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Metal Creates Water

Metal is the richness of life.  The rubies and diamonds, and the minerals that hold us together.

The Five Elements represent the movement of energy in acupuncture and acupressure healing philosophies.

The Metal Element represents “Reflection.”  It represents the letting go of what doesn’t serve us, and looking forward toward inspiration.   Metal represents the hardness of the stone that holds Water in it’s arms, so we can drill for Water with Metal to aid our survival.

Several years ago, my family purchased a loan, I mean a home.  The county inspector said our well Water passed inspection.  Our Water turned the toilets brownish-orange.  I tested it through one of our labs and our Water had dangerous levels of heavy metals and bacteria.

I ordered a water filtration system for the house.  Out of my own pocket, because law said there was nothing wrong with my Water, so I had no recourse.  The packages arrived…big barrels and big bags.

I recreated Mother Nature in the barrels.  The bags contained various minerals that I had to pour layer by layer, into the barrels.  That is how profit creates water.  First you save money on the well by not digging deep.  Then, with no protection from the law, I have to buy Mother Earth to run my water through, so it is safe for my family.

I would guess that the builder rationalized that the law says “good enough.”  “Why spend more for doing the right thing, when I can profit more.”  By Law.

The water filtration business offered a solution to my pain.  I am thankful for their help, so their profit doesn’t feel hard to me.  They were helping What Matters Most to me, my people.

The Metal energy in our culture is confused.

Metal knows that people are our greatest resource, and you profit the most by taking good care, regardless of the price.

Profit believes that wealth is the most important resource, even at the cost of people.   

The Metal Element represents what matters most.  It teaches us to find security by Loving others, and contributing to your loves.  That is the path to significance and receiving love.  Water represents movement and our choice of direction.  Metal teaches that profit over people will lead to destruction, and needs to be stopped.

The Five Elements suggests that “Profit over People” should get a spanking and be sent to bed without dinner.

When a culture is led by “profit over people,” the rich hoard the wealth, and the people fight for the scraps.  One of the scraps we fight for is Approval.  Do you think Wealthy White Men care about your approval?  Nah, they know that as long as you fear for survival, you will do whatever they say.

Metal teaches that Approval is what matters least.

Metal teaches that if you focus your attention on what someone else wants, you lose your heart.  It says that if you trust your heart desire, you will give everyone what they want, an amazing youa Gift to Your People.

If you focus your attention on Approval, you will fear the next step on your path.

If you focus on Heart Desire, you might pause for reflection, but you will confidently take the next step…because it will feel right.  

The Metal Element represents thankfulness for our Mother and Father.  The Mother that cares for everyone.  And the Father that protects everyone.

Metal is confusedwhy would anyone worship profit?

The hard harshness of this world, like polluting our water for profit, cutting corners for profit, and healers prescribing medicine that does harm, for profit, is trying to remind us What Matters Most.  Metal suggests you take a moment to reflect on that.

True Health shares the healing of our Mother, created by our Father, and birthed by Mother Nature…Plant Medicines…in our online store.   But only if that feels right to you. 

If you buy two of any of Momma’s medicine… Allergy, Pain, PMS, Menopause…you get free shipping.  And if you don’t LOVE Momma, return the second bottle unopened and I will refund your entire purchase.  Scroll through, I bet you will find the caring you need for your hurt.

Yes, I’ll bet on Momma, all in…and I think Keeping Our Word is What Matters Most, because it holds our people together.  I will do everything in my Power to keep my Word.

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