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What is the Best Treatment for Psoriasis?

Are there natural or home remedies for psoriasis treatment that work as well as standard medical care?  This is a case study of a man who found the best treatment for psoriasis is Mother Nature.  After a few months, he said, “You know, my skin never looked this good on Methotrexate.

What’s more, Methotrexate causes liver damage and cirrhosis with prolonged use.  After 10 years, his annual lab check-in revealed liver damage, and the treatment protocol is “stop your medicine.”

When you stop taking your psoriasis treatment, the sudden loss of symptom suppression results in symptom rebound and exacerbation!

When he called True Health his body was 90% covered with severe skin lesions. His skin was so itchy and burning that he was physically disabled. He had strength.  He had ability.  But the burning and itching was so severe that it would force him to lie in the bed, or to turn around on his way to work.

And this guy is no wimp. He served in Vietnam, where he survived not only the combat, but severe blood poisoning, and a fungal infection so nasty that they offered to amputate his toes!

His psoriasis started about 20 years after Vietnam, following a fall on his knee that gouged a deep hole through his skin.   Instead of healing as we come to expect, it activated the scaling lesions of psoriasis. Who knows what entered his body through the hole, or if it actually released something that was still inside him from Vietnam.

What is the best treatment for psoriasis?

He had been on steroid creams for 10 years, followed by Methotrexate for the next 10 years as his condition worsened.  Methotrexate, an immunosuppressive drug, sufficiently suppressed his skin lesions to a manageable level, but after his annual recheck for liver enzymes, his doctor reported that his medicine had damaged his liver so badly that he couldn’t prescribe it again!

Imagine that, your medical treatment hurts you so badly that it causes a vital organ to fail!  It doesn’t take much imagination, because our culture has accepted as usual and customary, that many medical treatments are dangerous or deadly.  They tell us that “this is the best we have.  Yes, it has side effects, but it’s worth the risk.”

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Keep reading to find out which natural remedies for psoriasis worked better than Methotrexate, with no side effects!

Without his medicine, it didn’t take long for the skin lesions with severe burning and itching to come back with a vengeance!  When I saw him, he couldn’t stand upright for more than a minute!

And I bet that if offered methotrexate and a 50% chance of death, he would have taken it, because he was so miserable.  Just a guess, based on how bad it was!

If you are not familiar, methotrexate is chemotherapy.  It’s used to suppress psoriasis symptoms, not heal it.

It poisons your body to suppress cell reproduction. Cell reproduction is how your body heals. When your knee is cut, or your liver is damaged by a chemical exposure or alcohol abuse, the damaged cells are removed by the immune system, and no worries, the healthy cells reproduce and fill in for the damaged cells.

But his body didn’t heal like that anymore after he cut his knee.  His body created lesions known as psoriasis.  Why would “healing,” our apparent God given right, fail?  A lack of toxicity?  No, that is where we seem to get it massively wrong. Every condition that warrants a prescription of chemotherapy, including severe autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer, has a root cause of toxicity.

There are several ways to become toxic.

First, infections cause toxicity by releasing “bio-toxins,” which are a bit like the biological chemicals used in Vietnam know as Agent Orange!

Second, the accumulation of environmental chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, cleaning chemicals, petroleum products, and others.  Third, the addition of chemicals into our food chain, such as artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and preservatives.  All react inside of you to increase inflammation.

best treatment for psoriasisHis history of toxin exposure was significant.

He was exposed to agent orange and infected with a nasty fungal infection in Vietnam.  Back in the USA, he takes a post military job with a petroleum corporation.  He describes significant skin contact with the petroleum products.  Then he falls on his knee, opening his blood to viral and bacterial infections.

Instead of healing, he scales and burns. Then for 20 years he suppresses inflammation and cell reproduction with Prednisone and Methotrexate, slowly increasing the doses and drug toxicity, until his doctor sees signs of liver failure.

Psoriasis typically starts with scaly elbows and scalp or knees.  By the time he called True Health, he was nearly covered in irritating scaly lesions.

