)

Fenugreek significantly lowered blood sugar, before and after eating, and hemoglobin A1c.  Fenugreek represents an attractive new candidate for treatment of type 2 diabetes, obesity,  high cholesterol, and metabolic syndrome.”  (9, 10)

Several studies have reported the blood sugar regulating attributes of Gymnema, including a clinical trial that reported a statistically significant reduction in body weight, and reduced BMI.  (11, 12)

Cinnamon. By looking at the chart below,  I bet you can SEE and understand the value and virtue of cinnamon for treating Metabolic Syndrome.
metabolic syndrome
SBP= Systolic Blood Pressure  DBP=Diastolic Blood Pressure  FBG=Fasting Blood Glucose TG=Triglycerides HDL=Good Cholesterol WC=Waist Circumference

Conditions and symptoms of high blood sugar are strongly associated with those lab markers.  Therefore, Cinnamon is a perfect medicine for Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome!

Do you struggle with imperfection, like Dr. Stone?  Because Chromium is an amazing pay-off for binge eating.  Conclusion: “The people taking Chromium showed an  improvement in blood sugar control, even while binging, while the placebo group continued to worsen.” (13)

Binge eating disorder (BED) is a severe, life-threatening,  eating disorder. It has recurrent episodes of eating large quantities of food (often very quickly and to the point of discomfort). Patients note a feeling of a loss of control during the binge; while experiencing shame, distress or guilt afterwards.”

I gave up feeling shame or guilt for my indulgences.  After 269 straight Mondays of thinking  “this time, I would make it”, only to fail by midweek, I gave up.  Sometimes it would happen by lunch on Monday.  (My greatest challenge was chewing tobacco!)

Now I enjoy my indulgences guilt free and pay them off with True Blood Sugar, or True Detox if my indulgence is alcohol.  We must be reasonable though, so I created True Addiction Relief for out of control behavior, and easily quit tobacco and candy crush.

Mother Nature is healing and accepting of you as you are She loves you and offers strength when you are weak. By looking at the various ingredients in these tinctures, one can see how each are useful in their own way and they complement each other.

True Health offers the highest quality tinctured plant medicines.  These tinctures are the purest and highest quality available, and our farmers grow and produce these medicines exclusively for health care practitioners.

I mix the most powerful blends of the highest quality medicine, for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and hypoglycemia. Because it is all natural, the ingredients won’t hurt.

Purchase True Blood Sugar Control in our Online Store!

True Blood Sugar Control ingredients:  Rehmannia, Gymnema, Fenugreek, Burdock, Cinnamon, Eleuthero, Blue Flag, Chromium.  NOTE: There are cautions against the use of Blue Flag during pregnancy, so let me know if you are ordering for gestational diabetes and I can mix your medicine without Blue Flag!

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