Metal Creates Water

Metal is the richness of life.  The rubies and diamonds, and the minerals that hold us together.

The Five Elements represent the movement of energy in acupuncture and acupressure healing philosophies.

The Metal Element represents “Reflection.”  It represents the letting go of what doesn’t serve us, and looking forward toward inspiration.   Metal represents the hardness of the stone that holds Water in it’s arms, so we can drill for Water with Metal to aid our survival.

Several years ago, my family purchased a loan, I mean a home.  The county inspector said our well Water passed inspection.  Our Water turned the toilets brownish-orange.  I tested it through one of our labs and our Water had dangerous levels of heavy metals and bacteria.

I ordered a water filtration system for the house.  Out of my own pocket, because law said there was nothing wrong with my Water, so I had no recourse.  The packages arrived…big barrels and big bags.

I recreated Mother Nature in the barrels.  The bags contained various minerals that I had to pour layer by layer, into the barrels.  That is how profit creates water.  First you save money on the well by not digging deep.  Then, with no protection from the law, I have to buy Mother Earth to run my water through, so it is safe for my family.

I would guess that the builder rationalized that the law says “good enough.”  “Why spend more for doing the right thing, when I can profit more.”  By Law.

The water filtration business offered a solution to my pain.  I am thankful for their help, so their profit doesn’t feel hard to me.  They were helping What Matters Most to me, my people.

The Metal energy in our culture is confused.

Metal knows that people are our greatest resource, and you profit the most by taking good care, regardless of the price.

Profit believes that wealth is the most important resource, even at the cost of people.   

The Metal Element represents what matters most.  It teaches us to find security by Loving others, and contributing to your loves.  That is the path to significance and receiving love.  Water represents movement and our choice of direction.  Metal teaches that profit over people will lead to destruction, and needs to be stopped.

The Five Elements suggests that “Profit over People” should get a spanking and be sent to bed without dinner.

When a culture is led by “profit over people,” the rich hoard the wealth, and the people fight for the scraps.  One of the scraps we fight for is Approval.  Do you think Wealthy White Men care about your approval?  Nah, they know that as long as you fear for survival, you will do whatever they say.

Metal teaches that Approval is what matters least.

Metal teaches that if you focus your attention on what someone else wants, you lose your heart.  It says that if you trust your heart desire, you will give everyone what they want, an amazing youa Gift to Your People.

If you focus your attention on Approval, you will fear the next step on your path.

If you focus on Heart Desire, you might pause for reflection, but you will confidently take the next step…because it will feel right.  

The Metal Element represents thankfulness for our Mother and Father.  The Mother that cares for everyone.  And the Father that protects everyone.

Metal is confusedwhy would anyone worship profit?

The hard harshness of this world, like polluting our water for profit, cutting corners for profit, and healers prescribing medicine that does harm, for profit, is trying to remind us What Matters Most.  Metal suggests you take a moment to reflect on that.

True Health shares the healing of our Mother, created by our Father, and birthed by Mother Nature…Plant Medicines…in our online store.   But only if that feels right to you. 

If you buy two of any of Momma’s medicine… Allergy, Pain, PMS, Menopause…you get free shipping.  And if you don’t LOVE Momma, return the second bottle unopened and I will refund your entire purchase.  Scroll through, I bet you will find the caring you need for your hurt.

Yes, I’ll bet on Momma, all in…and I think Keeping Our Word is What Matters Most, because it holds our people together.  I will do everything in my Power to keep my Word.

Healing Chronic Pain

Do You Remember When The Pain Began?

I bet you remember exactly.  Because when pain becomes chronic, it consumes your life. 

If you have chronic pain, I bet your faith in doctors has diminished.   Especially when you hit double digits.  This woman told me that I was the 10th doctor she had asked to help her.  

Read her story to learn how we helped her resolve chronic pain.

If you decide to give True Health a try, our clinic policy is that you don’t pay if we don’t help.  I’m not sure why all doctors aren’t as dedicated to finding the root cause of your pain as you are.  I promise you that I am.

