Borderline Personality Disorder

Yi Gan San means “I Love Sensitivity” (I think…I don’t actually speak Japanese)

Chinese Medicine Borderline Personality Disorder and Schizophrenia Cure!

Yi Gan San is a Traditional Eastern Medicine also know as Bupleurum Formula.  It doesn’t “cure” anything, because sensitivity isn’t a disease, but it does increase stress threshold and soothe agitation, even with those Medical diagnoses!!

Bupleurum Formula is a plant based medicine created 500 years ago for increasingly sensitive and agitated children.  It worked incredibly well to relieve tantrums and opposition!  It was clinically tested on Borderline Personality Disorder and Schizophrenia in 2008 and ’09, and it worked amazingly well!  “A BPD and Schizophrenia cure!”  I share the studies below!!

In traditional cultures, “sensitivity” was a desirable trait.  Mothers weren’t asking doctors to suppress their sensitivity or drug their opposition!  They wanted a medicine to heal and calm the agitation of intense sensitivity. (1)

Bupleurum Formula is a “magical” medicine that soothes and heals people who are born with a sensitivity exceeding their cultures current standards.  In traditional cultures, sensitivity was considered magical for their ability to see, feel, and hear things that others could not.

The “Sensitives” became the healers and gurus, and they would guide the values and principles of the culture.

In our modern Western culture, our primary “healers” are doctors, and they are the 3rd leading cause of death.  Their “medicines” make billions in profit for wealthy white men. Alzheimer's

Health Insurance takes money from the “poor and middle” and gives it to the wealthy in exchange for coverage for their medicines.

Mother Nature

chinese medicine borderline personality disorderThis wealthy white man whose skin is brown fined me for not giving the Health Insurance men $700 every month, for insurance that wouldn’t cover True Health.  True Health was forced out of Insurance because Dr. Stone helped a sick white woman feel good again.  They fired me for treating a medical condition.chinese medicine borderline personality disorder

The next President, a wealthy white man that many say is a bad man, stopped taking my money and giving it to those men.  He is perhaps the only President whose softness I could actually feel.  I doubt he did it for me, but I love him for taking away any of the vast pain I feel from wealthy white men.

In our culture, our most sensitive are called mentally ill because they don’t see things the way the most insensitive people want them to, wealthy white men.

Borderline Personality Disorder is defined as loving too strongly, hurting too deeply, and reacting to hurt too intensely.  LOL.  Can you feel too much??  Can you love too much? (2)

I loved too strongly once in college.  I vowed to love a woman forever after our first kiss.  She thought I was nuts, and never spoke to me again.  I learned a valuable cultural lesson.

In our culture, sensitivity is a disease.

In 2008, a healing tradition for soothing sensitivity, Bupleurum Formula, was considered as a medicine for a Medical disease.

Borderline Personality Disorder.

Researchers reported a “highly significant improvement in anxiety, tension, depressive mood, hostility, suspiciousness, motor retardation, uncooperativeness, and mania.” (3)  (I know… doctors talk funny!)

In 2009 they tested the effectiveness of Bupleurum Formula on the distress of seeing, hearing, and feeling things that others cannot…a disease we call Schizophrenia.  Researchers gathered a group of “treatment-resistant Schizophrenic’s” to test nature’s Medicine.  That means that they couldn’t suppress their symptoms even with the strongest anti-psychotics.

“Schizophrenia is characterized by psychosis (loss of contact with reality), hallucinations (false perceptions), delusions (false beliefs), disorganized speech and behavior, flattened affect (restricted range of emotions), cognitive deficits (impaired reasoning and problem solving), and occupational and social dysfunction. The cause is unknown, but evidence for a genetic component is strong. Symptoms usually begin in adolescence or early adulthood.” (4)

That’s word for word from a medical textbook.

In traditional cultures, the most sensitive are recognized by the healers, and protected from the hardness of the culture.  Protected so that as adults, they can teach others how to soften and be more sensitive and considerate.

In our culture, the most sensitive are recognized as insane, and when anyone is told ‘you are a problem,’ they tend to run and hide.  If you force them back out, you will see and feel the anger of hurting and betraying a sensitive person.  I know, it looks pretty intense.

Please Bring Them To True Health!

Our culture betrays everyone by telling them that they are broken or bad, or not good enough.  Does anyone make it to adulthood without the wounds of criticism, abandonment, or betrayal?   The most sensitive find this culture very painful, and have created multitudes of ways to escape, including suicide.  And we all know, only a crazy person wouldn’t want to keep living in this hard and hurtful culture.

Please bring them to True Health.  I’ll give them ALL a soft hug and Bupleurum Formula..  In the future, they will be able to stay at our farm and learn how to survive and thrive in a hard culture, and how to help us soften everyone.

