Healing IBS and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS is a disabling condition.

This woman planned her life around bathrooms.  IBS alternates between miserable constipation and urgent diarrhea, and it shifts suddenly.  Wherever she went, she had to map out the bathrooms every step of the way.  And still, she had to carry extra panties in her purse for accidents.

Nobody could see her disability.  She still had to earn a living, put up with a hurtful husband, and make more than the average number of doctor’s visits.  She had been asking for help for 40 years.

Her doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with her for 30 years.  Then after 20 years in an abusive marriage, they found that she was tired of it.  Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

Another invisible disability.  She divorced and kept going, but now every step was like walking through mud that was neck deep.  Her thyroid hormone replacement lifted her energy, but she still rated energy as 3-4 out of 10 on her intake forms.

After 40 years of struggle she called True Health.  Her disability had increased in intensity and now included a mustache and beard, frequent insomnia, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, brain fog, and weight gain.  Plus more time in the bathroom for facial hair waxing.

I don’t understand how a person in pain and discomfort can be told by a doctor that she is fine.  Keep reading to find out how many things we found wrong with her when you care enough to take helping seriously!

We tested everything on this woman.  Food allergy / sensitivity, stool analysis, adrenal hormones, and our comprehensive blood testing.  When I received her records from her last doctor, there was one page with three test results.  No wonder they couldn’t find what was wrong, they didn’t look.

Our testing offered approximately 30 pages of results.  We discovered that her thyroid problem was actually an autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  Doctors tend to not even test for this, because it doesn’t change what they prescribe.

I was taught that if a problem is autoimmune, there is always an immune stress that triggers the disease.  Doesn’t that make sense?

We found three.  The stool analysis identified Pseudomonas bacteria and a parasite called Enterobius Vermicularis, also known as pinworms.  Pseudomonas is an antibiotic resistant bacteria that you catch by visiting the doctor.  Pinworms is a childhood infection.

Her food sensitivity testing revealed that her immune system was reacting to gluten.  That meant that every time she ate bread or wheat products, it would cause more destruction to her thyroid gland.

The last discovery was low adrenal hormone levels.  I was taught to call that adrenal fatigue or exhaustion.  And that provided the whole story.

As a child, she gets a pinworm infection.  Her parents take her to the doctor because her tummy hurts and she has diarrhea.  They can’t find anything wrong.  

She keeps asking for help for the next 30 years, and instead of helping, they infected her with an antibiotic resistant bacteria.  Infections cause inflammation, and an inflamed gut begins to react to gluten.  The inflammation causes exhaustion of her adrenal glands and autoimmune thyroid problems.

Why didn’t her doctors, for 40 years, look closely enough to find what was making her miserable?

I don’t know for sure, but the medical playbook says the suggested treatment of IBS is “Offer support and understanding.”  The medical playbook is the Merck Manual.  It is what insurance guidelines are based on.  That means that anything else, any diagnostic testing or treatment other than “offer support and understanding” is not covered.

Doctors who rely on insurance coverage to pay their bills are stuck with these guidelines.

Insurance kicked me out years ago, for not following the rules.  (Healing a medical condition)

After 40 years, she finally understands her suffering and disability.  She finally had the right diagnosis.  The root cause.

The next question is, do I have medicine strong enough to resolve pinworms, antibiotic resistant bacteria, and heal her inflamed thyroid and exhausted adrenals.  Does Mother Nature, my partner in healing, have the strength of medicine to resolve these problems?

I prescribed True GI Cleanse because it eliminates all infections.  One of the ingredients, Larrea, is research proven to kill the brain eating amoeba.  This parasite swims into your nose while you swim in warm pools or hot springs.  It climbs up the olfactory nerve into your brain, and actually consumes your brain.  You have two weeks to live and medicine has nothing to slow or stop you from dying.

Researcher in Arizona heard that the native Americans used this plant for clearing infections.  Desperate for a resource to help, they tested Mother Nature in a petri dish and Larrea killed the brain eating amoeba.  

She had to avoid gluten and beans too, but in just a few weeks, she felt 40 years of getting worse, getting better.  I call that a healing trend.  We added True Thyroid Repair and True Stress Resilience.

RESULTS: In just over 3 months, her health was completely restored. I still remember the visit where she reported “no more accidents.”  I felt the vulnerability of living as an adult with frequent accidents, and it really made an emotional impact.  I remember where we stood, and her vulnerable but happy smile.