This is the story of a young, healthy woman whose pain began a few months after an appendectomy. 

Her entire back and down her left leg would reach 8 or 9 out of ten on a pain scale, from the strain of a 30 minute car ride or sitting at a desk for too long.   She had not felt a 0 out of 10, no pain, for 3 years.   

She hadn’t given up though, so when a friend told her how Dr. Stone helped him with his pain, she called True Health and doctor number ten.  

As I read her story the evening before her initial exam, I noticed that the lines after “Other doctors seen for this condition:” listed way more than average.  My thyroid patients usually list 1 or 2.  They are able to struggle through and live life, in exhaustion.  

Chronic pain stops life.   

For Rachel, it wasn’t completely disabling.  She was able to work and live life.  With frequent stops.  And the frequency of stops was increasing, so she was willing to try anything.

When she first visited True Health and stood in front of me, I felt her doubt.

I am somewhat empathic.  I don’t know for sure what I am.  Sometimes it feels more like an awkward, irritable, jerk.  My understanding of empathic is that I feel the pain of other people.   

I choose who I feel, and I have to have permission.  Calling True Health for help, grants permission.  

I have to really focus on a person to feel their physical pain, but emotional pain jumps out at me.  When I felt her doubt, I also felt my own anxiety as I began her exam. 

I began with a standard neurological exam for nerve compression in the low back, since that was her loudest or most intense pain.  I was lightly perspiring from the anxiety, until my exam revealed that every nerve root indicator tested weak.  What?  I’ve never seen that before!

alternative medicineNow I was sweating.  I didn’t understand what I was seeing, and I didn’t know what to do about it!  Was I in over my head?  I nervously proceeded with my best effort.

Her neurologist was so certain that it wasn’t disc or nerve compression, that he  didn’t need an MRI to know.

My testing disagreed with a prestigious neurologist, and it didn’t make sense to me.   She didn’t have a history of severe physical trauma, and it would take something severe to bulge every disc in her back.

I wasn’t sure what to do, so I picked one nerve indicator muscle weakness and tested for body positions that improve the weakness.  Normally, bending or twisting a certain way will decrease the nerve pressure of a disc bulge enough to restore strength.

I couldn’t find a body position that would improve her strength.  (Add a 3rd level of sweating.)

I wanted to look like I knew what I was doing to ease her doubt as well as my sweating.  Nerves tend to be predictable.  Tap the knee and leg kicks out.  If it doesn’t, it means something very predictable.

Her body wasn’t responding predictably.  I had not seen this version of chronic pain before.

I kept on with my best effort.  She had doctors tell her before, that “it wasn’t something they were familiar with.”  They tested for one named condition, like Rheumatoid Arthritis, and after telling her she tested negative, sent her home as if they had completed their job.

Relieving pain is a doctors job and I take it seriously.  My best effort took several visits to even begin to make sense of what was in front of me.  But she stuck with my best effort because she felt results.  A healing trend.

I hadn’t been able to help her chronic pain, but she noticed that her runny nose was less runny on her second visit.

By her 3rd visit, she could feel that the pain was changing.  Some changes felt good, and others felt bad, but it was different and that was encouraging.

Her 2nd visit had the help of more clues.  Lab work was back, offering a look inside this woman.  Results showed a pattern that meant high testosterone.  I asked about beards.  “No.”  I asked about PMS, and she said “severe.”  She had such severe cramping during her period that a few times she passed out from the pain.

chronic painI don’t think PMS is “normal.”  It’s a symptom of imbalance and body needs.  What did she need to find comfort?

I was taught that the week before a woman’s period is Liver time.  The liver eliminates the hormones that thicken the uterus lining for implantation.  The liver effectively reducing hormone levels offers ease and comfort to having a period.  She needed care for her liver, so the first prescription was N-Acetyl-Cysteine, an amino acid.

Cysteine is used in the hospital for acute poisoning.

She later reported that one weekend she put out ant poison, and the next day her back hurt like a mother.  She took extra Cysteine and felt her pain ease.  Meeting needs.

