Traditional Chinese Medicine

Earth Controls Water

Earth represents our Home, our Harvest, and our Motherly Love.

Water represents our Choice, our Flexibility, and our Softness.

The Five Elements is an ancient philosophy of healing used in Acupressure and Acupuncture practices.

The Five Elements teaches that the organs associated with the Earth element are the spleen, stomach and pancreas.  The “team” responsible for delivering oxygen and glucose to 37 trillion cellsPerhaps that is why we call Earth our Mother.

“Nobody left behind” is the battle cry of the Mother.

The organs associated with the Water element are the kidneys and bladder.

Water organs of course.  There is nothing softer than Water, especially when Fire or heat warms Water until its molecules fly apart as vapor, but it’s softness can harden and battle.

Water freezes in cold.  Flexibility freezes in fear and paralysis.

Water rages with a flood and destroys when it’s boundaries aren’t held.  Movement turns towards battle when softness isn’t given a choice.

The Five Elements teaches that the only time battle is “necessary” is when there is no other choice.  You ask for mercy, and hurt keeps coming.  This hard energy must receive the most powerful and cleansing raging of Softness.

The only time freezing is necessary is when you are hiding from danger, which would mean it’s cold, or in our culture, Earth energy isn’t protecting the innocent.

And the innocent are being left behind, trampled, bullied, and abused

Our culture feels like half of our people are frozen in fear of the battle and the other half are raging to win the battle.  It looks like most of the Mother’s have resorted to battle to survive.

Earth needs to exert some control over our cultural Water energy.

She controls freezing and fear with warmth and love.  She controls raging with soothing and sensitivity.  Mother only battles when she isn’t given a choice.  She is here to take good care.

Earth and Water are the softest Elements, while Metal and Wood are hard.

Metal carves wood, while Water is held by Earth in lakes and oceans, and Earth gently directs Traditional Chinese Medicinemovement of Water with her banks in rivers.

Earth teaches us how to care for and hold boundaries for our softest people, like an innocent child.

“Why are you frozen in fear, little one?”  (Listen and offer warmth)

“Why are you raging out of control, little one?”  (Listen and offer empathy and direction)

Our culture battles over who is right and wrong.  “I’m Better than You.”

Republicans or Democrats.  Vaccines vs. Non-Vaxxers.  Vikings over Packers.  Nature or Pharmaceutical.  Medical Doctor or Not-A-Real Doctor.  Voting or Not Voting.  Whether we should cut the foreskin from a penis.  Lol.Five Elements

We judge people for looking different, acting weird, or not being good at something.  We separate by color, religion, borders, sexual orientation, and language.

Our culture “grades” feminine and sensitivity as lower than a hard man.

Our cultures’ most sensitive people are hiding.  Everyone else is battling.

Traditional Chinese medicine

Dr. Stone approx 1992

I’ve played both sides.  When I mimicked my leaders, I argued right-ness and better-ness, bullied and belittled for power, and even battled in street fights in my youth.  I would pick the biggest jerk at the party, and go up to him and call him a “dick.”

When he challenged me to battle, I would become Momma Bear, raging to protect the innocent.  To the best of my recollection, I only lost a couple fights, and both where when I was being the jerk.

As I deepened my understanding of the Five Elements, I stopped fighting.  The Five Elements teaches that the only thing that matters is your results, and the results had become obvious.

When you hurt people, people hurt back.  If you beat them, they will find a bigger brother or friend, a bigger weapon, or a bigger army.

Remember War Games?

Traditional Chinese MedicineMathew Broderick taught a militant computer that had the power to launch nuclear missiles, that war cannot be won! He challenged the computer to our cultural game of one-upping, Tic Tac Toe!  Every move has a counter move in war, and if your opponent is paying attention, nobody can win.

It’s a great game for the little ones, to teach that getting too focused on yourself leaves you vulnerable.  When they finally learn to watch all the angles, they decide “this game is dumb.”

The only way to “win” is for someone to realize that the game is dumb and unnecessary, and look for a softer solution.

Earth directs us to “not-battle.”  When Mother exerts her control over cultural movement, she will stop the “hurting back.” She will give both the warring and the paralyzed children clear and loving directions.  She will teach the warring children how to get what they want without hurting people.  She will coax our sensitives out of hiding with warmth and hugs, and show them that she stopped the warring.

“Look, it is safe to be exactly who you are, and you are a amazing gift to this world.”

If you have any trouble getting the warring children to stop…

Hold up the Stop Sign.  Lol…”talk to the hand.”

Clearly state which action feels uncomfortable, and request that they stop.Traditional Chinese Medicine

If they continue to hurt, warn them softly that you will call Dr. Stone if they do not stop.  Lol.

I’ve come to learn that the hurt and anger of a sensitive man is scarier than a Momma Bear.

I offer Care Without Expectation in my Clinic.  It’s based on the concept of going first.  I’ll give first, and if you think it was a gift, you may give back.

I’m happy to go first for this “service,” too.

Dad-Pool.  I’ll come visit your assailant to discuss making a different choice.

I’m happy to share my softest energy as far as I can reach.  To protect the sensitive, and gently direct the battling.  I doubt I’ll ever resort to violence again, because it is just such a poor resource.

And I’d feel sorry for the person who gave me no choice.

Earth, the Mother, controls our movement and our softness.

Take control, Mothers, softly.

My taking soft control is my commitment to going first, Care Without Expectation.  And in my spare time, I do my best to teach people why following Natural Law is to their benefit.

These are the men who forced me to significantly increase my Earth energy and softness.  Insurance kicked me out of “network” for healing a medical condition.   Mother Nature

Healing a medical condition was punished with taking my paycheck, and my family’s security. My patients had to pay out of pocket, and many said their pockets were empty after paying insurance premiums.

Sounds like these men have mine and yours.
I’m not happy with what I get in return, are you!?

How about Government, our Leadership?

History clearly describes when leadership became the wealthy few, around 100 years ago.  Their first decision as multi-millionaires was to take more from the people.  They restored the 16th Amendment.  Income Tax.

Even when I received insurance reimbursement, I didn’t make as much as a politician, because I’m not a real doctor.  Our Government pays my kind (of doctor) 25 dollars per visit.  Even if I help the blind to see and heal diseases that confound wealthy real doctors.

I’m fighting mad about the unfairness of this whole experience, but the result of battle is always painful, so I softened.  I know I can’t fight city hall or the wealthy few.  But I can heal for free.

I can empower women to accept nothing less
than their Hearts Desire.  With energy in balance,
people won’t be left behind, trampled, bullied, or abused.

Five Elements

My homemade girls will shine brightly!





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