She was energized, pain free, and every symptom of distress was gone.  After 40 years, and 3 months.  Three months of True Health and Mother Nature healed 40 years of disability.

You can help yourself to our medicine in our online store.  Or accept my help, A Metabolic Tune-Up.  If you need healing.






Disabling Migraines Meet Mother Nature

WOW! I have never considered how much time and energy Migraines steal from your life.

Literally. Steffi started having migraines at 5 years old and every migraine steals a day of her life. Two really, because the day after is recovery day. Read how she relieved 39 years of weekly migraines.

Sometimes just one a month, but more often one per week or more.  That means close to 30% of her life was devoted to dealing with migraines.  By averaging that to every other week over 39 years, she lost over FIVE YEARS to her migraine headaches.

I consider her a “warrior”.  By the time she found us here at True Health the migraines had taken its toll on her health. This has led to many other health issues. I consider her strong because she was pushing through exhaustion, insomnia,  and brain fog.  She also experienced severe cramping and mood swings with her monthly cycles.

The resulting physical consequences of these issues meant breaks while climbing stairs to catch her breath, wool socks and mittens for hands and feet that didn’t receive the warmth of blood circulating properly and it also meant times where her heart would feel like it was going to pound right out of her chest.

When she visited True Health, she listed only the migraines.  She only cared about the pain that interrupted her life.  She was tough enough to battle through the rest.

But I’m not a real doctor, or so I’ve been told many times, and yes our results are unreal by comparison.  I’ve begun to use “healer,” and healers care for all parts of you!  In her experience, over 39 years and starting as a little girl, her doctors couldn’t help her vulnerabilities, so perhaps her request was influenced by low expectations.  

Well, to be fair, they provided Imitrex injections, which would relieve her migraines once triggered.  When she didn’t have the injection available to her,it meant puking to the point of dry heaves and a short stay in the hospital to recover, which was an “enormous financial cost,” in her own words.

She was financially and physically motivated to find a better solution to her migraines. When considering her options, a friend and patient of True Health, told her to try “my healer.” 

When she shared her story with me, it was like hearing of a Warrior in battle.  Every step could be a landmine, and “blow up” her next couple days.  She listed the triggers she had clearly observed:  Two days before her period, sugar, alcohol, perfumes, cleaning chemicals, (any strong smell), gluten, citrus, nuts and stress!  I’ll share what they all have in common in a minute.  It actually makes sense, when you know the way a body works.

She was taking thyroid hormone replacement, which elevated her energy to 4 out of 10.  Tired usually indicates sleep, but for some reason sleep eluded her.  

She had Imitrex injections for when she couldn’t bear the pain, but that had a price to her body, which she paid with growing regularity in order to save her brain.  

The medical perspective of migraines is that it is a genetically endowed weakness that makes the stress centers of your brain activate when exposed to certain foods, chemicals, stress, and high estrogen.  The stress of these exposures, which is insignificant to people who do not have this genetic weakness, causes the brain activity to slow down, and the blood vessels in the brain to swell.  Think of someone blowing up a balloon inside your head, within your brain, behind your eye.  It hurts.

She explained that the pain of her migraines hurt so badly that she would throw up!  

I’ve thrown up from pain one time.  It was appendicitis, and Oh-My the pain.  My wife threw up birthing our first baby.  Imagine that intensity of pain, in your brain!  Imagine appendicitis, or the pain of childbirth inside your brain, on a weekly basis!

One of the stressors, or what they call “triggers,” is a substance in certain foods, including the ones on her list of “no-nos,” called Tyramine.  For most of us, it is just food.  But for Steffi, it was poison.  According to medicine, your best course is to have Imitrex on hand, and give yourself a shot when the warning signs begin.  

Steffi is a smart woman, in addition to her toughness.  In her spare time, after she makes a living designing your heart expression to the world through a beautiful website, she begins “work,” which to her is saving our planet.

But any idiot would avoid lemons if they made you hurt so badly that you puke when you eat them.  

She was eating healthy food and avoiding triggers, well, all triggers except one!  Stress!  Instead of relaxing after work, she is an unpaid citizen lobbyist who pushes for a bipartisan solution to climate change in what is considered to be the most divisive (defined: “tending to cause disagreement and hostility”) topic in Congress at the moment.  But she’d take a bullet for Mother Earth, so that trigger she didn’t avoid.

