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Case Study – Stomach Pain, Allergy, Asthma


“Your daughter checks out fine.  Just use this inhaler for her asthma,” says the doctor.  And without any further allergy testing or root cause diagnosis, he closes her “case.”  Meanwhile, Mom watches her baby girl in tears from severe stomach pain, and collapse in exhaustion trying to keep up with her friends.  Abby started having seasonal allergies and asthma when she was a toddler, then frequent illness, including a scary bout with pneumonia.  By age 10, her baby had been on over 20 rounds of antibiotics.

And every year, every problem is getting worse.  Stomach pain, allergies, asthma, fatigue, and frequent upper respiratory infections!

Years ago I read a study on ear infections that concluded, “for every round of antibiotics, the probability of another ear infection increases.” But, wait…that’s not how the immune system works! Every infection should mature and strengthen the immune system, making another infection less  probable!   Antibiotics weaken the immune system!

That is consistent with human nature.  If you ‘fix’ your child’s ‘problem,’ when the next problem arises, they are less able to work their way through it.  You create immaturity and dependence.

In any event, if you see a negative trend, you have to consider other options, right?  She considered True Health and Dr. Stone.  God and Nature.   Momma sent in her paperwork, and as I read her medical history, the intensity of the struggle hurt so much that I cried a little bit!

I have been able to help many people who were stuck with health issues, even for years, so our family has never experienced a “chronic” health struggle.  I could feel how devastating it was to to watch your baby girl (and I have 3 of those!) struggle and hurt so much.  Desperately taking her from doctor to doctor as the antibiotic prescriptions hit 10 then 20 and more.  Then an asthma diagnosis and an inhaler for life.

Pediatric AllergistThat is the model of care we accept as a culture.  You have allergies, so take your allergy medicine, and you have asthma so take your inhaler.  You have a disease or condition, so take your medicine for life.

Diagnosing Root Cause

Functional Medicine

I have never found a sick or struggling person to be “fine!”   Abby had both viral and fungal infections that were stressing her heart!  She had clinical level blood sugar abnormalities! (the level that qualifies you for a medical condition/disease)

Q: How does a “healthy” 10 year old on a very healthy diet have ‘Metabolic Syndrome?!?’ (Mom was doing her best to control symptoms through diet!)

A: Her little body was so stressed by the ‘opportunistic (viral, fungal) infections,’ that her adrenal glands, which are responsible for keeping blood sugar from dropping into hypoglycemia, couldn’t handle their most basic job.   Mom knew about the hypoglycemia and reported that if Abby didn’t eat every 2 hours, she would feel shaky, weak, and faint!

Q: How does a health ‘expert’ send home a 10 year old as ‘healthy,’ when she has disease level blood sugar abnormalities, and fungal and viral infections causing heart stress and inflammation?

A: They didn’t order the labs that I ran on Abby.

Physical Examination

When I examined Abby, her little body reacted to every food I had in my test kit.  That’s called Intestinal Hyperpermeability, or in more common language, Leaky Gut.  “Leaky Gut” means that the lining of the intestines has been depleted, so whenever she ate food, undigested food and waste ‘leaked’ into her blood causing an immune reaction and inflammation!   By eating ultra clean and organic, they minimized the inflammation, but whole organic food isn’t enough to resolve infections and leaky gut!  (Whole = as nature provides)

She needed the help of Nature’s Medicine.  Our Leaky Gut formula is True Tissue Heal.  Nature’s medicine that calms allergic reactions we called True Calm and True Allergy Relief.  Calm is for when stress overload results in sensitivity.  Allergy Relief is for people who are too sensitive.

Immune Challenges

But first, we had to strengthen her immune system to fight viral and fungal infection.  True Shingles Heal works for all chronic viruses, including Herpes, EBV, HIV, and CMV.  True Fungal Fighter builds her immune system to fight off fungal infections.  These infections were the likely cause of “Leaky Gut” and the immune inflammatory reaction that led to all her symptoms.

I wonder if we had given her True Calm and True Allergy Relief, our herbal formulas for stress and allergies, which help little bodies nourish and adapt to stress and sensitivity, at the first sign of allergies, could we have prevented all the stress and drama their family endured for 8 years!?!


Taking the stress of infections and inflammation away removed a great burden from her body.  The last step was restoring the strength to her adrenal glands to protect her from blood sugar swings and the shaky, unstable feeling of hypoglycemia.  True Blood Sugar Balance gives a body the strength to keep blood sugar in balance, and True Stress Resilience is our medicine to handle the stress of the daily grind, or the hard times.


After 2 weeks on her nourishing and healing plant medicines, she said that her “eyelids weren’t so heavy,” and that she had NO stomach pain!  After a month, she felt so good that she wasn’t afraid to eat ‘junk food’ and her indulgence didn’t result in an allergic reaction or stomach pain!  Being 10, she is quite thankful that she can have some treats and not have any pain!

asheville allergy doctorShe started care in December, and despite her improvements, her immune system was still too weak to make it through the winter.  January brought an upper respiratory infection which she had not been able to get over without antibiotics in years.  We added True Cold/Flu Relief to support her immune system, but symptoms were lingering 2 weeks later.  Still an improvement because they were lingering symptoms, not Emergency Room symptoms!

We added Myrrh, which was as good as Gold when Jesus was born.

That was the first time she was able to get over a cold without antibiotics in several years!

She was taking True Allergy Relief and Stress Resilience, and spring arrived with no allergy or asthma symptoms for the first time since she was a toddler.  Her lab retest showed her immune system was healing and her blood sugar was no longer in the clinical range.

After 8 years of declining health, she was back to being a normal, healthy little girl.

Please share her story and be a part of restoring our healing traditions, and maybe, help another ‘baby girl’ (or boy) find healing relief!!

Dr. Todd Stone