Do you Need to Lighten UP?!

Do you Feel Heavy?  Body, Mind, or Spirit?

Lighten UP.  It’s THIS SIMPLE!

Touch the points you see below, to massage or tap, or even just touch and hold…

…left side first, unless you can touch both sides at the same time…and read the description by the point.  Spend at least as much time thinking about the description and what it means to you, or what memories it brings up….while you massage the right side (or keep massaging both sides).

LI-5 Yang Ravine & LU-9 Great Abyss: A purification from abuse.  Honor what you lost, and love what you learned.  That provides the light, even a tiny light, across the Great Abyss.  Let it all go and focus on what is coming next.  Feel that in your body.

LI-5, LU-9


BL-64 Capital Bone & KI-3 Supreme Stream: A baptism of water, in front of the Capital, in the Supreme (Spirit level) Stream to wash away any pollution that could cloud and compromise the perception and brilliance of your Spirit.  Feel it wash away, in front of everyone you know.



BL-60 Kun Lun Mountains:  A mountain range in China storied to house Spirit Energy, which gives you the strength and ability to rise above our Earthly troubles.  What do you need to “rise above?”



GB-25 Capital Gate:  You return to the Capital if you lose it all, to take inventory of what you have left and to gather resources.  Take a moment to reflect on your resources, your strength and value, and consider what you need to gather next.

LV-14 Gate of Hope: Building/creating a contingency plan, to adapt to adverse conditions, to restore optimism.  Feel that in your body.


GB-38 Yang Support: The energy of a loving daddy, picking you up, drying your tears, and reminding you what you love.  “No time to waste, there is a passion in your heart.”  Your loving momma says its ok if you need more time, but daddy is right, it’s time to move forward.


TH-2 Fluid Gate: Heaviness on a physical level is fluid retention, so we flip our fluid regulation to evacuate water/heaviness.  Feel that, a button you can press to switch your Nervous System to remove resting water.  Heaviness that is just sitting there, filling up space.  Flip it to drain.


SI-8 Small Sea: Wash away the pollution of feeling inferior to anyone in this small sea of pure spirit found deep within.  Fill up with your own enduring love and compassion.


ST-41 Stream Divide:  Choosing the path of rising up, rising above, pulling it together, and putting your energy and resources into the direction of happiness.


ST-40 Beautiful Bulge & SP-6 Three Yin Intersection:  These points heal up and shape up our lumps and bumps, align our values, and add the valuable lessons we just learned.

SP-6, ST-40


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