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6 Herbs for Adrenal Fatigue and Stress Sensitivity

Would you like more resilience to stress? Adrenal Fatigue symptoms include tiredness, difficulty falling or staying asleep, craving salt, sugar and caffeine, dizziness or lightheaded, and visual sensitivity to bright lights or the sun.  True Stress Resilience is one of my favorite adrenal fatigue supplements.  I have taken all of these ingredients individually, but the […]


Top 10 Plant Medicines for Depression and Anxiety

What are the best medicines for Anxiety and Depression symptoms? I learned about plants by leaning in to the relief I felt as a patient, and discovered near miraculous healing when I started using them in my practice.  These are my favorites for anxiety and depression.  Check out all the side-benefits when you use Mother […]

Why Depression Causes Fatigue

Integrative Natural Medicine offers proven relief of anxiety and depression symptoms. It is well established that if you have signs of depression, it is associated with elevated levels of stress hormones.  Cortisol and Adrenaline are produced by your adrenal glands for survival needs in acute stress.  In chronic stress, these hormones gradually deplete brain neurotransmitters […]

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Will Depression Ever Go Away

What is Major Depression? I was taught is that there are two types of Major Depression.  Low Noradrenalin feels lower than a snakes belly with not enough strength to get out of bed.  Low Serotonin feels like agitated sadness and crying. That’s what both medicine and functional medicine teach. Five elements or Natural Law teaches […]

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Safe and Natural Remedies for Insomnia

True Sleep will gently and naturally resolve Insomnia! I’ve ranked insomnia as the most torturous symptom I have experienced!  I am soo grateful for this natural sleep remedy, one of the best natural remedies for Insomnia. Some people think I am “too sensitive” and that I get “too upset” when I am hurt.  I suppose that could […]