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Fire Creates Earth

Water creates Wood and Wood creates Fire.  Fire is your heart’s desire.

What is your heart’s desire?  Desire can be softened to “your preference.  Wanting  feels hard (imposing) to the softest (most sensitive) among us, as hard as imposing your will on someonePreference is soft, making it easy to share your heart’s desire.

Feel this.  “Where do you want to go to dinner?”  Wanting imposes, so we say, “I don’t know, where do you want to go?”  I suggest adding,

I really like Chinese food.”  Your preference.

heart desireI suggest adding “Accept Nothing Less Than Your Heart’s Desire.”

Hardness (masculine, yang) owns this energy.  Softness (feminine, yin) bends and stretches to meet the needs and desires of hardness, and then puts up with never getting their turn (Heart Desire, Preference).

Do you rarely get what you prefer??

I call that “Putting Up With Less Than your heart desire.

You could probably put up with Mexican food every night and physically survive!  Your flexibility is your Water energy, and you can fit every container.  But excess Water puts out Fire.  And, your flexibility teaches hardness (masculine, yang) to expect to get what they want, every single time.

Fire creates Earth, and Earth represents our harvest.

Softness should receive appreciation, so when softness is taken for granted, it means that Water energy is putting out heart Fire.  A dampened Fire creates very little warmth and a sparse harvest.

Your meager paycheck… your being taken for granted, and allowing it to continue, which teaches hardness “Don’t Consider Softness,” plants the seed of resentment.  At first, it feels like being taken for granted. 

Just remember that “Putting Up With Less” created that payday.

migrainesPutting Up With Less” sprouts into anger and upset, causing the soft heart to betray itself by “Picking Your Battles.”  After many cycles of “Putting Up With Less” to the point of anger, followed by “Accepting Nothing Less” by battling back, the first blossoms of resentment open their petals.

Hardness doesn’t learn through battle, they battle back, and wonder why their love is attacking.

Warriors learn from the Caretakers, through teaching.  I’ve even heard men, myself included, wish their wife would just teach them or tell them what they want.  They would do anything for their loves, but their consistent “Accept Nothing Less” energy, selfishly focuses their attention on their needs and desires.

When softness returns to “Putting Up With Less,” hardness thinks the battle is resolvedThey hope, they wish, because they love their caretaker, and they are hard headed warriors.  From their ignorance, they think everyoneAccepts Nothing Less.

Consider this.  “If you could either vacuum the carpet, or NOT vacuum the carpet, and either way the carpet would be vacuumed, which would you choose?”  

Accept Nothing Less” chooses to NOT, and “Putting Up With Less” chooses to vacuum, because “Accept Nothing Lessdoesn’t mind walking on dirt.  They don’t mind shedding blood to protect their people, either.  

I’m softly requesting a large scale shift to “Accept Nothing Lessfor the softies, because it is my preference.  No, not more battles.  The resource for softness to “Accept Nothing Less” is not battle, it’s influence.  Softness “battles” for their preference by teaching  warriors how the preference of caretakers will benefit the warrior.  

I promise you that the Warriors don’t know.  One time my wife said, “mmmm, foreplay,” when I was doing the dishes.  I was influenced!

I teach my kiddos to offer significance or exchange.

Significance is the appreciation and love Warriors would receive for listening to the Caretakers.  Exchange is what my wife offered.  LOL.  Of course, exchange is any value for value offer.  My wife displayed wisdom, in suggesting something that we both liked, in exchange for my sacrifice. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like doing the dishes.  Her influence made my dislike much more bearable. 

I give you permission to fight like a warrior, with the resources of a caretakerI guarantee you that your preference serves the greater good.  And your heart deserves to feel you doing your best, to serve it.

Serve your Heart, long before you betray it by battling for “Accept Nothing Less.”

True Health offers softness to the Warrior and Caretaker.  Mother’s medicine heals so you don’t have to put up with less than True Health.  An exhausted Warrior heals from True Masculine Strength.  An exhausted Caretaker heals from True Fem Vitality.  If you buy both, shipping is free.  Click here to see the healing that Mother Nature offers.

My baby girls have no idea what “Putting Up With Less” feels like.

Heart desire
Nobody gets what they want every time.  The difference in “Accepting Nothing Less,” is that they never stop trying their best to serve their heart’s desire.

Is there anyone who wouldn’t appreciate a full scale softening of our culture?  Less battle, and more caring?  If you agree, please share this mission on social media.

My blog is new, so I know it feels weird being the first one to share or comment.  Be Weird.

Bravely do it anyway, for the greater good.  And then, go…softly…influence your Warrior.

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  1. Melissa Greer
    Melissa Greer says:

    I Finally read the blog! Wasn’t even clear about what a “blog” was, bless my “technology illiterate” heart. When I come here, being also easily distracted, I get drawn to the “Sparklies” of the sucess stories, and the studies you share pertaining to the products you’ve fashioned to address the health issues of people like me. I vaguely remembered seeing a Blog link, just couldn’t recall where. I’ve recently been hearing the word (blog) more, in particular from a new friend that has shared much Wisdom with me. This time I came searching for that Word. I’m so glad I did.
    WOW, and O.M.G. Talk about “Hidden Treasure”! The Insight here is Priceless. Yes, ’tis Deep and Heavy (in a soft sort of way), but Infintely Valuable, (in a “happy/sad” sort of way). I have to wonder if I’m the only “softie” who has read this and wept at the Treasure (Truth) in it, with a heart that’s been undone, even shattered by all the “What If’s” and “If Only’s” of searching for more, but “putting up with less”.
    Yes, it feels “weird” being the first to comment. But True Hope is a “Weird” thing. It can be a Light that shines into the Darkness of a buried, shattered heart, finds all the little broken pieces, blows away the dust of “giving up”, and Sees the Value in what was “buried”. I Love that analogy, and you, Dear Dr. Stone. Thank you.
    So, there’s my “Weird”, Very looooong, rambling comment, and my attempt to be “Brave” (in a “Can I Really DO this?” sort of way). My “past failures” said “No way.”, but “all the little pieces” whispered “Why Not?” All because of the “Hope Light” you held out in this Amazing, Very “Sparkly” Blog. Even If no one else “gets it”, I needed to “Take the Leap” of writing it. Thank you (Again!) and God Bless you, little one.

    • Dr. Todd Stone
      Dr. Todd Stone says:

      But of course, Badass Momma and little one are breaking ground! A couple real “ladies” not scared to stand up for Momma (short for Mother Nature and all softness). Thank you! I love you and your bravery! And that you think I am ‘smart,’ lol. I don’t know about smart, but Natural Law sure feels RIGHT and GOOD!


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