Her labs revealed immune stress and inflammation.  The immune stress appeared to be an intestinal parasite.  We don’t know for sure because my best effort to resolve immune stress and inflammation was a plant called Morinda, and after a week of Morinda along with Cysteine, she drove 12 hours and her pain was  30% better than her last trip.

Her pain was getting better for the first time in 3 years, so we waited and watched. 

If she had a chronic infection in her gut, which her labs suggested, it would explain the multiple discchronic pain bulges without severe trauma.  I remembered a professor describing this possibility, but I hadn’t seen it in a patient before.  The infected organs cause spasm of a muscle  called the Psoas.  It crosses your hip and it’s attached to the spine above.  When it spasms, it pulls on the spine, causing multiple discs to bulge.

My anxiety decreased with the recollection of this mechanism of back pain.  I understood that it was going to take multiple steps to resolve her pain, but at least now I knew the steps.

Her neurologist was right, it wasn’t a disc herniation, it was muscle spasm pulling the disc outward and compressing the nerves.  The cause of the spasm was a chronic infection creating inflammation in her liver and gut.

I bet that you can relate to this medical concept.  Last time I had the flu, I swear that my hair hurt.  Inflammation amplifies pain, and inflammation is caused by invasion or trauma.  With no history of trauma other than appendectomy, invasion made sense and relieved another level of sweating.

Her worst pain was after sitting still for awhile.  Stillness is how you treat trauma. When stillness aggravates pain, it indicates inflammation.  A psoas muscle spasm would definitely be aggravated by sitting still, because sitting tightens the psoas muscle.

When the spasm is caused by inflammation, the healing need is Lymphatic cleansing.

Your lymphatic system is like your cardiovascular system.  A system of veins and vessels, but the lymphatic system removes inflammation and doesn’t have a pump, like the heart.  It “pumps” inflammation out of your body from the stimulation of movement.  So when you sit still and it hurts more, the lymphatic system needs care. 

Vitamin C is a basic need of the Lymphatic System, and Morinda offers Vitamin C along with other lymph cleansing attributes, along with the power to kill a parasite. 

It only took a week to feel the 30% improvement on her long drive.  I’d call that a healing trend.  The intensity, frequency, and duration of your pain, is decreasing.  We’re winning.

By the time we retested her labs on her 3rd month of True Health, her pain intensity, frequency, and duration were improved by 40%.   Still not a single moment of no pain, but the healing trend was clear.

Her lab retest showed a pattern that indicated a chronic virus.  I had prescribed a plant called Holy Basil on visit 5, which is a research proven anti-viral medicine.  Great, already covered!

At this point, Rachel is able to respond to almost every pain flare up on her own, using the plants and acupressure.  She was gathering control of life stopping pain.

Three more months of trending, and another look inside, lab time.  We have reached a pretty cool milestone on her journey.  No pain for half of a day.  The first time she had felt no pain in 3 years!

This lab showed that inflammation was now subclinical, meaning the lab didn’t even mark it as a problem.  Next we saw adrenal exhaustion and hypoglycemia as her primary need.  I prescribed Ginseng, which has over 8,000 published research articles, mostly on increasing vitality.

Hypoglycemia brought more headaches so I prescribed Cramp Bark and Motherwort.  Plants that  are proven to offer relief of tension, cramping and spasm.

It took 10 months before she reported no headaches between her visits, but we kept them trending.  Slowly but surely.  It took 2 years to reach 1 full day of no pain.  Plants and acupressure, and Dr. Stone every 3 weeks.

It took another three months to string together multiple days of no pain.

And another three months to feel strong and secure enough to stop taking birth control pills for her severe cramping.  Birth control took her pain away, and she had been scared to stop them and possibly face that pain again.

She did face some pain, but with her plant medicines and acupressure, she was able to control it and get it trending toward ease and comfort.  Every cycle was getting easier, until finally, she felt the strength of motherhood.  After nearly 3 years of True Health and putting up with Dr. Stone, she is moving on to the next chapter in her life.

I am glad that I offered my best effort, despite my confusion and uncertainty.  In the last 2 years, there has not been a pain that could survive True Health and my best effort.  If you’d like to challenge my healing abilities, I offer them risk free.

