True Parkinson’s Relief

Parkinson’s Disease is considered a progressive disease.

Once diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, your condition worsens with every passing week, and the best Medicine may slow the progressionYour Medical Prognosis.

True Parkinson’s Relief seems to be better than the best Medicine.  In the only two cases of Parkinson’s Disease that True Health has seen, our best medicine has achieved regression.  Regression is a return to a former state.  I call that healing.

In the first case, you can’t even tell he has Parkinson’s anymore.  He said that when he pushes his body, he can notice some movement abnormalities in his hips.  He is 90% back to normal, and he has weaned nearly off his L-Dopa.

The second case has been a patient for two months, and his tremor is 30% improved.  Regression instead of Progression.

I know that’s not supposed to happen.  We didn’t set out to cure or resolve Parkinson’s Disease, we just hoped that we could contribute to slowing the progression.

Mother Nature surprised us both!

Our hopes were higher in the second case.  I’d watched the improvement over time for the first person, and I hoped we could do it again.  Turns out it was more than dumb luck.

I call regression ‘a healing trend.’  Every new week and month reveals a better version of you.  I’d call a healing trend progress rather than regress, but Real Doctor’s are Battling Disease, and I just heal people.

It appears that Mother Nature offers the best medicine for healing.

I guess it makes sense that Big Pharma would tell us that Mother Nature isn’t worth trying.  Momma heals, and Big Pharma profits.  Healing is bad for profit.

Parkinson's Disease

Wow.  True Health’s best year, playing the insurance game, was a third of a million.  My net profit was well under $100,000.  I wonder where my share of health care billions went?

Mother NatureAs the plant medicine that heals Parkinson’s began to form, through trial and error…

…I wondered if there was any scientific evidence for the medicine we created.

Kava is one of the ingredients.  I found this study, on animal models, that confirmed it’s brain protective qualities.  Researchers blocked an artery in the animals brains to cause oxygen deprivation, and the brain damage was markedly less in the animals fed Kava.

This study says that California Poppy has the same protective effect on brain cells, and this study indicates the same for Blessed Thistle (pictured).

Parkinson's Disease

This study
gives you two resources.

“Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a popular flavor enhancer used in food industries; however, excess MSG is neurotoxic.

“Animal models were fed MSG for 7 days, and then evaluated for motor (movement) abnormalities and brain damage.  Treatment with Calendula significantly decreased behavioral alterations, oxidative stress, and hippocampal (memory) damage in MSG-treated animals. Hence, this study demonstrates that Calendula protects against MSG-induced neurotoxicity, aka brain damage.”

MSG is put in our food to make bad food taste good, for profit Doctors know it causes brain damage, and our government allows it in our food.  Guess who that benefits?  I call that “Profit Over People.

Avoid MSG and take Calendula to protect your brain!

The last few ingredients are Fulvic Acid and Vitamins B12 and folate.  Researchers in Chile believe this combination has great potential for use with Alzheimer’s disease, another type of brain damage.  True Focus is our memory and Alzheimer’s formula, which has shown the ability to reverse the progression Alzheimer’s, or the regression of life.  However you look at it, it makes Alzheimers better instead of continuing to worsenClick Here to read about True Focus.

Dr.Axe has a summary of fulvic acid if that’s new to you.

Click Here for the summary of the study on Fulvic Acid.  Just warning, doctors talk funny.

Every study quoted is an animal study or a lab study on brain cells in a petri dish.  Those are the first steps toward human trials.  It could be years before funding is allocated to study Mother Nature.

If your prognosis is “you will worsen every week,this medicine offers hope.  Hopeful research and two cases that are improving.

One Hundred Percent success in achieving regression of Parkinson’s Disease, so far.

To get hope, at a reasonable price, buy True Parkinson’s Relief in our online store.  If you buy two bottles, you get free shipping.  If you are disappointed with the first bottle, return the second unopened, and I will refund your entire purchase. 

After what I have seen, I will bet on Mother Nature to heal.  All in.

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