Healing IBS and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS is a disabling condition.

This woman planned her life around bathrooms.  IBS alternates between miserable constipation and urgent diarrhea, and it shifts suddenly.  Wherever she went, she had to map out the bathrooms every step of the way.  And still, she had to carry extra panties in her purse for accidents.

Nobody could see her disability.  She still had to earn a living, put up with a hurtful husband, and make more than the average number of doctor’s visits.  She had been asking for help for 40 years.

Her doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with her for 30 years.  Then after 20 years in an abusive marriage, they found that she was tired of it.  Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

Another invisible disability.  She divorced and kept going, but now every step was like walking through mud that was neck deep.  Her thyroid hormone replacement lifted her energy, but she still rated energy as 3-4 out of 10 on her intake forms.

After 40 years of struggle she called True Health.  Her disability had increased in intensity and now included a mustache and beard, frequent insomnia, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, brain fog, and weight gain.  Plus more time in the bathroom for facial hair waxing.

I don’t understand how a person in pain and discomfort can be told by a doctor that she is fine.  Keep reading to find out how many things we found wrong with her when you care enough to take helping seriously!

We tested everything on this woman.  Food allergy / sensitivity, stool analysis, adrenal hormones, and our comprehensive blood testing.  When I received her records from her last doctor, there was one page with three test results.  No wonder they couldn’t find what was wrong, they didn’t look.

Our testing offered approximately 30 pages of results.  We discovered that her thyroid problem was actually an autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  Doctors tend to not even test for this, because it doesn’t change what they prescribe.

I was taught that if a problem is autoimmune, there is always an immune stress that triggers the disease.  Doesn’t that make sense?

We found three.  The stool analysis identified Pseudomonas bacteria and a parasite called Enterobius Vermicularis, also known as pinworms.  Pseudomonas is an antibiotic resistant bacteria that you catch by visiting the doctor.  Pinworms is a childhood infection.

Her food sensitivity testing revealed that her immune system was reacting to gluten.  That meant that every time she ate bread or wheat products, it would cause more destruction to her thyroid gland.

The last discovery was low adrenal hormone levels.  I was taught to call that adrenal fatigue or exhaustion.  And that provided the whole story.

As a child, she gets a pinworm infection.  Her parents take her to the doctor because her tummy hurts and she has diarrhea.  They can’t find anything wrong.  

She keeps asking for help for the next 30 years, and instead of helping, they infected her with an antibiotic resistant bacteria.  Infections cause inflammation, and an inflamed gut begins to react to gluten.  The inflammation causes exhaustion of her adrenal glands and autoimmune thyroid problems.

Why didn’t her doctors, for 40 years, look closely enough to find what was making her miserable?

I don’t know for sure, but the medical playbook says the suggested treatment of IBS is “Offer support and understanding.”  The medical playbook is the Merck Manual.  It is what insurance guidelines are based on.  That means that anything else, any diagnostic testing or treatment other than “offer support and understanding” is not covered.

Doctors who rely on insurance coverage to pay their bills are stuck with these guidelines.

Insurance kicked me out years ago, for not following the rules.  (Healing a medical condition)

After 40 years, she finally understands her suffering and disability.  She finally had the right diagnosis.  The root cause.

The next question is, do I have medicine strong enough to resolve pinworms, antibiotic resistant bacteria, and heal her inflamed thyroid and exhausted adrenals.  Does Mother Nature, my partner in healing, have the strength of medicine to resolve these problems?

I prescribed True GI Cleanse because it eliminates all infections.  One of the ingredients, Larrea, is research proven to kill the brain eating amoeba.  This parasite swims into your nose while you swim in warm pools or hot springs.  It climbs up the olfactory nerve into your brain, and actually consumes your brain.  You have two weeks to live and medicine has nothing to slow or stop you from dying.

Researcher in Arizona heard that the native Americans used this plant for clearing infections.  Desperate for a resource to help, they tested Mother Nature in a petri dish and Larrea killed the brain eating amoeba.  

She had to avoid gluten and beans too, but in just a few weeks, she felt 40 years of getting worse, getting better.  I call that a healing trend.  We added True Thyroid Repair and True Stress Resilience.

RESULTS: In just over 3 months, her health was completely restored. I still remember the visit where she reported “no more accidents.”  I felt the vulnerability of living as an adult with frequent accidents, and it really made an emotional impact.  I remember where we stood, and her vulnerable but happy smile.

She was energized, pain free, and every symptom of distress was gone.  After 40 years, and 3 months.  Three months of True Health and Mother Nature healed 40 years of disability.

You can help yourself to our medicine in our online store.  Or accept my help, A Metabolic Tune-Up.  If you need healing.