Yin Yang, mild cognitive improvement.

Mild Cognitive Impairment

I think I have Dementia.

Typically, symptoms include memory loss, problems using language, personality changes, and disruptive or inappropriate behavior.”  –MerckManual

OMG, that is exactly me.  It’s not mild cognitive impairment.  I am extremely disruptive to the way things are.  I was kicked out of insurance for healing a thyroid condition.  They said I am not allowed to heal “Medical Conditions.” You can read that story HERE if your interested.

Back to my Dementia.  My memory loss is not mild.  If I have to do something, like send an invoice at the end of the day, I have to write it down or I will not remember.  I learned of my disease when several patients reported that I didn’t send them their bill.  I got my first clue when I would walk into another room and forget why I came, and then walk back.  I’d go back the the last step I could remember and work forward again, and come to the place where I needed to go get the thing from the other room.  Then I’d walk into the other room, and forget what I came for.  Lol, I giggled when I did it twice in a row.  

I have the unique perspective of a healer, though.

I can fix things that real doctors cannot, so I’d just fix it if it started to bother me.  If I have to go into the other room, I just repeat “camera, camera, camera” in my head until I get there.  Oh yeah, speaking of the camera, if I put something in the wrong spot, I can’t seem to find it for days.  I’ve ordered the same cord for my camera 3 times now!  

One time, I was picking up Savannah from a class, and walked in to meet her.  When we walked out together, I couldn’t remember where I parked the car.  I called the number for towing they have on the parking meters.  I got a recorded message, so we kept looking around.  Walking up and down and up and down, we finally ran into my car.

I recently asked Savannah if I scare her, if she’s scared of me in any way?  She said, “the memory loss is kinda scary.”  My kids are the only ones who knew the truth!  At least of how severe it is.  “Dad, you told me that yesterday, which was the third time you told me, and this makes the fourth!  When are you going to fix your brain?!

60-80% of dementia is caused by Alzheimer’s.

Another version is Vascular Dementia, where memory is affected by a stroke or arterial blockage.  I’m moving around just fine.  Physically, I’m in the best shape of my life!

Then there’s Lewy Body Dementia, where memory is affected by the damage of Parkinson’s disease.  And FrontoTemperal Dementia, where the cognitive parts of the brain are damaged, which they blame on your parents (genetic), or some unknown reason.  This dementia is characterized by personality and behavior problems, more than memory.

I’ve received more hugs in the last 6 months than I did in the first 46 years and 5 months.  Maybe it’s a disease!  LOL.

The last type listed in the Medical Playbook, is HIV induced Dementia.  Lol, I slept in a bed with 2 people with lice last year, and the lice didn’t find my immune defenses hospitable.

Oh-No!  That leaves one thing.  Alzheimer’s Disease.

According to the Medical Playbook, I have 7 years to live.  They suggest I come to them for a pill that might slow the progression.  What!?  Read the stages of Alzheimer’s disease in my last blog!  I’d rather hurry this along if that’s the best I can expect!!  –MerckManual

I expect way more from Mother Nature.  My last blog shared all the resources I will be using to fix Alzheimer’s or whatever my brain damage is called.  Today was my first day.  I was mixing a vodka lemonade, which has 5 steps, 2 packets stevia, 2 oz vodka, 2 oz Mt. Zevia, 2 shots of True Neuro-Regeneration and True Heavy Metal Detox, and fill with water.  I forgot what step I was on.  Lol.  I didn’t expect it to work today!  

Healing is a process, and I’ll blog daily until I can remember what I wrote yesterday.  LOL…Most mornings I read my blog like you do, to see what I wrote.

This was my entry for Day 1!

Click Here to see my entire protocol.

DAY 2: The story behind my new disease.

After getting kicked out of every insurance for crimes such as healing a medical condition, my practice and income suffered.  Just to give you an idea, we had our family vehicle repossessed twice in the past 4 years.

During that time, I went through two really bad illnesses, and both were transformational.  You can read my “origins story” HERE!   I can’t find any other explanation than “God took over.”

It led me to Care Without Expectation.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard, “I really want to let you help me, but you’re not in my insurance network, and I can’t afford to pay out of pocket.  We’re broke paying our insurance premiums.

I fixed that.

I took away the fees for our care, so my patients pay whatever they can or want and I wasn’t worried, because when people feel the relief and healing I can give them, they will be very appreciative!

I’m slow by comparison to the stories Faith, my sunday school teacher, told of another healer she called the Son of GodBut no less amazing.  Incurable diseases, terminal illness, and one “blind to see” story.

Whatever you bring me, I tend to figure it out, nearly every time.  This woman brought me pain that took three years to get to “pain free,” but she was pretty appreciative when I was able to take away a fraction of her pain!  I was her 10th or 11th doctor, and the first to be able to find a healing trend.