Chronic painI share my story to share hope.  You never know where the right answer will be, but with determination and a willingness to try anything, I found relief.” 

-Rachel S.

Disabling Migraines Meet Mother Nature

WOW! I have never considered how much time and energy Migraines steal from your life.

Literally. Steffi started having migraines at 5 years old and every migraine steals a day of her life. Two really, because the day after is recovery day. Read how she relieved 39 years of weekly migraines.

Sometimes just one a month, but more often one per week or more.  That means close to 30% of her life was devoted to dealing with migraines.  By averaging that to every other week over 39 years, she lost over FIVE YEARS to her migraine headaches.

I consider her a “warrior”.  By the time she found us here at True Health the migraines had taken its toll on her health. This has led to many other health issues. I consider her strong because she was pushing through exhaustion, insomnia,  and brain fog.  She also experienced severe cramping and mood swings with her monthly cycles.

The resulting physical consequences of these issues meant breaks while climbing stairs to catch her breath, wool socks and mittens for hands and feet that didn’t receive the warmth of blood circulating properly and it also meant times where her heart would feel like it was going to pound right out of her chest.

When she visited True Health, she listed only the migraines.  She only cared about the pain that interrupted her life.  She was tough enough to battle through the rest.

But I’m not a real doctor, or so I’ve been told many times, and yes our results are unreal by comparison.  I’ve begun to use “healer,” and healers care for all parts of you!  In her experience, over 39 years and starting as a little girl, her doctors couldn’t help her vulnerabilities, so perhaps her request was influenced by low expectations.  

Well, to be fair, they provided Imitrex injections, which would relieve her migraines once triggered.  When she didn’t have the injection available to her,it meant puking to the point of dry heaves and a short stay in the hospital to recover, which was an “enormous financial cost,” in her own words.

She was financially and physically motivated to find a better solution to her migraines. When considering her options, a friend and patient of True Health, told her to try “my healer.” 

When she shared her story with me, it was like hearing of a Warrior in battle.  Every step could be a landmine, and “blow up” her next couple days.  She listed the triggers she had clearly observed:  Two days before her period, sugar, alcohol, perfumes, cleaning chemicals, (any strong smell), gluten, citrus, nuts and stress!  I’ll share what they all have in common in a minute.  It actually makes sense, when you know the way a body works.

She was taking thyroid hormone replacement, which elevated her energy to 4 out of 10.  Tired usually indicates sleep, but for some reason sleep eluded her.  

She had Imitrex injections for when she couldn’t bear the pain, but that had a price to her body, which she paid with growing regularity in order to save her brain.  

The medical perspective of migraines is that it is a genetically endowed weakness that makes the stress centers of your brain activate when exposed to certain foods, chemicals, stress, and high estrogen.  The stress of these exposures, which is insignificant to people who do not have this genetic weakness, causes the brain activity to slow down, and the blood vessels in the brain to swell.  Think of someone blowing up a balloon inside your head, within your brain, behind your eye.  It hurts.

She explained that the pain of her migraines hurt so badly that she would throw up!  

I’ve thrown up from pain one time.  It was appendicitis, and Oh-My the pain.  My wife threw up birthing our first baby.  Imagine that intensity of pain, in your brain!  Imagine appendicitis, or the pain of childbirth inside your brain, on a weekly basis!

One of the stressors, or what they call “triggers,” is a substance in certain foods, including the ones on her list of “no-nos,” called Tyramine.  For most of us, it is just food.  But for Steffi, it was poison.  According to medicine, your best course is to have Imitrex on hand, and give yourself a shot when the warning signs begin.  

Steffi is a smart woman, in addition to her toughness.  In her spare time, after she makes a living designing your heart expression to the world through a beautiful website, she begins “work,” which to her is saving our planet.

But any idiot would avoid lemons if they made you hurt so badly that you puke when you eat them.  

