Top 10 Plant Medicines for Body Detoxification

A Liver Cleanse is a process or program that assists or accelerates detoxification.

Detoxification is a body function that never stops.  Every day our bodies manufacture hormones, and we eat, breath, and absorb chemical toxins that require removal from the body.  Alcohol and medications are extra work for the liver, so if you use either, you really need a lymph, liver and gallbladder cleanse along with a clean cleanse diet.

Dr. Axe spells it out, but essentially you eat wholesome whole foods, and let go of junk food.  (1)

gallbladder cleanseA liver cleanse is any step/s that assist and accelerate detoxification, so eating some broccoli sprouts every day would qualify.  The liver binds hormones and toxins to amino acids using vitamins and minerals to make the connection.

Greens First is my favorite freeze dried vegetable supplement.  You can click on the bottles and purchase some from our online store if you want to try it!

cleanse dietSo a scoop of whey protein and greens would offer some assistance with detoxification, qualifying those steps as a liver cleanse.

There are many liver cleanses that are fashioned as a  short term cleanse.  I once did one called the master cleanse, where you drink maple syrup lemonade through the day and fast for 3 or 5 days.  Obviously you could choose any number of days you’d like.

I think I chose five days, and the result wasn’t what I was looking for!  The fasting pushed me into adrenal exhaustion and I ended up with a severe (painful) sinus infection that took me a full year to resolve.

I carefully monitor my adrenal glands these days, because coming back from adrenal exhaustion was miserable.

All of my patients tell the same story, “I had to keep going and providing for my family with… (various symptoms).  Mine was constant head pain, and a nasally voice from the complete sinus blockage.  I couldn’t sleep, because my mouth breathing dried my lips and tongue out until the pain woke me up.

Everyone’s pain is different.  Just insert your symptoms.

Not everyone that discovers adrenal exhaustion gets sinus infections.  Each person has a unique weak link, mine was my sinuses after 30 years of allergies.  My allergies are resolved now, after taking True Allergy Relief for a few seasons.  True Allergy Relief  fixed whatever needed fixing, and now I don’t even need to take it.

A liver cleanse can be used to stay well, or as a healing strategy.

I take the plants I shared here in a small dose every day to keep up with a toxic world.  I have been “on a liver cleanse” for years, and I feel and function better at age 48 than I did when I was 15 or 25.

The three to five day, or two week liver cleanses are designed to catch up, and potentially turn around a chronic illness.  After chronic allergies, sinus infection, and Scleroderma, I’m planning on keeping up for the rest of my life.  If you haven’t read my Scleroderma story, it’s pretty awesome!

These plants are how I keep up, rather than catch up.  They are Mother Natures most powerful medicines for healing the liver and for cleansing your lymphatic system.

I treat people who have been searching for relief for years, in most cases, and almost every one begins their healing with a lymph, liver and gallbladder cleanse.

If you aren’t aware of the dramatic healing stories that True Health creates in the life of so many people, start with this one.  It leads right into another story, perhaps the most dramatic of all, helping the blind to seeI’m a sensitive healer type, I cannot tell a lie. 

The True Health liver cleanse is so simple when done on a daily basis.  These plants are most effective when tinctured.  There’s a process of extracting the medicinal qualities into a liquid.  The result is a bitter tasting medicine, but you can dilute them as you get used to the taste.

One squirt a day, and a reasonable diet, consisting of 80% whole foods.

Whole means as nature offers.  Man-made food or processed food puts a strain on the body by spiking blood sugar.  You can get away with it occasionally, but if it goes over 20%, you will fall apart.  Sorry, that’s the rules.  And your choice.  Eat 50% processed food and slowly fall apart.  Or stick to the 80/20 rule and live a long, healthy life.  With a little help from Momma’s medicine.

If you aren’t aware of how our government knowingly allows cancer cancer causing chemicals to be used in our homes; Minute 3 tells the story of Formaldehyde

Wow, they surround us with known Carcinogens.  I wonder if anyone profits from Cancer Treatment?

You may want to watch all the videos, because if you don’t have some sort of liver cleanse, you will eventually need to treat cancer.  The cancer video summarizes the approach of Medicine, Nutrition, Functional Medicine, and Traditional Eastern Medicine for the treatment of cancer It’s good to know all your options.

These are the plants I use for my “liver cleanse,” and protection from the poisoning of profit over people.  


This the plant used to make into root beer before artificial flavors were invented.  It most excellently cleanses the body of the chemicals “profit” uses to flavor our food.

liver cleanse
Dandelion Root:

Everyone knows what dandelions are, right?  If you pull up the root, it’s HUGE for such a tiny flower.  It is proven to bind and eliminate Round Up, the chemical we spray on weeds.

I’m pretty sure this stupid yellow flower will save our planet from the stupidity of poisoning our world with toxic chemicals.

Culver’s Root:  Gallbladder Cleanse

A wildflower (the purple ones) that grows all around us in the East and as far West as Minnesota.  It cleanses the gall bladder of hydrogenated oils, used to increase profit by increasing shelf life.  And yes, they know the harm it does to us.

Liver Cleanse

Milk Thistle

This plant is proven to regenerate a damaged liver, and assist a healthy liver to naturally cleanse.

Liver cleanse
Oregon Grape:

This plant grows in the West, if the name didn’t give that away.  The berries are very sour, but the Native Americans still ate them, mixed with a sweeter fruit.  The tinctured roots were a remedy for flushing out the toxins of bacterial infections.  I’ve prescribed it for the pain of Mastitis, and my patient’s pain was gone in a matter of hours.

liver cleanse
Poke Root:

My kids painted their faces with the berries, which are poisonous if consumed.  If you are dumb enough to keep eating them after puking, you deserve to die.  Not all of Nature is Medicine.

liver cleanse
The root offers one of the most powerful lymph cleansers, and if you can stand the bitter taste, it will kill the germs that cause gingivitis.

You grow accustomed to the bitter taste.  I can swish it through my teeth without diluting it.  And I haven’t been to the dentist in 27 years.


We have this plant in our garden.  You probably recognize it. Traditionally its use was for blood poisoning, and I have used it successfully with a poisonous spider bite.

liver cleanse
Red Clover:

Yes, the food for Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh’s gloomy friend.  It is so nourishing that treating anemia is a main use of it.  I wonder if Eeyore was just anemic?  It really takes the life out of you!

Astragalus: I’ll let Dr. Axe explain this one.  Click Here to read his wordy description.  Lol.  People tell me my articles are too long!

Red Root:

God grew a plant all over our great country that removes the hurt of Known Carcinogens.  He must have known that money is the root of evil, and offered a Red Root, literally, to combat the devil.

Liver Cleanse
All of these plants are in True HM Detox.  If you buy their protection with another healing medicine, such as Calm, Cold/Flu, etc, we ship for free.  You can find them in our Online Store.

The items in the store are alphabetically listed for your convenience.

Do you really want to put your health on the line, trusting these guys, over Mother Nature?

Mother Nature

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