Following the best advice she was offered over 39 years, she was taking 7 injections a month.  Some months, she would have taken more, but Medicine’s playbook says “more than that will kill you.”  Imitrex causes vascular constriction, which pushes the air out of the balloon behind your eye, but it has the same “tightening” effect on the heart.  

Remember the shortness of breath climbing stairs, cold hands, and heart pounding out of her chest?  Well, that’s a noted side effect of her healing medicine.  It contracts and fatigues the heart, and if you take too much of this medicine, you die from a heart attack.

What an interesting resource.  I tell my patients, the more Plant Medicines you take, the less you need them.  Pharmaceuticals seem to have the opposite effect.  The more you take them, the more you need them. 

One of my professors shared a study where researchers examined the side effect frequency of pharmaceutical medicine and found that with just one pharmaceutical, there was an 10% chance that it was the cause of one of your symptoms.  The percentage increased with each medicine added, and by the time they reached five drugs, there was a 100% certainty that at least one pain or problem was caused by your treatment.  And some people are taking more than TEN!

When I finally met Steffi, 39 years after the onsetof her migraines, everything was getting worse.

My job is to diagnose the “Root Cause.”  Yes, her parents were part of the problem, but Nature Already Knows that we ALL have strengths and weaknesses, and nature has a response to those needs.  My job is to meet the need of every vulnerability and when you support weakness, you discover strength. 

Dr. Bruce Ames, who you’ve probably never heard of, because he doesn’t make anyone billions of dollars, has found that nourishment, very precise nourishment, strengthens the genetic weaknesses we all have.  You just have to know what part of nature will strengthen you.

Genetic weakness, according to Dr. Ames, just means that you are really good at something else, and Steffi’s weakness was detoxification.  Detoxification is not a program or procedure, it’s a process.  The last week of a female cycle is elimination week.  Estrogen rises with the moon to tell an egg to release from an ovary.  Then rises again with progesterone after ovulation, to prepare the uterus for implantation of the fertilized egg.  If there is not fertilization, the uterine lining sheds, and the liver binds and eliminates thehormones that offer life expansion, bringing estrogen levels back down to start another cycle.

Dr. Ames looked at basic biochemistry, and found that folate facilitates that process, so with Steffi’s genetic weakness, we gave her Rosemary, which has more folate content than all other plants measured except one, and exactly what Dr. Ames has found strengthens this genetic vulnerability, a special kind of folate with an interesting name, abbreviated “MTHFR.” 

It speeds up the capability of eliminating estrogen which protects you from fibroids, endometriosis, and breast cancer.  It also aids the elimination of environmental toxins, such a lead, which was her next vulnerability.  Lead was used in gasoline and paints up until 1978, when it became exceedingly obvious that it caused developmental delays in children, memory loss in adults, and heart stress.   

It takes Mother Earth many years to process and filter the poisons we burden Her with.  Steffi was born in the peak of lead usage, and by the time it was banned, she was already a regular migraine sufferer.  Peak exposure, and weak elimination, revealed her vulnerability as her first migraine at the tender age of five.  

To help her eliminate lead toxicity, I nourished her body with N-Acetyl Cysteine or NAC.  It’s an amino acid that is naturally occurring in all proteins, and exceptionally so in whey, one of the proteins in dairy. But she was past a glass of milk for healing, so we added a therapeutic dose of NAC, alongside her other caretakers, Rosemary and Folate.

And a plant medicine I’m sure you’ve heard of called Dandelion.  

Yes, the “weed” our culture sprays poison on, is detoxifying and healing.  It improves the efficiency of the liver and kidneys, our primary organs of elimination, along with the large intestine which eliminates all the “crap” we don’t need.  

After just two weeks of “meeting needs,” she reports that her energy is increasing and she feels happier.  

Three weeks after starting these “unscientific” medicines and nutrients, she has a period with no cramping, but her moodiness was still severe.

Healers meet healing needs, and she needed help with her lead detoxification.  I prescribed cilantro, another spice in the cabinet, that moonlights as a plant medicine.  It binds to lead and leads it to the large intestine for elimination with the rest of the crap.

As we eased toxic lead out of her body, her cycle relaxed and  she had NO mood swings or pain with her next, and she reported that her “anxiety is very under control.”  

That’s called a “healing trend.”  If you wish for a healing trend, dandelion and this special folate are in both True Detox and True PMS Relief in our online store.  