She was eating healthy food and avoiding triggers, well, all triggers except one!  Stress!  Instead of relaxing after work, she is an unpaid citizen lobbyist who pushes for a bipartisan solution to climate change in what is considered to be the most divisive (defined: “tending to cause disagreement and hostility”) topic in Congress at the moment.  But she’d take a bullet for Mother Earth, so that trigger she didn’t avoid.

Following the best advice she was offered over 39 years, she was taking 7 injections a month.  Some months, she would have taken more, but Medicine’s playbook says “more than that will kill you.”  Imitrex causes vascular constriction, which pushes the air out of the balloon behind your eye, but it has the same “tightening” effect on the heart.  

Remember the shortness of breath climbing stairs, cold hands, and heart pounding out of her chest?  Well, that’s a noted side effect of her healing medicine.  It contracts and fatigues the heart, and if you take too much of this medicine, you die from a heart attack.

What an interesting resource.  I tell my patients, the more Plant Medicines you take, the less you need them.  Pharmaceuticals seem to have the opposite effect.  The more you take them, the more you need them. 

One of my professors shared a study where researchers examined the side effect frequency of pharmaceutical medicine and found that with just one pharmaceutical, there was an 10% chance that it was the cause of one of your symptoms.  The percentage increased with each medicine added, and by the time they reached five drugs, there was a 100% certainty that at least one pain or problem was caused by your treatment.  And some people are taking more than TEN!

When I finally met Steffi, 39 years after the onsetof her migraines, everything was getting worse.

My job is to diagnose the “Root Cause.”  Yes, her parents were part of the problem, but Nature Already Knows that we ALL have strengths and weaknesses, and nature has a response to those needs.  My job is to meet the need of every vulnerability and when you support weakness, you discover strength. 

Dr. Bruce Ames, who you’ve probably never heard of, because he doesn’t make anyone billions of dollars, has found that nourishment, very precise nourishment, strengthens the genetic weaknesses we all have.  You just have to know what part of nature will strengthen you.

Genetic weakness, according to Dr. Ames, just means that you are really good at something else, and Steffi’s weakness was detoxification.  Detoxification is not a program or procedure, it’s a process.  The last week of a female cycle is elimination week.  Estrogen rises with the moon to tell an egg to release from an ovary.  Then rises again with progesterone after ovulation, to prepare the uterus for implantation of the fertilized egg.  If there is not fertilization, the uterine lining sheds, and the liver binds and eliminates thehormones that offer life expansion, bringing estrogen levels back down to start another cycle.

Dr. Ames looked at basic biochemistry, and found that folate facilitates that process, so with Steffi’s genetic weakness, we gave her Rosemary, which has more folate content than all other plants measured except one, and exactly what Dr. Ames has found strengthens this genetic vulnerability, a special kind of folate with an interesting name, abbreviated “MTHFR.” 

It speeds up the capability of eliminating estrogen which protects you from fibroids, endometriosis, and breast cancer.  It also aids the elimination of environmental toxins, such a lead, which was her next vulnerability.  Lead was used in gasoline and paints up until 1978, when it became exceedingly obvious that it caused developmental delays in children, memory loss in adults, and heart stress.   

It takes Mother Earth many years to process and filter the poisons we burden Her with.  Steffi was born in the peak of lead usage, and by the time it was banned, she was already a regular migraine sufferer.  Peak exposure, and weak elimination, revealed her vulnerability as her first migraine at the tender age of five.  

To help her eliminate lead toxicity, I nourished her body with N-Acetyl Cysteine or NAC.  It’s an amino acid that is naturally occurring in all proteins, and exceptionally so in whey, one of the proteins in dairy. But she was past a glass of milk for healing, so we added a therapeutic dose of NAC, alongside her other caretakers, Rosemary and Folate.

And a plant medicine I’m sure you’ve heard of called Dandelion.  

Yes, the “weed” our culture sprays poison on, is detoxifying and healing.  It improves the efficiency of the liver and kidneys, our primary organs of elimination, along with the large intestine which eliminates all the “crap” we don’t need.  

After just two weeks of “meeting needs,” she reports that her energy is increasing and she feels happier.  

