Proven Pain Relief

Do You Need Pain Relief? True Wound Mend helped heal a dislocated elbow in less than 24 hours, and is research proven to resolve chronic and acute pain! I was walking our dog with our three youngest, and the boys were being boys.  Gates threw Westy on the ground play wrestling, and his scream suggested an […]

Uterine fibroid

Greater Comfort and Ease Through Menopause.

Research Proves True Menopause Ease resolves every BAD symptom of Menopause! On our conditions page, I share the various approaches of six healing sciences for Menopause, but True Menopause Ease is the best resource I have found for relief of menopause symptoms. The plant medicines that make up True Menopause Ease: RESULTS: At 6 months, the […]


What helps period cramps, PMS, mood swings, and PMDD?

Natural PMS Relief Hi, my name is Dr. Stone.  A couple years ago I was treating a woman with autoimmune thyroid issues, and she started feeling so good that she stopped taking her thyroid medication!  With her restored energy and stability of health, she asked one visit, “Is there anything you can do for PMS?  I […]

add, adhd, brain fog

Improve Focus, Memory Loss and Brain Fog Naturally

True Focus improved Alzheimers Disease in a clinical trial! If I had Alzheimer’s Disease, I’d follow this protocol.  It includes True Focus, but at that stage I’d push healing more intensely.  But, it would be a smarter move to meet your needs with nourishing medicine at the first sign of memory loss. Awhile back, I […]

Gall Stones

I Love hearing the patient perspective…. “I’d like to share my experience with Dr Todd Stone at True Health Family Wellness Center in hopes that others may experience the kind of healing treatment I did. After the usual morning routine of dropping the kids to school and driving to work, I began to have what […]