Three months after starting care at True Health, she begins to see a clear trend with her migraines.  For the first time in 39 years, the intensity is decreasing rather than increasing.  She hasn’t had a severe, lose your lunch migraine in 2 months and rates her energy as 8 out of 10!  

At 4 months, she is pushing her body physically, and notices some return of cramping with her cycle.  I see this in every healing story.  As energy, strength and life return, we stretch and discover our new limits.  But what a FUN thing to explore, a new expanded limit to your stress capacity!  I encourage my patients to expend their rediscovered energy on something called “heart expression.”  Express your passion, your “what matters most”…to the limits of your energy.  

And I’ll care for the wounds of your exertion.

Steffi was chopping wood to heat her home, because her passion is saving our planetary Mother, and of course, staying alive to achieve her goal.  

But even pushing her body physically, she reports that her headache intensity is decreased by 50%!  

I once had a sinus headache that was unbearable, and found that laying perfectly still lowered it to just excruciating.  I was so appreciative of that tiny bit of relief.  Imagine cutting your pain in half!

We also had her hormone lab back.  We ran a full cycle hormone panel, where she collects saliva every other day for 28 days, allowing us to observe her hormones in motion.  Estrogen is a known trigger for migraines, so we wanted to see exactly what was going on through her cycle.  And yes, as is typical she would have a premenstrual migraine or two, just less severe now.

The lab revealed that her pituitary hormones were all low.   I prescribed a plant called Eleuthero that boldly grows in the harshest conditions of Siberia, and appears to impart that resilience to humans when ingested.  Eleuthero has over 500 studies published in the National Library of Medicine, including one from Japan documenting an ability to increase pituitary hormones.

At five months, she hadn’t had to use her heart weakening injection for 2 months! If she did get a headache, she could find relief from massage.  Just creating space for her heart to gain strength, gave her the ability run up stairs, stay warm when it was cold out, and keep her heart beating softly and efficiently in her chest.  

At six months, she reports 2 cycles in a row with NO migraines using Eleuthero! 

But she’s still finding her limits.  Ice cream triggered a migraine of moderate intensity, and a fun filled pizza and beer night left her needing the relief of her Imitrex injection for the first time in MONTHS.

We added a plant from South America called Maca.  Inca warriors ate large quantities of the root before going into battle. This increased their stamina, ferocity, and strength in battle has been attributed to Maca.  Her genetic weakness was met with basic nutrition,  Now she was asking for stamina, ferocity and strength.

Leading to a new personal record!  She experiences 2 months of no headaches of any intensity! 

Around a year after visiting True Health, she is expanding her energy.  She is marching on Washington to fight ignorance. (Anyone harming our Mother Earth, would qualify as ignorant, is that fair?) She is arguing her points, with stamina, ferocity and strength. The increased intensity of stress finds her new limit. But like a warrior in battle, she accepts the consequence of another puking level migraine.  She has to hurt her heart to relieve the pain by Imitrix injection, but she is gathering a sense of how to heal now.

When you lean on nature to heal, you find less need for doctors, so our visits are stretching out.  Our genetically vulnerable Warrior is expressing passion in the media, and finds the larger the audience, the more the stress.  She battles through three migraines in one week for her (our) cause.  

But this visit to True Health, she also reports that she feels so strong. She stopped taking her thyroid medicine, and has more energy than ever.  And she LOOKS strong!  She said she walked in front of the mirror after a shower, and was impressed with her toned and muscular body.  “I look good naked!”  

Yes, that’s how it works.  When you fight with a passion in your belly, even willing to endure pain, and you have a healer for your doctor, to care for your wounds, you get (and look) stronger and stronger.  

Apparently we have a poor “business” model at True Health, because Steffi only needed ONE doctor visit this year.  With less care than ever before, a new record was reported: 3 months with NO migraines!  

She said she was explaining this journey to her friends, who had never heard of such a thing.  They said, “Let me get this straight, the more you see your doctor, the less you need him?  The more medicine you take, the less you need them?”  

Yes, that’s how it works, when you lean on nature, the very thing she is fighting to protect, and she still leans pretty heavily.  If she would relax and read a book, take a candlelight bath, and sleep to her body’s content, she would probably “need” less of nature at this point.  But she has work to do, after “work.”  The first shift of work is to ensure her security.  The second is to ensure “ours.”