Three weeks after starting these “unscientific” medicines and nutrients, she has a period with no cramping, but her moodiness was still severe.

Healers meet healing needs, and she needed help with her lead detoxification.  I prescribed cilantro, another spice in the cabinet, that moonlights as a plant medicine.  It binds to lead and leads it to the large intestine for elimination with the rest of the crap.

As we eased toxic lead out of her body, her cycle relaxed and  she had NO mood swings or pain with her next, and she reported that her “anxiety is very under control.”  

That’s called a “healing trend.”  If you wish for a healing trend, dandelion and this special folate are in both True Detox and True PMS Relief in our online store.  

Three months after starting care at True Health, she begins to see a clear trend with her migraines.  For the first time in 39 years, the intensity is decreasing rather than increasing.  She hasn’t had a severe, lose your lunch migraine in 2 months and rates her energy as 8 out of 10!  

At 4 months, she is pushing her body physically, and notices some return of cramping with her cycle.  I see this in every healing story.  As energy, strength and life return, we stretch and discover our new limits.  But what a FUN thing to explore, a new expanded limit to your stress capacity!  I encourage my patients to expend their rediscovered energy on something called “heart expression.”  Express your passion, your “what matters most”…to the limits of your energy.  

And I’ll care for the wounds of your exertion.

Steffi was chopping wood to heat her home, because her passion is saving our planetary Mother, and of course, staying alive to achieve her goal.  

But even pushing her body physically, she reports that her headache intensity is decreased by 50%!  

I once had a sinus headache that was unbearable, and found that laying perfectly still lowered it to just excruciating.  I was so appreciative of that tiny bit of relief.  Imagine cutting your pain in half!

We also had her hormone lab back.  We ran a full cycle hormone panel, where she collects saliva every other day for 28 days, allowing us to observe her hormones in motion.  Estrogen is a known trigger for migraines, so we wanted to see exactly what was going on through her cycle.  And yes, as is typical she would have a premenstrual migraine or two, just less severe now.

The lab revealed that her pituitary hormones were all low.   I prescribed a plant called Eleuthero that boldly grows in the harshest conditions of Siberia, and appears to impart that resilience to humans when ingested.  Eleuthero has over 500 studies published in the National Library of Medicine, including one from Japan documenting an ability to increase pituitary hormones.

At five months, she hadn’t had to use her heart weakening injection for 2 months! If she did get a headache, she could find relief from massage.  Just creating space for her heart to gain strength, gave her the ability run up stairs, stay warm when it was cold out, and keep her heart beating softly and efficiently in her chest.  

At six months, she reports 2 cycles in a row with NO migraines using Eleuthero! 

But she’s still finding her limits.  Ice cream triggered a migraine of moderate intensity, and a fun filled pizza and beer night left her needing the relief of her Imitrex injection for the first time in MONTHS.

We added a plant from South America called Maca.  Inca warriors ate large quantities of the root before going into battle. This increased their stamina, ferocity, and strength in battle has been attributed to Maca.  Her genetic weakness was met with basic nutrition,  Now she was asking for stamina, ferocity and strength.

Leading to a new personal record!  She experiences 2 months of no headaches of any intensity! 

Around a year after visiting True Health, she is expanding her energy.  She is marching on Washington to fight ignorance. (Anyone harming our Mother Earth, would qualify as ignorant, is that fair?) She is arguing her points, with stamina, ferocity and strength. The increased intensity of stress finds her new limit. But like a warrior in battle, she accepts the consequence of another puking level migraine.  She has to hurt her heart to relieve the pain by Imitrix injection, but she is gathering a sense of how to heal now.

When you lean on nature to heal, you find less need for doctors, so our visits are stretching out.  Our genetically vulnerable Warrior is expressing passion in the media, and finds the larger the audience, the more the stress.  She battles through three migraines in one week for her (our) cause.  

But this visit to True Health, she also reports that she feels so strong. She stopped taking her thyroid medicine, and has more energy than ever.  And she LOOKS strong!  She said she walked in front of the mirror after a shower, and was impressed with her toned and muscular body.  “I look good naked!”  

