Lung Meridian – Meridian Massage

Consider for any Lung problems, problems along the meridian, or needing inspiration.

Lung Meridian Points

Lung 1 Middle Palace/Central Treasury. This point goes directly to the core of the spirit, giving a fresh breath of inspiration. It is as if the person is taken to the emperor himself for consolation, peace and understanding.  The point restores a sense of quality and purpose to the lives of those who are just muddling through, closed, cut off and deprived of the inspiration of spirit. When this palace is accessible, every breath should fill us with the richness and joy that comes from divine inspiration.

Those who are bereaved and despairing can find nourishment and spiritual renewal as they are moved through their tears and reached at the very source of their grief, the disconnection from that within them that is eternal, incorruptible and impervious to loss.

Lung 2 Cloud Gate  If you feel you “under a cloud,” the world perceived as a very gray place that has lost its color. A very dark and difficult place in which to be, unable to “see” or connect with a higher purpose,  running around in a cloud,  unclear as to what you are doing physically, mentally or spiritually.  

Lung 3 Heavenly Palace/Celestial Storehouse.  This point, when indicated, is one of the most dynamic, life-giving, reinforcing and spiritually uplifting points on the whole of the human body. Glimpse what a healthy body, mind and spirit could bring, and see a light in the future.

Lung 4 Valiant White. Brings purity, light and inspiration, while clearing out old ideas and habits that need letting go.

Lung 5  Cubit Marsh. Water. A marsh is a lush source of vitality and life.  Water Point.  Best for cough.

Lung 6 Great Hole.  Acute for coughing attack / blood.  Grieving something missing or lacking in life, a void to be filled.

Lung 7 Broken Sequence. A course correction, when you get off track.  Boost immune function for respiratory infection.

Lung 8 Channel Ditch. Metal, 3-5AM. Powerful cleansing and elimination point, carries away poisons, clears the ditches or gutters, that are clogged, so that new and fresh can enter, inspired thoughts, and a free and unbounded spirit.

Lung 9 Great Abyss.  Earth. Gives the vision to see into the distance and find inspiration, the light across the Great Abyss.  It helps bridge the gap to see different perspectives.  Perhaps even the value of experiencing control, and at least the perspective of people doing their best with the resources they have.

Lung 10 Fish Border.  Fire. Indicated for a “rigid outlook needing warmth,” like when the fish start biting, it warms up the day.

Lung 11 Lesser Merchant.  Wood.  Indicated when you get the short end of a deal.  A betrayal or broken agreement/contract.


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