Steffi is the Warrior, and I am the Caretaker.  I know that is backward in our culture, but we are a “team” with intense passion for nature.  I have a feeling that many generations will be talking about what Steffi and Dr. Stone accomplished forthe greater good.  But I’m not a fortune teller. I just know that natural law states, “the more impassioned of two forces wins the war, regardless of size difference.”

Are you gathering the amazing potential of plant medicines?  Every natural medicine I use has a rich history, scientific validation, and AMAZING healing qualities. They meet body needs to heal and offer strength and resilience.  Pharmaceutical medicines offer suppression of symptoms, slowing disease progression, and side effects.

How in the world did we ever come to believe that pharmaceuticals are better than Mother Nature?  Could it be the influence of billion dollar corporations?

True Health and Mother Nature now offer care without expectation.  We’ve been pushed out of way by profit, and our fighting back is a True Health Membership.  It’s 7 dollars a month, and it allows you to visit True Health whenever you need, on a donation basis.  Whatever you want to pay.

As a 40 year-old who has suffered with migraines my whole life, I was sick of doctors pushing pills on me and never helping me figure out my triggers. I wasn’t getting any better, in fact I was getting worse — to the point of taking 7 shots a month of Imetrex and that was the max they could give me!

The next step was to put me on a daily anti-seizure medication at that point. I couldn’t understand why I was only getting worse and not better and taking so much more medication! I decided to seek out an alternative doctor like Dr. Stone at the strong urging of a friend who was treated for allergies and got well under his care.

Two years later I am off ALL medications for migraines and even my thyroid medication and feeling the healthiest I have ever been in years!! My my energy is back, moods have calmed down, I sleep better at night, my body doesn’t ache anymore, my anxiety and breathing issues have gone away, and overall I am a much happier person who feels thankful for having found Dr. Stone! I highly recommend him to anyone! Just ask the lab techs who perform Dr. Stone’s lab testing how happy his patients are. They will confirm the same and they work for Quest Diagnostics.”

-Steffi R.



Case Study-Migraines, Dry Eye Syndrome, and Telogen effluvium

Migraines stole 8 years of life from this woman!

Healing is our birthright, and yet this lady spent 30 years of her life looking for relief from Migraines that left her incapacitated and puking for nearly 2 days every week, for 30 years.  If you put those days together in a row, that would be 8 YEARS of pain and puking in bed!!

She also dealt with Fatigue and Depression for 20 years, finally diagnosed as a thyroid problem 18 years ago.  Her medical treatment, Synthroid, caused a condition I had never even heard of, called Telogen Effluvium, which is where Lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, attack the bulb of the hair follicle, resulting in hair loss and patches of baldness on her scalp!

What a story, but it doesn’t end there!  She started having Seizures 20 years ago. And more recently, she developed Allergies and Dry Eye Syndrome, that she described as feeling like she has hair in her eyes.

She listed 4 doctors seen for the various conditions, and to give credit, a prescription of Phenobarbital had eliminated the seizures. The rest of the symptoms, however, had not improved and even worsened over time. She did get some temporary relief of hair loss with natural and homeopathic supplements that she tried on her own, because her doctors weren’t helping her, but it didn’t last.

Also, in the last couple years, she noticed a feeling like something was in her throat, a lump that felt like pressure on her throat that she described as “feeling strangled!”

WOW!  Where to begin!?  As always, we look for the ROOT CAUSE!  Get the RIGHT diagnosis, which is always the root cause.  Her labs revealed that her thyroid problem was Autoimmune.  That wasn’t a surprise, as thyroid swelling is often described as a lump or choking.  Another woman I treated described it as wearing a metal choker collar!  (She has been choker free for several years now!)

With autoimmune disease, we look at the immune system for the root of suffering.   Her labs revealed elevated lymphocytes in her blood, which points to a chronic virus.  That was the connection between her thyroid and the hair loss condition. She was autoimmune, not hypothyroid!   The Synthroid aggravated her immune system by providing more thyroid hormone to attack, and spread the attack to her hair follicles causing hair loss!

We also identified low platelets, intestinal inflammation, as well as liver and gall bladder inflammation. All were likely targets of autoimmune attack.

ROOT CAUSE: Chronic viral infection causing immune imbalance and autoimmune attack to the thyroid, platelets, intestinal lining, liver and gall bladder!