Yes, that’s how it works.  When you fight with a passion in your belly, even willing to endure pain, and you have a healer for your doctor, to care for your wounds, you get (and look) stronger and stronger.  

Apparently we have a poor “business” model at True Health, because Steffi only needed ONE doctor visit this year.  With less care than ever before, a new record was reported: 3 months with NO migraines!  

She said she was explaining this journey to her friends, who had never heard of such a thing.  They said, “Let me get this straight, the more you see your doctor, the less you need him?  The more medicine you take, the less you need them?”  

Yes, that’s how it works, when you lean on nature, the very thing she is fighting to protect, and she still leans pretty heavily.  If she would relax and read a book, take a candlelight bath, and sleep to her body’s content, she would probably “need” less of nature at this point.  But she has work to do, after “work.”  The first shift of work is to ensure her security.  The second is to ensure “ours.”

Steffi is the Warrior, and I am the Caretaker.  I know that is backward in our culture, but we are a “team” with intense passion for nature.  I have a feeling that many generations will be talking about what Steffi and Dr. Stone accomplished forthe greater good.  But I’m not a fortune teller. I just know that natural law states, “the more impassioned of two forces wins the war, regardless of size difference.”

Are you gathering the amazing potential of plant medicines?  Every natural medicine I use has a rich history, scientific validation, and AMAZING healing qualities. They meet body needs to heal and offer strength and resilience.  Pharmaceutical medicines offer suppression of symptoms, slowing disease progression, and side effects.

How in the world did we ever come to believe that pharmaceuticals are better than Mother Nature?  Could it be the influence of billion dollar corporations?

True Health and Mother Nature now offer care without expectation.  We’ve been pushed out of way by profit, and our fighting back is a True Health Membership.  It’s 7 dollars a month, and it allows you to visit True Health whenever you need, on a donation basis.  Whatever you want to pay.

As a 40 year-old who has suffered with migraines my whole life, I was sick of doctors pushing pills on me and never helping me figure out my triggers. I wasn’t getting any better, in fact I was getting worse — to the point of taking 7 shots a month of Imetrex and that was the max they could give me!

The next step was to put me on a daily anti-seizure medication at that point. I couldn’t understand why I was only getting worse and not better and taking so much more medication! I decided to seek out an alternative doctor like Dr. Stone at the strong urging of a friend who was treated for allergies and got well under his care.

Two years later I am off ALL medications for migraines and even my thyroid medication and feeling the healthiest I have ever been in years!! My my energy is back, moods have calmed down, I sleep better at night, my body doesn’t ache anymore, my anxiety and breathing issues have gone away, and overall I am a much happier person who feels thankful for having found Dr. Stone! I highly recommend him to anyone! Just ask the lab techs who perform Dr. Stone’s lab testing how happy his patients are. They will confirm the same and they work for Quest Diagnostics.”

-Steffi R.



What helps period cramps, PMS, mood swings, and PMDD?

Natural PMS Relief

Hi, my name is Dr. Stone.  A couple years ago I was treating a woman with autoimmune thyroid issues, and she started feeling so good that she stopped taking her thyroid medication!  With her restored energy and stability of health, she asked one visit, “Is there anything you can do for PMS?  I just screamed at everyone I love!” 

This medicine is what helps period cramps and moodiness, and PMDD.

I gave her True PMS Relief.  A month later, she said her pain and irritability were 80% better.  The next month she said she didn’t have any discomfort whatsoever!

Her periods were BAD, and she hadn’t mentioned it  because she thought PMS was “NORMAL.”  She knew the only medical solution was Birth Control and she was in the making babies time of her life.

And she only suffered for a week every month.

She may have taken True PMS Relief a month or two longer, but eventually it regulated her hormones so well that she hasn’t needed to use it for the last 3 years and counting.  She had a fourth baby in that time, and said it was her easiest pregnancy and delivery of all.  

This medicine IS what helps period cramping and moodiness, even PMDD.  Natural PMS Relief!

Is True PMS Relief scientifically proven to be safe and effective?

