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The GABA Challenge

WHAT IS THE GABA CHALLENGE? The GABA Challenge is a test for the integrity of your Blood Brain Barrier (BBB).  If compromised or damaged, your risk for neurodegneration and vaccine reactions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder increases.  The BBB is a semi-permeable (some things can go through) “wall” that filters needed proteins, nutrients, and hormones into […]

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It Must Be Stress!

Stress Strategies “Great…I can’t leave my job, my family, or make more money.”  (I guess you could do all three, but often it is not practical).  “My doctor says eat right, get some exercise, take some time off, get plenty of rest, and see a shrink.   The reality is that all I can think about […]

Five Elements

Achieve “Best Ever” At Any Age!

True Health Functional Medicine Clinic In medicine, the goal of treatment is to manage the symptoms or slow the progression of the disease process that has overtaken your body.  Expectations are fairly low.  “There is no cure for your disease, so this is the best we can manage it.”  Cancer treatment is victorious if you […]


True Health Mission

The Mission of True Health is Healing Healing.  To make well or whole again, to restore health, original purity or integrity. (1)  Nature defines healing as meeting your needs (2), and Nature meets all of your healing needs.  Mother Nature provides food and medicine that heals and energizes. When you have more energy and your needs […]