SOLUTION: Step one in Autoimmune disease is to gather control of the immune challenge.  Immune challenges could be environmental toxins, chronic infections,  stress, or a combination of more than one.  In her case, the viral challenge was obvious from her history and labs. By using manual muscle testing, we found that two plant medicines, TULSI and ELDERBERRY,  improved the muscle dysfunction associated with the viral induced autoimmune disease.

Tulsi (pictured) is a garden plant from India, with 3000 years of documented use for viral infections, stress syndromes, improving sleep, and even allergies.  Doctors in India research and publish to the same database as US doctors (National Library of Medicine).  In fact, most research on medicinal plants originates from the east and Europe.  In one study, they exposed Wistar rats to a loud noise for 30 minutes (100 decibels, pain begins at 125). They then measured blood cortisol levels, which were “significantly elevated.”   Next they fed the rats a diet including tulsi leaves, and repeated the process.  Loud noise for 30 minutes that was just short of pain level, and this time their cortisol levels were unchanged!  They remained calm in the face of significant stress!

True Shingles Heal is our product featuring Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil.  It works for shingles, herpes virus, and any chronic virus.  You can get it in our online store.  It’s completely void of side effects, so its safe to try.  In fact many people report side benefits such as better sleep.

Elevated stress hormones is one possible root cause of hypersensitivity reactions, like allergies and dry eyes.  Stress hormone overproduction creates hypersensitivity and irritability to your environment (pollens, dust, molds, etc), chemicals, sugar, and even people.

We tested all the above and found sensitivity reactions to pollen, formaldehyde, and people, in the form of critics! Formaldehyde and its cousins are widely used in construction, fabrics, and perfumes. With any new fabric, new buildings, or perfume smell, you are breathing formaldehydes.

From the MN Department of Health website: Formaldehyde is classified as a volatile organic compound (VOC). VOC’s are chemicals that become a gas at room temperature. As a result, products made with formaldehyde will release the gas into the air. This is called off-gassing. The health effects of formaldehyde exposure vary from one person to another. The most common symptoms are eye, nose and throat irritation, coughing, headaches, dizziness, and nausea. Human eyes are especially sensitive to formaldehyde. Many people describe the eye irritation as a burning sensation much like when cutting an onion or when you get soap in your eyes. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified formaldehyde as “carcinogenic to humans”. This is based on nose and throat cancers in working populations with high exposure.

You may know Elderberry as the pharmaceutical drug “Tamiflu”.  Roche pharmaceutical researchers brought Elderberry into their lab to create a chemical version of this plant.  They now sell it as “Tamiflu” for over 100 dollars a capsule. Our 60 serving bottle of True Cold & Flu Relief, which features Elderberry in the God made form, goes for around 30 dollars!  Even if it were the other way around, Elderberry being more expensive, I would still go for Nature’s version!

Elderberry is research proven to be 400% more effective than Tamiflu.

You might also have heard of Elderberry on the TV show, The Walking Dead. The characters were safe and secure in a prison, but a deadly virus hits the group.  If you watch the Walking Dead you know the deal.  When they die, they turn into zombies, so their safe “sanctuary” was being invaded from the inside.  One of the main characters contracted the virus. The farmer remembered his Grandma giving them Elderberry syrup for the flu when he was a kid.  They harvested wild growing Elderberry and saved the day!

RESULTS: On a recent visit, she was excited, “what did Dr. Stone do differently?”  30 years of migraines, a combined 8 years of her life in bed, in pain, nauseous and puking.  ”What did I do?”  No more hair in her eyes.  ”What did I do differently than all those other doctors?”   She felt happy and energized instead of depressed.  And no migraines for many weeks!

I explained root cause again.  A chronic virus stressed out her body and caused immune imbalance and autoimmunity.  I explained that she was “sick” all those years.  Infected and exhausted by a chronic virus.

Her lab recheck showed that the fight isn’t over, but she is winning for the first time in 30 years. We all have bad days, even a bad year.  But  she knows what good feels like. Now she is enjoying a healing trend towards strength and resilience, where even the bad days are tolerable.

She has also experienced how stress and upset affects ALL of her symptoms.  But now she has a plant, similar to a leaf of kale, with medicinal qualities that restore her stress hormones to calm!  So bring it on!  She has a medicine for bad days!

Are you gathering the amazing potential of plant medicines?  Every natural medicine I use has a rich history, scientific validation, and AMAZING healing qualities. They meet body needs to heal and offer strength and resilience.  Pharmaceutical medicines offer suppression of symptoms, slowing disease progression, and side effects.

