Acupressure for Depression

Depression is a normal response to loss.

“Mourning the loss.”

Don’t make the mistake of feeling abnormal or weak if your feelings are intense, or if you struggle to recover.  Give yourself the strength.  It is already within.

depressionBL-67 Reaching Yin: Feminine strength and wisdom – the courage to welcome the pain of childbirth – this point is warmed to turn a breech baby – give it a pinch with your fingernail to turn a painful situation that is exhausting, leaving you feeling like you have nothing more to give, ready to throw in the towel.  Give yourself the strength and flexibility to turn it into your heart desire.

BL-58 Fly and Scatter: This point brings peace, order and harmony to scattered parts – thoughts and feelings – creating order from chaos – the strength and endurance to keep going and roll with the changes.

HT-1 Utmost Source (armpit): This point, being part of the Fire Element, warms our spirit and gives us an inner communion with the love of the divine – sharing in the spirit that pervades and sustains everything – to feel one with all.  It restores control of direction to your Heart after you have been controlled, taken from or hurt (abused).

SP-6 Three Yin Intersection: This point UNITES flexibility and determination with loving care and a plan for growth, allowing for TRANSFORMATION – even when you are ready to “throw up” your life bc you “can’t take it anymore!”

ST-40 Beautiful Bulge: A bulging bells is a symbol of satisfaction, prosperity and freedom – expansion and happiness (with child) – This point helps you “digest” hurtful experiences into value and growth, and the armor to deflect arrows.

GV-20 A Hundred Meetings: This point pulls all your parts together to resolve internal conflicts – “Pull Yourself Together!” – All of you considered and all of your needs met – bringing the wisdom and guidance of ancestors (spirit) to the meeting – transforming even the most “insane” situation into a sane and proper perspective.

Yin Tang (between eyebrows) Hall of Impression: This point is one of the “ghost points” which are used to treat mental illness.  In this case, a disconnection from reality – connecting you to the reality that you are source energy, and you are a gift from our Creator.

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