Case Study-Migraines, Dry Eye Syndrome, and Telogen effluvium

Migraines stole 8 years of life from this woman!

Healing is our birthright, and yet this lady spent 30 years of her life looking for relief from Migraines that left her incapacitated and puking for nearly 2 days every week, for 30 years.  If you put those days together in a row, that would be 8 YEARS of pain and puking in bed!!

She also dealt with Fatigue and Depression for 20 years, finally diagnosed as a thyroid problem 18 years ago.  Her medical treatment, Synthroid, caused a condition I had never even heard of, called Telogen Effluvium, which is where Lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, attack the bulb of the hair follicle, resulting in hair loss and patches of baldness on her scalp!

What a story, but it doesn’t end there!  She started having Seizures 20 years ago. And more recently, she developed Allergies and Dry Eye Syndrome, that she described as feeling like she has hair in her eyes.

She listed 4 doctors seen for the various conditions, and to give credit, a prescription of Phenobarbital had eliminated the seizures. The rest of the symptoms, however, had not improved and even worsened over time. She did get some temporary relief of hair loss with natural and homeopathic supplements that she tried on her own, because her doctors weren’t helping her, but it didn’t last.

Also, in the last couple years, she noticed a feeling like something was in her throat, a lump that felt like pressure on her throat that she described as “feeling strangled!”

WOW!  Where to begin!?  As always, we look for the ROOT CAUSE!  Get the RIGHT diagnosis, which is always the root cause.  Her labs revealed that her thyroid problem was Autoimmune.  That wasn’t a surprise, as thyroid swelling is often described as a lump or choking.  Another woman I treated described it as wearing a metal choker collar!  (She has been choker free for several years now!)

With autoimmune disease, we look at the immune system for the root of suffering.   Her labs revealed elevated lymphocytes in her blood, which points to a chronic virus.  That was the connection between her thyroid and the hair loss condition. She was autoimmune, not hypothyroid!   The Synthroid aggravated her immune system by providing more thyroid hormone to attack, and spread the attack to her hair follicles causing hair loss!

We also identified low platelets, intestinal inflammation, as well as liver and gall bladder inflammation. All were likely targets of autoimmune attack.

ROOT CAUSE: Chronic viral infection causing immune imbalance and autoimmune attack to the thyroid, platelets, intestinal lining, liver and gall bladder!

SOLUTION: Step one in Autoimmune disease is to gather control of the immune challenge.  Immune challenges could be environmental toxins, chronic infections,  stress, or a combination of more than one.  In her case, the viral challenge was obvious from her history and labs. By using manual muscle testing, we found that two plant medicines, TULSI and ELDERBERRY,  improved the muscle dysfunction associated with the viral induced autoimmune disease.

Tulsi (pictured) is a garden plant from India, with 3000 years of documented use for viral infections, stress syndromes, improving sleep, and even allergies.  Doctors in India research and publish to the same database as US doctors (National Library of Medicine).  In fact, most research on medicinal plants originates from the east and Europe.  In one study, they exposed Wistar rats to a loud noise for 30 minutes (100 decibels, pain begins at 125). They then measured blood cortisol levels, which were “significantly elevated.”   Next they fed the rats a diet including tulsi leaves, and repeated the process.  Loud noise for 30 minutes that was just short of pain level, and this time their cortisol levels were unchanged!  They remained calm in the face of significant stress!

True Shingles Heal is our product featuring Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil.  It works for shingles, herpes virus, and any chronic virus.  You can get it in our online store.  It’s completely void of side effects, so its safe to try.  In fact many people report side benefits such as better sleep.

Elevated stress hormones is one possible root cause of hypersensitivity reactions, like allergies and dry eyes.  Stress hormone overproduction creates hypersensitivity and irritability to your environment (pollens, dust, molds, etc), chemicals, sugar, and even people.

We tested all the above and found sensitivity reactions to pollen, formaldehyde, and people, in the form of critics! Formaldehyde and its cousins are widely used in construction, fabrics, and perfumes. With any new fabric, new buildings, or perfume smell, you are breathing formaldehydes.

From the MN Department of Health website: Formaldehyde is classified as a volatile organic compound (VOC). VOC’s are chemicals that become a gas at room temperature. As a result, products made with formaldehyde will release the gas into the air. This is called off-gassing. The health effects of formaldehyde exposure vary from one person to another. The most common symptoms are eye, nose and throat irritation, coughing, headaches, dizziness, and nausea. Human eyes are especially sensitive to formaldehyde. Many people describe the eye irritation as a burning sensation much like when cutting an onion or when you get soap in your eyes. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified formaldehyde as “carcinogenic to humans”. This is based on nose and throat cancers in working populations with high exposure.

You may know Elderberry as the pharmaceutical drug “Tamiflu”.  Roche pharmaceutical researchers brought Elderberry into their lab to create a chemical version of this plant.  They now sell it as “Tamiflu” for over 100 dollars a capsule. Our 60 serving bottle of True Cold & Flu Relief, which features Elderberry in the God made form, goes for around 30 dollars!  Even if it were the other way around, Elderberry being more expensive, I would still go for Nature’s version!

Elderberry is research proven to be 400% more effective than Tamiflu.

You might also have heard of Elderberry on the TV show, The Walking Dead. The characters were safe and secure in a prison, but a deadly virus hits the group.  If you watch the Walking Dead you know the deal.  When they die, they turn into zombies, so their safe “sanctuary” was being invaded from the inside.  One of the main characters contracted the virus. The farmer remembered his Grandma giving them Elderberry syrup for the flu when he was a kid.  They harvested wild growing Elderberry and saved the day!

RESULTS: On a recent visit, she was excited, “what did Dr. Stone do differently?”  30 years of migraines, a combined 8 years of her life in bed, in pain, nauseous and puking.  ”What did I do?”  No more hair in her eyes.  ”What did I do differently than all those other doctors?”   She felt happy and energized instead of depressed.  And no migraines for many weeks!

I explained root cause again.  A chronic virus stressed out her body and caused immune imbalance and autoimmunity.  I explained that she was “sick” all those years.  Infected and exhausted by a chronic virus.

Her lab recheck showed that the fight isn’t over, but she is winning for the first time in 30 years. We all have bad days, even a bad year.  But  she knows what good feels like. Now she is enjoying a healing trend towards strength and resilience, where even the bad days are tolerable.

She has also experienced how stress and upset affects ALL of her symptoms.  But now she has a plant, similar to a leaf of kale, with medicinal qualities that restore her stress hormones to calm!  So bring it on!  She has a medicine for bad days!

Are you gathering the amazing potential of plant medicines?  Every natural medicine I use has a rich history, scientific validation, and AMAZING healing qualities. They meet body needs to heal and offer strength and resilience.  Pharmaceutical medicines offer suppression of symptoms, slowing disease progression, and side effects.

How in the world did we ever come to believe that pharmaceuticals are better than Mother Nature?  Could it be the influence of billion dollar corporations?

True Health and Mother Nature now offer care without expectation.  We’ve been pushed out of way by profit, and our fighting back is a True Health Membership.  It’s 27 dollars a month.

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