somatoform disorder

Somatoform Disorder Responds to Mother Nature

Somatoform disorder is a group of psychological disorders…

…in which a patient experiences physical symptoms that are inconsistent with or cannot be fully explained by any underlying general medical or neurologic condition.” (Medscape)

Yes, that is the nice way of saying “head case,” but I happen to have this condition.  I learned how to properly care for and control it. This study scientifically proves that nature offers even the most “sensitive” of us comfort. Regardless of what big pharma says, it is possible.

This study was published in 2009.  It offers help to people that don’t fit in the medical model.  Due to difficult language, I willingly offer the interpretation of medical terminology.

Somatoform disorder affects 6.3% of our population, and it affects women more frequently than men.

In Germany, plant medicines that True Health offers in True Calm are used to treat Somatoform disorder.  In addition, these plants are valid treatment for Somatoform disorder in Switzerland and recognized as such.  By this, we understand  that  means they are medical protocol and widely accepted.

The researchers in this study wanted to test the safety and efficacy of these plant medicines for Somatoform disorder. They chose to do this in a double blind, placebo controlled, clinical trial.  Conducting this type of trial is the highest form of scientific validation.

They reviewed the literature, and found these plants proven in lab studies to decrease inflammation, relax muscular contraction, and decrease allergic sensitivity.  They also found these plants proven in human studies to decrease anxiety and improve cognitive function. 

One of the plants in the study proved in humans to work as effectively as a pharmaceutical tranquilizer for Psychovegetative Syndrome.  This condition is defined as “a sickly condition with a heavy racing heart, headaches, sensitivities to cold, sweating, nausea, dizziness, depression, fear, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, and apathy, where after careful medical inspection, the patient is absolutely healthy.” (Medical Encyclopedia)

One hundred eighty patients with Somatoform disorder  made up the group for the study. Each group consisted of sixty patients.  Placebo.  True Calm.  True Calm + True Heart Health. In this study, they all received identical tablets that they took three times per day for two weeks.

At the end of two weeks,  patients answered standardized questionnaires in regards to anxiety and depression. They also completed a patient self assessment scored on a five point scale, with zero indicating complete resolution, and 4 indicating no help.

In regards to the questionnaires, the researchers defined a “positive response” as a greater than 50% improvement.

The RESULTS were as follows:

Anxiety scores  showed a reduction of 61% in the Calm + Heart group, 45% in the Calm group, and 3% in the placebo group.  As a result, it is clear Mother Nature offers assistance in dealing with anxiety.

Depression scores showed a reduction of 58% in the Calm + Heart group, 33% in the Calm group, and 8% in the placebo group.

The RESULTS from self evaluations were:

In the Calm + Heart group, 48% said a significant improvement, in some cases cured. Calm alone dropped to 11%.  Placebo scored 1%.  16% of the Calm + Heart group said it didn’t help at all.  26% of the Calm alone agreed.  And 83% of the placebo group knew they received little to no help.

A Positive Response rated as 71% in the Calm + Heart group, 36% in the Calm group, and 16% in the placebo group.

Researchers chose to end the study with a Discussion.  “These plant medicines were found to have significant efficacy and no serious side effects in the treatment of Somatoform disorder.”  

We don’t understand this disorder, but for the patient’s sake, and the doctor’s, any intervention that offers results seems necessary, with the high prevalence of this disease.”  Essentially, if it works, use it.

The speed at which Mother Nature works as well as the low improvement rate of the placebos surprised the researchers.

They described the actions of True Calm and True Heart Health as, “increasing relaxation and ease, and combating the effects of overwhelm.

Yes, it is overwhelming to have this disease. However, Mother Nature gives relief in a scientific manner. If you are willing to give Mother Nature a try,  you can get True Calm Here, and True Heart Health Here.  Science says you should take both, if you feel too intensely.

I posted a blog about all the virtues of True Calm here.

Phytother Res. 2009 Sep;23(9):1303-8. doi: 10.1002/ptr.2771.


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