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Top 10 Plant Medicines for Cancer

Is Mother Nature helpful for treating cancer?  Natural Cancer Treatments??

Cancer Case Study:

A woman with lung cancer drove 2 hours each way to find True Health, because herLung Cancer - Natural Cancer Treatments doctors were killing her.  If she would have found True Health in 2003 when she had skin cancer, her life would have been much different.  Instead she went to the real doctors.

I don’t even want to know what they did to her.  I know the possibilities are cutting out a large hunk of flesh, and possibly all of the lymph nodes in the area, and possibly chemotherapy and radiation.  And nothing to improve her health.

Medicine describes experiencing chemo as “feeling a small prick and then you may have any of these 50 painful symptoms.”

They don’t list death, because if it kills, they blame Cancer.

She returned to her life beaten up but cancer free.  But they didn’t find the root of her cancer, so her body made more tumors.  The next location was her breast.  They cut one off and gave her chemo and radiation.

They didn’t even look for the root of her Cancer, and they added more cancer causing chemicals.

Lung cancer was the next location.  She was a cancer patient again, in half the time it took for Cancer to return in her breast, and went back to the white coats. This time her heart said something doesn’t feel right.  She felt her trend, and it was a dying trend.

God.  It’s so easy to find our clinic.  Google is like writing to Santa.  Just type in “True Health” and click search.

cancerThe five year survival rates for Lung Cancer are as low as 4% and as high as 16% with early detection.  Early detection means regular radiation/X-Rays to look for cancer so you can wage war before it’s too big.  Can you feel the folly of that path?  Continually looking for cancer.  Looking for a fight??

You find what you are looking for, so search for True Health, not cancer!!

She ordered True Immune-CA Support before she was able to make the drive, so healing began before our first visit.  By her third visit, a month after the first, she was cancer free.  And not feeling beat up.

She was Cancer Free and feeling this strange sense of “True Health,” which she described as “good.”

Very few cancer patients find True Health.  I have written up one other , who is in remission, after five fails at the Mayo Clinic.

I have seen a few others.  One was so burned by radiation he couldn’t swallow his own saliva.  I did my best.  I sent him to a clinic in Mexico that had IV nutrition.  He went but it was too late.

GOD.  I felt the pain of Doctors killing a person who still has a will to live.

The couple other people I saw took another path, maybe the path of Bill Henderson‘s wife, who was diagnosed with breast cancer.  He described what he witnessed as torture.  And murder.  He was mad.  An angry husband and retired engineer decided to cure cancer himself.

After 20 years of fighting cancer, he said “Cancer is easy to overcome, I’ll show you how.”

I spoke to him by email a few times.  I asked him “how many.”  How many had he saved from torture and murder?  He said he had guided and personally advised around 1,400 people to Cancer-Free, gently.  I’m sure he made a few bucks selling his book and sharing his time, but he had nothing to gain from lying to me.

He had different resources at the time, because True Health was hiding behind insurance, trying to fitTrue Health Shop, menopause in.  Good riddance, now I can be myself.  He used different versions of True Immune-CA Support, True Lymphatic Cleanse, and True Heavy Metal Detox.  He advised a clean vegetarian diet.  And a couple other resources that I haven’t had the opportunity to test, only having seen a few Cancer Patients.  All are Cancer-Free.

You can buy his book, Cancer-Free, if you want a full list of what he found most helpful after 20 years of beating-cancer-gently.  He’s not around though.  I’d guess that he put too much focus on Cancer and found it himself, and it beat him.

Can you see why I keep my focus on True Health.  True Health cures everything, and you don’t have to fight anything!   We gently heal whatever Real Doctors call it. 

True Immune-CA Support is half the Hoxsey Formula and half the traditional natural medicines for cancer from cultures around the world.  It includes Bill’s Number ONE resource.

True Immune-CA Support is scientifically tested and validated to improve outcomes and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, such as nausea, exhaustion and constipation.

Bill, Harry Hoxsey, and Dr. Todd Stone say, “SKIP THE POISONING PART.”  Nothing will win every time, but Harry said his clinics saw 70-80% success with patients who skipped the cancer causing chemicals and radiation.