In the culture of medicine, worldwide, “safe and effective” is tested by double blind, placebo controlled clinical trials.  Just in case you are not familiar, that means that they gather a group of people with the same problem, and give half of them the prescribed medicine.  The other half are given a placebo, which is usually starch, sugar or salt pills. People often feel better just by someone offering them their care, so this model determines if the medicine works better than time or good intentions.  Double blind means that both the doctor and the patient do not know who is receiving the actual medicine.

If a clinical trial is performed anywhere in the world, it is published to a global database for physicians, and the access in our country is the National Library of Medicine website.  I share them all if you can understand them…they talk like doctors.  

These are the plants in True PMS Relief, and the research documented RESULTS.  

Yarrow: Female students at a local University were given Yarrow or a placebo.  The half consuming Yarrow had significant pain reduction in their first cycle after taking this medicine.  (1)

Hyssop: Doctors injected animal models with  chemicals that causes cramping of the uterus.  Hyssop blocked or significantly reduced the chemically induced cramping.   (2)

Maca Root: Doctors gave Maca Root or a placebo to 175 people.  After 12 weeks the patients taking Maca had improved perception of sexual desire, mood, energy  and health related quality of life compared to a placebo. (3)

Maca is a wellness herb.  It is proven to significantly improve quality of life in healthy volunteers.  The placebo group didn’t report the improvements in mood and wellbeing that Maca users felt!  Maca also relieves the sexual dysfunction that often accompanies taking anti-depressant medications.  (Try True Mood Lift for depression relief with NO side effects)

Maca significantly improves blood pressure and depression, and menopause, so this plant is good for a woman of any age!

Wild Yam: Researchers in Japan found Wild Yam to significantly increase memory and focus over 12 weeks as compared to a placebo. (4)

And instead of side effects, you get side benefits.  Proven by Randomized Clinical Trials.  When you take Wild Yam, it significantly improves cognitive functionmemory and inflammation levels, plus has “anti-aging” properties.

Dandelion Root:  Doctors gave animal models a toxic dose of Tylenol, and half also received Dandelion Root.  They found that Dandelion was effective in supporting liver detoxification and protecting the liver from being damaged.  The significance of that is that the last week before your period your physiologic need is efficiently eliminating the hormones that were produced for the thickening of the uterine lining, so that the shedding of that lining is easy and comfortable.  Dandelion is proven to increase the efficiency of liver detoxification, even under the strain of poisoning.   (5)

Combinations work better together!

Research proved that three of the five plant medicines in True PMS Relief  offer relief of PMS symptoms.  Two have compelling data that proves it works on the physiologic needs of a female cycle, relaxation of uterine muscle and natural elimination of hormone spikes.    

True PMS Relief is what helps period cramping, moodiness, and PMDD. 

A couple of women who purchased this medicine wished it didn’t work quite so well!  They used their pain and moodiness to know when their period was coming and after a few months their period came without warning.  

Women deserve relief from these symptoms!

I was taught that the primary desire of man is to bring happiness to their woman, and a woman’s desire is “loving attention.”  

If that is true, this is a perfect gift for men to give to their gal!  I doubt many men are searching for “Natural PMS Relief” so you ladies might have to teach them why this medicine would be a benefit to them.  

And safety is not even an issue.  There are times you shouldn’t take certain plants, because they are strong medicine.  But if you have PMS symptoms of any type, not only are they safe,  you will notice side benefits, such as improved circulation, digestion, and energy, because meeting the needs of your body with nourishment is good for you.  

One warning.  Most people, including me, think they taste bad.  Some so bad you wince and groan.  Mary Poppins made a suggestion, “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”  I have found that sugar doesn’t support  healing, but we have used stevia sweetened soda to make it easier for our kiddos.  Over time, they got used to the bitter taste and now take them directly by mouth, with a water or dark chocolate “chaser.”  

The first woman I mentioned was pregnant when she called  True Health.  She was very sick, and her baby suffered the effects too.  Since mom had such great results with plants, she opted for nature to treat her baby’s health issues too.  Her story is pretty amazing if you want to check it out.  

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