How in the world did we ever come to believe that pharmaceuticals are better than Mother Nature?  Could it be the influence of billion dollar corporations?

True Health and Mother Nature now offer care without expectation.  We’ve been pushed out of way by profit, and our fighting back is a True Health Membership.  It’s 27 dollars a month.

6 Herbs for Adrenal Fatigue and Stress Sensitivity

Would you like more resilience to stress?

Adrenal Fatigue symptoms include tiredness, difficulty falling or staying asleep, craving salt, sugar and caffeine, dizziness or lightheaded, and visual sensitivity to bright lights or the sun.  True Stress Resilience is one of my favorite adrenal fatigue supplements.  I have taken all of these ingredients individually, but the result of taking them blended into one formula is more stress resilience than ever, as I approach 50!

I know, Medicine says adrenal fatigue is not a thing, and they only acknowledge adrenal insufficiency as a medical condition.  But this medicine helps that too!  I don’t mind if you call it “feeling like crap,” lol, if you are exhausted and can’t sleep or wake up still tired, keep reading!

These are my favorite plant medicines or herbs for adrenal fatigue:

The Perfect Medicine if you are worn out or wounded by the harshness of our world, or a highly sensitive person who has successfully escaped the harshness, but needs a little more resilience to participate more.

adrenal fatigue symptomsAlbizia: In China, where this tree originates, they give its medicine to patients suffering the grief of a great loss.  It nourishes the metal energy in our bodies, which is the feeling of value and significance.  The symbolism of the metal energy in our planet can be found in our precious metals, gems and minerals. Metal is represented in our planet as the minerals and rocks, and our precious metals, like diamonds and rubies.

When you lose something of great value and significance, Albizia gives you the strength to carry on and grieve the loss.

When I was an infant, Doctors removed my Spleen to treat a condition they call Idiopathic Thyrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP).  I was barely a year old, so I don’t recall the grieving, but I was left with intense sensitivity to our environment, also known as environmental allergies.

It felt like I didn’t belong on this planet, until I found Albizia.  Albizia gave me the strength and resilience to not react to pollen and cats.

If Earthlings offer the criticism “you’re not good enough,” we mourn the loss of our significance.  I felt that LOSS a few years ago.  On this website, I shared the story of healing a woman with severe pain and exhaustion and an autoimmune medical condition.

Medicine lists her condition as incurable, but that it can be adequately managed with “Lifelong thyroxine replacement.”  She felt worse on their medicine, so she keeps looking until she finds True Health and heals!

My thanks was being terminated as an in-network doctor, for “treating a medical condition.”

I lost 70% of my income for helping that woman.  I feel the pain of “we don’t value your uniqueness”, very deeply.  Well, to be fair, I feel everything very deeply, but my termination took away my ability to be reimbursed as a doctor, my family’s security.

That felt very personal.  But, if you have stress resilience, you make lemonade.  Now True Health lives and breathes Unconditional Love as Care Without Expectation.  I Love how it feels!

adrenal fatigue supplements


Rhodiola and Cordyceps Mushroom: Both of these medicines grow and flourish at over 10,000 feet above sea level.  I have read that humans need an oxygen mask at that elevation to survive.  I don’t believe everything I read of course, but I have been witness to the healing benefits of these plants.

They nourish the Fire energy in us, which includes more organs than any other element.  Fire must be an important part of us, because it includes the heart and gut, as well as the thyroid and adrenals for energy and rest. It also includes the sexual organs for reproduction, and if we are being honest, fun. It also includes the immune organs,  which work at keeping us safe from invasion and hurt.

Fire energy in life is our passion and beauty.  If you don’t feel wanted or included in life, it leaves you feeling vulnerable, waiting and even looking for the next rejection.  Repeatedly dampening the fire energy results in the desire to just stop speaking and feeling.

I was afraid to speak for most of my life.  I hated the “soft sensitive” part of me and tried to suppress it with alcohol.  The current version of me won’t stop speaking about healing and taking care, and now that I understand the purpose of my softness, I think our world could use some softening.

A group of endurance athletes were given either Rhodiola and Cordyceps or a Placebo for 14 days.  Then they were tested for endurance on a treadmill that slowly increased in speed and incline.  “Exhaustion” was measured by the time it took to have to grab the handrail.  The plant medicine group was able to go nearly 30 seconds longer than the placebo group.

