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Disabling Foot Pain Caused by Lyme Disease

One ordinary day, a man wakes up to face the journey of healing Lyme Disease. Imagine that, yesterday you can live life, but this morning you can’t even stand up.  Your wife has already gone to work, so you crawl to get your clothes.  You crawl to the car, and then into the nearest Medical […]

Adrenal Stress Syndrome

Worn out Just like a whole person, your adrenal glands can feel exhausted or over stimulated.  And just like you (and me), we, and those adrenal glands, don’t function well when we are out of balance in either direction.   Our primary product, as a whole person, is the harvesting of a special molecule called ATP.  […]

Hierarchy of Function

I have a simple way of breaking down your body systems that makes healing much easier.   There are something like 16 body systems including the skin as the integumentary system, and others with more familiar names…digestive, cardiovascular, immune, etc., systems. Here is an even easier way of looking at it.   Defense System:  This includes the […]

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The GABA Challenge

WHAT IS THE GABA CHALLENGE? The GABA Challenge is a test for the integrity of your Blood Brain Barrier (BBB).  If compromised or damaged, your risk for neurodegneration and vaccine reactions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder increases.  The BBB is a semi-permeable (some things can go through) “wall” that filters needed proteins, nutrients, and hormones into […]

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It Must Be Stress!

Stress Strategies “Great…I can’t leave my job, my family, or make more money.”  (I guess you could do all three, but often it is not practical).  “My doctor says eat right, get some exercise, take some time off, get plenty of rest, and see a shrink.   The reality is that all I can think about […]