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Will Depression Ever Go Away

What is Major Depression?

I was taught is that there are two types of Major Depression.  Low Noradrenalin feels lower than a snakes belly with not enough strength to get out of bed.  Low Serotonin feels like agitated sadness and crying.

That’s what both medicine and functional medicine teach.

Five elements or Natural Law teaches that every element has a unique form of depression.

Fire: No motive to move.

Earth: I’m not good enough.

Metal: Life is so heavy and cutting.

Water: So disappointing.

Wood: Everyone hurts me.

They call the brain Regulation or Governing Vessel.  That depression feels like no will to live.

Grab a bottle of True Mood Lift in our online store, and download a copy of my 16 page article, the Five Energy Needs.  True Mood Lift will give you strength and increase happiness.  The Five Energy Needs explains what to do for no motive to move and the other four elements.

It also tells you what to do if your partner doesn’t keep their word, is disrespectful or inattentive, self centered or helpless, or doesn’t appreciate you.

If you can come up with another type of depression, leave a comment below and I’ll send you a trial size for free.  To be fair, I will have to agree that it is a unique feeling, not just another name for the 13 versions I described above.

Check out this story of healing depression.  She had the crying type and her root cause was unbelievable.  Don’t believe what you have heard, there is always a root cause.

Imagine going to a mechanic with a car symptom, and they told you, “We call it car-itis.  We aren’t sure what causes it, but if you put in these earplugs, you won’t be able to hear it.  It’s getting old you know, you have to learn to live with some clunking.”  Lol.

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