They were immediately tested for cortisol levels, and the plant medicine group significantly lowered cortisol levels by nearly 25%.

After 14 days taking Rhodiola and Cordyceps, they could run farther and faster until failure, with less stress on their body!  (1)

Korean Ginseng:  A group of people were given Korean Ginseng or a Placebo for 14 days, then a “stress” was imposed in the form of high intensity resistance exercise.  The group that took Korean Ginseng suffered significantly less muscle damage, and had lower levels of stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol.  Physical stress didn’t hurt as bad! (2)

In another study, 62 men with metabolic syndrome were randomly assigned to either a Ginseng group (3.0g/day) or a placebo group for 4 weeks.


Significant improvement in mitochondrial function (aka cellular energy production) and a significant increase in total testosterone and IGF-1 (Both hormones favor muscle over FAT!). Diastolic blood pressure and serum cortisol (stress hormone) significantly decreased in the Ginseng group. (3)

herbs for adrenal fatigueGoldenrod energizes the body’s electric fields.  Depleted electric fields shows up in our life as exhausted kidneys and a tired lower back.  One indication for Goldenrod is “looking for the nearest chair.”

Goldenrod is also one of the best medicines for allergic sensitivities, especially healing for cat allergies.

It nourishes the Water energy in our bodies, which is the flexibility to bend, and to make choices, including whether we “go with the flow” or not.  When this energy feels stressed, we experience feelings of fear and paralysis.  Not physically, but our energy is paralyzed, usually by uncertainty and self doubt.

I was a master of paralysis by analysis.  I would overanalyze everything, but with Resilience to Stress, and learning to move forward by feeling, not thinking, I have gotten more done in the last year than my previous 45 years!

Liver Cleanse

Culver’s Root

Culver’s Root:  Establishes a positive mental state in people with chronic liver stress and unhappiness.  It nourishes the Wood element organs (liver and gall bladder), and the wood energy in our mind, body and spirit.  Wood represents structure and boundaries, and the emotion is anger when you cannot find the structure or steps to receive Love.

I’m sensitive or empathic, or whatever you call feeling everything very intensely!

I’ve experienced joy and happiness, of course, but the harshness of human interaction often leaves me feeling upset or angry.  I’ve frightened people with the intensity of my emotions. 
I’d never hurt a fly though, I’m a healer type.  My mission is take away pain, and it hurts like heck when anyone suggests that I am the cause of their pain.  I have learned to say, “there must be a mistake, lets check our intentions” instead of reacting emotionally.  I have less anger than ever before in my life and the two variables that have changed are Culver’s root in my body and realizing my soft sensitivity is the perfect resource for healing.

Boron:  From Wikipedia-“Boron is a chemical element with symbol B and atomic number 5. Produced entirely by cosmic ray spallation and supernovae, it is a low-abundance element in the Solar system and in the Earth’s crust.  For those who read words instead of feel them, that feels like an out of this world nourishing mineral, and perfect for the sensitive Boys, who seem to be rare on this planet.

The list of Boron’s health benefits, includes increasing depleted sex hormones, and strengthening bones.

Di-Methyl Glycine (DMG): “DMG is found naturally in plant and animal cells and in certain foods such as beans.  DMG is produced in cells during the metabolism of choline and considered to be an antioxidant and enhancer of oxygenation at the cellular level.”  -Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  (They actually have a great herbal medicine reference library on their website!)

DMG is used in horse racing to increase speed and stamina.  It nourishes the earth energy in our body.  So does boron.  A nutrient mineral, and an amino acid, the building blocks of cells.

Earth is the Mother energy.  The spleen, stomach and pancreas unselfishly make sure every cell receives glucose and oxygen.  DMG strengthen the Mother in us, because nobody is happy if Momma isn’t happy!

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Stick a bead in your ear and lower cortisol, heart rate, anxiety and fatigue.  How can you not do this!!??

In a group of women following C-section delivery, half received auricular (ear) acupressure…

“Those who received auricular acupressure had significantly lower mean cortisol levels (mean difference=4μg/dl), heart rate (mean difference=9.2 beats/min), anxiety symptoms (mean difference=3.8), and fatigue symptoms (mean difference=7.1) than women in the control group at 5 days postpartum.” (4)”  Normal cortisol levels for a blood sample taken at 8 a.m. range between 6 and 23 micrograms per deciliter (mcg/dL).