Click on the links to read the science for yourself.  The way doctors talk, I have a hard time understanding some of it even with my education, but I summarized the medical language into plain English the best I could.

What does science say about Nature’s helping and healing of cancer?  Nature’s Top Ten.

1. Reishi Mushroom is used in eastern cultures for all tumors.  This is a review of published studies in 2012.  Only 5 human studies were found, and all were alongside chemo cancerand radiation.  They concluded that the use of Reishi  significantly increased the probability of a “positive response” in treating cancer, significantly decreased the side effects of chemo and radiation, and significantly increased quality of life, compared to chemo and radiation alone.

True Cancer Fighter has Reishi Mushroom that is wild harvested and/or organically grown and extracted by farmers that sell exclusively to doctors.  True Health offers scientifically validated healing to you.

2. Maitake Mushroom is scientifically proven to increase the systemic anti-tumor T-cell Cancer - Asheville Functional Medicineresponse.  That means it strengthens your immune system to specifically fight cancer.

Doctors worry that stimulating the immune system while they are suppressing your immune system with chemotherapy could be dangerous.

If you actually look at scientific evidence, Mother Nature significantly improves the probability of a “positive response” and decreases the side effects of chemotherapy.  I think doctors don’t know squat about healing, and they’re not even willing to look at Nature.

3. Larrea was used by the Native Americans of the southwest for cancer and infections.  Researchers in the US concluded that Larrea is especially effective against viral diseases and cancer.”  I don’t get the chance to care for many cancer patients, but I have witnessed Larrea to be especially effective with many other conditionsin people who were told by traditional medicine to give up hope.

4. Cordyceps Mushroom increases the survival rates and life span of cancer patients.  It also reduced the number of tumor sites and slowed the spreading or metastasis in both lung and breast cancer.  This was on animal patients, but there are no side effects, so its safe to try.

cancerI would guess that our knowledge of plant medicines was obtained by observing animals in the wild, caring for their sick and wounded.

You don’t typically walk up to a mushroom growing out of a dead caterpillar and eat it, unless you watched an animal safely eat it.  Am I right?

5. Shiitake Mushroom was given to breast cancer patients to alleviate the side effects of cancerchemo and radiation.  Researchers concluded that Shiitake “significantly increased quality of life scores and improved the patient’s immune function.” compared to chemo and radiation alone.

6. Turkey Tail Mushroom significantly increased the cancerfive year survival rates in patients with stomach and esophageal cancer, significantly improved quality of life, provided substantial pain relief, and enhanced immune status in patients with cancers of the stomach, esophagus, lung, ovary, and cervix.

This mushroom boosted immune cell production, decreased side effects of chemotherapy, and enhanced tumor infiltration by cytotoxic T-cells (strengthened cancer defenses naturally).

Turkey Tail’s extremely high tolerability (no side effects), proven benefits to survival and quality of life, as well as compatibility with chemotherapy and radiation therapy make it well suited for cancer management regimens.

God gave us these mushrooms and plants for healing!

This study is a review of all the mushrooms I have mentioned.  If you can understand medical language, it offers a summary of research on all of them should you want to spend some time reading it for yourself.

If you believe in symbolism, fungi grow primarily in something that is rotten. Mayo Clinic says Carcinogens cause Cancer. Without Carcinogens, there would be almost no Cancer.  It is ROTTEN that Big Pharma, Big Tobacco and Big Government continue to use known carcinogens in our hospitals, homes and environment.  I made a video summarizing where you are exposed to carcinogens.  It’s a little unsettling, but good to know

You can protect yourself from carcinogens with True Detox and True Lymph Cleanse.  But if you already have cancer, you will also need Cancer Fighter plus the plants that heal the location of your tumor.  The lady with lung cancer used True Cough Relief, Nature’s healing for lungs.

7. Stillingia was studied in a lab setting for anti-proliferative qualities (Medical language cancerfor, “does it stop cancer from spreading“).  This type of study is done to evaluate if a medicine is worthy of further research. Researchers found that it significantly inhibited the spreading of cancer.  With no side effects and potential benefit, I’d faithfully trust Mother Nature.