Bupleurum Formula significantly improved the symptoms of “treatment resistant Schizophrenia,” such as paranoia, hostility, social and emotional withdrawal, despite their “healers” clearly telling them that they are “a problem.” (4)

Yay, a Schizophrenia cure!

Schizophrenia is considered to be a “bad sickness.”  I wonder what would happen if we gave this medicine and validated them as a gift to our culture.  Maybe we’d experience the gift of a person who can see, hear, and feel things that wealthy white men are oblivious to, such as destroying our natural resources in the name of profit.

Bupleurum Formula calms the Liver, releases tension and heat, and strengthens the spleen.  The Liver energizes anger and resentment when boundaries are crossed and is associated with the Wood Element.  The Spleen is an Earth organ, associated with Mothering and meeting the needs of every living thing.

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American Doctors tell the most sensitive that they are broken or a problem, and give them Anti-psychotic medications.  When researching Anti-psychotics, I found it interesting that they block the receptors that are stimulated by “magicPsilocybin, marijuana mushrooms.”  God and Nature created a mushroom that allows you to see beyond your reality, and…

Big Pharma created a medicine that suppresses seeing beyond the reality of wealthy white men.

In our culture, magic mushrooms have been a felony crime since 1971, because marijuana and mushrooms seemed to increase the urgency and demand for peace, even against leadership’s orders.

Marijuana was a felony, but now it is legal, or is it a misdemeanor, or is it a felony?  Depends where you live.  (can you feel the confusion of our leaders?)

If you want to “share” Marijuana in North Carolina, you are still a pretty bad person.

If a person owns more than 1.5 ounces, they are  “bad enough” to face jail time for 3-8 months. (NC Law)

Do you know that Wealthy White Men also made Opium a “bad” medicine, after Traditional Eastern Cultures used Opium safely for 5000 years.  I shared the 7000 year history if you want to hear the story, but currently, Gods version, Opium, is a felony, while Big Pharma can manufacture heroin and morphine, which are the most addictive components of Opium, and sell them for Profit.

If you become addicted to their medicine, and need more and more, they take it away and send you to the streets to buy heroin like a criminal.  And what you had asked for was pain relief.

115 people die every day from Medical Heroin. (PBS News)

42,000 Americans died from Oxycontin in 2016, while Purdue Pharmaceutical earned nearly 2 Billion in profit!  Forbes reports that Dr. Sackler, the wealthy white man behind Oxycontin has suffered great loss from his misfortune.  Their deaths have decreased his net worth from 14 Billion to 13 Billion.  (I’ll try to remember to put a donation button at the end in case you want to help support them in their hardship of less wealthy)

God, wealthy white men, and the other colors and sexes that act like them, feel horrifying.  Are you sure you can’t feel it?  See it?  It’s in your vision every single day.

What did Wealthy White Men do to the Natives of our land? (Forced Treaties!?)

LOL.  I did not teach this!  We “un-school,” so this is what my girls “learned” on their own.

I asked what white men did to the Natives and they said, “They slaughtered many of them, took everything they had and called it their own.

Five Elements

My girls all have Borderline Personality Disorder.  NO…I mean intense sensitivity, and I never call people hurtful names I give them Bupleurum Formula to calm their agitation.

Purchase Bupleurum Formula!

I’m pretty sensitive too.  And my family is here to let our leaders know that we need to change our values and principles.

Our type of “sensitive” feels things that others cannot.  It only looks crazy if you hurt us.  These values and principles would relieve our pain.


Native American Traditions (5)

  1. There is a single higher power, the Creator.  The Creator is of neither gender, but has children called Spirit Beings and Life on Earth.
  2. Plants, animals and humans share a connection to the spirit world.  Physical life comes from the spirit world and will eventually return.
  3. Humans have a mind, body, and spirit that are all connected.  Illness can begin in mind, body, or spirit, and will affect every part of YOU.
  4. Health is harmony of mind, body, spirit.  Disease is disharmony of mind, body, and spirit.
  5. Violation of sacred social and Natural Laws of Creation causes Natural Disharmony
  6.  Harmful or destructive intentions, referred to as “bad medicine” causes Unnatural Disharmony
  7. Every person is responsible for their own health by keeping attuned to self, relationships, environment, and universe.

Five and Six describe our current culture, and the Natives wouldn’t allow that.  A Native American would be brought to the medicine man or healer if they broke Natural Law.  In the culture invented by wealthy white men, broken law earns Billions!

If Profit over People sounds right, bad medicine has affected you.

chronic hepatitis

Is Natural Law NEW to you?
Click through to read the rules and the truth.

Metal Creates Water . Water Creates Wood . Wood Creates Fire . Fire Creates Earth . Earth Creates Metal

I Love You.

Dr. Todd Stone


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