I explained to him that Nature’s medicine will not suppress his symptoms.  But, with patience, we should see a gradual improvement, a healing trend, leading  to “True Health.”  And true health requires no medications!

We perform our diagnostics and no surprise, we found evidence that he was infected with bacteria and fungus, and his lymphatic system was very congested.  We already knew that his liver was in failure.  His immune system is stressed out, and his elimination systems are failing.

We used God and Nature’s medicine for fungal infections, bacterial infections and a lymphatic detox protocol.

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Also, a lab test that measures systemic inflammation, C-Reactive Protein, was 23 times the optimal level. Yes, that is HIGH, but not the highest I have seen.   His CRP was in the top five all time, though.  This is God and Nature’s best inflammation relief!

I was somewhat intimidated by the intensity of his symptoms.  Was I in over my head?   The intensity of someone needing relief had never been so intense! (in my experience!)

But I have faith in Regulation, that part of us that coordinates all our systems, which you could easily call God.  I have faith in Nature’s Medicine, which we could accurately call God’s Medicine.

I trusted that the best treatment for psoriasis was God and Nature.

We needed to very gently shift his immune system into strength, while aggressively cleansing his elimination systems.  There was a lot of catching up to do!

Home Remedies for Psoriasis

Nature offers many resources for detoxifying or cleansing the lymphatic system.  One example that was critical to his improvement, was a plant called Red Root. This plant was used by native Americans to treat skin cancers and other aggressive skin lesions.  Another was Burdock, a plant used traditionally for skin disorders and cancer.  These “traditions” were passed on from generation to generation, dating back 3000 years, to the beginning of recorded history.

I’m not sure how we lost these “traditions,” but I imagine it had something to do with profitability. Most medications are synthetic copies of plant medicines, made by studying the effects of plants.  A synthetic chemical can be patented, and a patent means profit.

“…nearly half of all human pharmaceuticals now in use were originally derived from natural sources.”   –Scientific American Journal

And here is the potential of natural remedies for psoriasis!  Eight weeks into his treatment, he was back to work.  Not symptom free, but as I mentioned, this is a tough dude.  What was remarkable to me, though, was a comment he made on that eight week check.  He said, “You know, my skin never looked this good on Methotrexate.”

Drug Suppression never worked as well as healing, cleansing, and detoxifying.

I don’t see that many people with psoriasis.  Why, you might ask, with results like this?  Because they have a drug that “keeps it manageable.” And a story that there is “no known cause, we can only manage the symptoms for the rest of your life.”  So patients say, “OK, I can live with this…still go to work…only slight discomfort.”

And they stop looking for True Health, which is the best treatment for Psoriasis, Ulcerative Colitis, Scleroderma, and Graves Disease.

This guy was Very Lucky!  Many others in his situation didn’t have a checkup scheduled as their liver went into failure. Yet their liver did fail, and as their toxicity increased, so did their fluid levels. One of my professors taught that “the solution to pollution is dilution.”  Dilution means water, and fluid buildup  means pressure.  Pressure will eventually blow a valve or hose, and then their death certificate says heart attack or stroke.

No, it will not say that they died from their solution, the medication, but that is the reality if you dig deep enough.

He was left with no options, forced to find True Health.  He had no other options.  And if you had that level of pain, you might even consider True Health, too!  (maybe, after hearing this story, you will consider sooner!)

I saw him about a year later at a birthday party for his daughters big 4-0. He shared that he is doing great.  He said he is even eating some junk food, with no big consequences.  Fungal or yeast overgrowth is aggravated by junk food (sugar) and generally you will pay if you still have the problem.  He was happy, comfortable, and his skin was the best it had been in 20 years!

Not many more months went by before he was diagnosed with cancer.  After the diagnosis, his life lasted only weeks longer.  I can’t help but wonder how much 20 years of immune suppressing toxic pharmaceuticals contributed to his cancer diagnosis.  I wonder how different it might have gone if he turned to healing and True Health sooner?