8. Red Clover has been awarded the virtue of “apoptosis.”  Apoptosis is a medical term that means kills what doesn’t support life.  Red Clover also significantly inhibits cancer spreading and it destroyed bone cancer cells.



9. Burdock significantly inhibited angiogenesis.  Than means “cutting off the oxygen supply to a tumor,” in an aggressive type of breast cancer.

10. Barberry was shown to be effective in inhibiting cell proliferation and promoting apoptosis in various cancerous cells.  “Stops spreading or metastasis and destroys Cancer cells.”  Barberry also rids the body of cancer causing chemicals.  Carcinogens.

There are other plants that help too.  I shared a study with my Mother that reported Green Tea helped lymphoma.  She shared the study with a friend who had lymphoma, and drinking green tea daily helped her beat cancer.  Mother Nature nourishes and heals.

These guys use Known Carcinogens to battle cancer.


The Mayo Clinic says Cancer would be rare if not for Carcinogens.

Cancer isn’t rare.  1 out of 2 Americans will fight cancer in our lifetime.  I myself have used True Immune-CA Support for lip cancer, caused by carcinogens in tobacco.

CancerTobacco companies use addictive chemicals to hook your brain to their product.  Big Tobacco hooked me in the tenth grade with chewing tobacco.  I couldn’t explain what pulled me so strongly to tobacco until  I saw The Insider (Russell Crowe and Al Pacino) in 1999.

It’s the story of Big Tobacco “not playing fair” by adding  addictive chemicals to tobacco to keep people hooked, and one guy “doing the right thing.”  By that time,  I had already  been addicted for 15 years.

It seems like our leaders and lawmakers would do the right thing and stop them, but our government loves profit.

It takes tremendous strength of will to break Tobacco addiction.  I made it much easier by creating an Addiction Protocol.  I finally quit for good this year.  With my protocol, I quit with minimal discomfort and it took the bizarre pull away almost completely.  True to my experience, once nature gets you through the healing, I don’t even have to take it the medicine anymore.  The cravings are gone.

If you struggle for too long, like me, and you get lip cancer, I can vouch for True Cancer Fighter and True Tissue Heal quickly eliminating the disgusting hurt of Big Tobacco.

You can get the Immune Supporting help of Mother Nature by clicking to our online store  or “shop” at the top of the page, whether you decide to beat-cancer-gently or use it to improve outcomes and decrease the side effects of the war against cancer.

You need fight and healing for cancer.  With breast cancer, use True Fem Vitality in addition to True Immune-CA Support.

I’d take True Focus with Immune-CA Support for brain cancer.  And I would skip the cancer causing chemicals and radiation.  According to a couple regular guys who battled Cancer Gently using Mother Nature’s medicine, it dramatically increases your probability of winning.

With The Love of Mother and Father,

Dr. Todd Stone


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  1. Wendy JonesjonesJones
    Wendy JonesjonesJones says:

    I’m a believer and currently with my brother who has a large invader that will be surgically removed in 3 weeks after 25 radiation treatments. During this process he’s been sick with the brutal side effects and effects of side effects meds – vicious cycle that’s left him malnourished, weak , muscle deterioration, sad and depressed.
    He says he just wants the tumour removed,- which will include his right kidney, and possibly his gallbladder, portion of his intestines, possibly his bowel, and lymphatic tract that will leave him numb at the front of his right thigh due to the growth affecting his psoas muscle (?). In the meantime he’s prescribed 6 mg of hydromorphon contin with senna. a laxative 2 times a day and lost 29% weight loss in 1 year.
    He’s afraid of taking all natural herbs and I’ve purchased Immune 7 that includes micro doses of 7 types of mushrooms- so I’ve been taking it to combat any virus visiting hospital. He was hospitalized for 9 days – had fluids constantly including 4 blood transfusions 😞

    He’s 62 years young and diagnosed with a large retroperitoreal lipo sarcoma.

    We’re in Victoria, Canada and would live to get some healing natural meds recommended.

    • Dr. Todd Stone
      Dr. Todd Stone says:

      Many follow their blind faith in white coats all the way to the grave. Sorry to hear. Step one to healing is to understand that nature is the only path to healing.


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