Noni Fruit – Morinda Citrifolia

Noni – Clinical Trials

Science says Noni is very helpful for feeling better after C-Word, and reduces the hurtfulness of medical care (surgery, chemo).  Noni helped with hangovers, multiple infections, repairing the damage of smoking, and reducing the side effects of chemo. (1)


The fruit has been used as a food source both unripe and ripe. The ripe fruits are mashed and cooked or eaten raw, and the unripe fruits sliced and cooked. Both ripe and unripe fruits are used as external poultices for skin problems like cold sores, scrapes and cuts and other minor wounds. It is also prominently used as a medicine for multiple purposes. These uses include but are not limited to: toothaches, hypertension, sore throat, stomach ulcers, intestinal worms, gum infections, a mild laxative, a general tonic for energy and wellness, and even to repel bad spirits (it was believed the foul smell kept them away).

The leaves traditionally are used as a poultice for headaches, fractures, abdominal swelling, as a diaphoretic and for stonefish stings. Internally, they are used for stomach ulcers, vitamin deficiency and to wrap food in for cooking. The seeds are mashed and applied to the scalp to kill off bugs and as a general skin repellant, a decoction of the bark is drunk to treat jaundice and hypertension. The wood of noni has been used to create canoe parts and tools, and the bark contains a yellow dye used for dying (the roots contain a reddish dye used the same way). (2)

Herbalist Comments

Morinda – Noni (Morinda citrifolia L.) is the small tropical evergreen tree native to South-East Asia whose whole fruit, juice, seed, leaf, bark and root are used as sources of traditional medicines by Australian aboriginal, Pacific Island and South-East Asian communities. These plant parts have shown antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

Noni is one of the anti-microbial plants in GI Cleanse, which was the medicine that helped many of our patients find a healing trend.

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