Zig Ziglar used to tell large audiences of people, “You can have everything you want in life if you give enough people what they want.”  Maybe I take things too literally? Lol

Care Without Expectation would need financial support, at least at first.  I took out a loan to build a website to sell our medicines and a membership site that teaches the healer of your family how to heal.  All I used to heal incurable diseases was my hands and plant medicines.  You don’t have to be a doctor to touch people or use plant medicine.  If you have a healing heart, I can show you how to do what I do.

Goodness, if I taught a hundred or thousand more people to heal like Jesus (although a bit slower) that could change the world.  The story of Sam, another healer!

The loan was heavy.  $525 was taken from our clinic collections every week.  We needed to make some extra money fast.  I was able to create “sales pages” with the software I used for the membership site.  My first “best attempt” was cough medicine for marijuana users.  I thought, “I won’t have to convince them of the power of Mother Nature.

I think they might be paranoid?  Lol  I couldn’t even give away free samples, “just pay shipping.”  I felt certain that if I could get people to try plant medicines, they will see for themselves what I witnessed in my clinic!

The next best step was selling True Clear Skin to kids with Acne.  When acne is bad, Momma’s would try anything to relieve their baby’s pain.  Every person who tried it raved about the results, so I spent some money on ads to have google and fb send people to our “sales page.”

No sales, which meant I hurt our financial situation instead of helped.  We needed to offset the 525 per week before the loan was completely used up.  I did my best calculating how much working capital we would need to get to the website grand opening plus another 6 months or so.  I knew it would take time for people to find True Health and feel comfortable enough to try our products.

Whoops, a miscommunication with our web design people, and we are 6 weeks behind.  (I love their product and I’m know to be difficult to understand, so that is not a “bad review!”)  It’s just how life works.

At this point, I am working on sales pages and responding to needs of the web designer, which was mostly CONTENT, until 5:00 AM, and getting up at 9:00 AM to see patients.

The first recollection I have of mild cognitive impairment was when I wanted to reach the loan company for a little more working capital.  I couldn’t remember who the loan was with, and I couldn’t find any of the paperwork!  I ended up calling another company, which started the credit check process over again.  They needed a daily record of collections and when they checked my bank, it was already in the red.

Crap, if not for the onset of Alzheimer’s, I probably could have extended my loan with the first lender because I hadn’t missed a payment!  I held it together until there were only 5 or 6 payments left.

Then there was a minor financial collapse (compared to our President’s history anyway) and a tough time pulling it back together, but we did it.  My rent was nearly on time this month.  Lol.

That’s better off than the four years after the last insurance company kicked me out.  A “healing trend” that doesn’t rely on these guys.

Mother Nature

And now that I have more stability, I put my focus on pulling together my brain and memory.  Alzheimer’s IS getting kind of annoying.  Today I looked for 45 minutes for the black thing on that camera.  Lol.  “If it were a snake, it woulda bit me.”

That was how I was told I was an idiot for not seeing what was so obvious in my childhood.

Now it qualifies to be named early stage Alzheimer’s Disease.

No noticeable healing trend yet.

DAY 3 (June 8)

My mind was slightly more clear today, maybe, but I wouldn’t call it a healing trend until I feel absolutely sure.  I don’t recall doing anything really stupid today.  lol.

Day 4

I noticed how badly I messed something up.  Does that mean clarity is returning?

Days 5-13 (June 18)

I decided there was no point in logging daily.  With appendicitis, I monitored the trend (am I winning or losing) by the minute.  With Scleroderma it was week to week, and I was losing until I noticed the extreme flare ups from Gluten.  I call those experiences my origins story.  You can read the adventures and lessons HERE!

Alzheimer’s dementia may be more easily monitored by the month.  I noticed the trend in the last several days though.  So about 2 weeks to notice your head start to clear.  I went to the store without everything written down on a list!!  If you know this condition first hand, you know that is a big deal!

Days 14-22 (June 26)

I have nearly given up notebooks and note pads.  I have a message notebook for voicemails, and have jotted a few “do this later” notes, but rarely.  And even when I do, I remember before I check the book.

When I don’t remember something, I can concentrate and track it down.  My connections are reconnecting!

Days 23-33 (July 3)

One Month Review:  After just over a month, the results are clear.  My brain is more clear and function is improving.  A healing trend in a disease that medical doctors claim is unstoppable.

I am not healed, but I am healing.  I still have the twilight zone moments of arriving to the next moment and I’ve lost track of where I was coming from or why I was going this direction.  If you know what I mean, you should start this program to retrieve your brain function NOW, before it’s bad enough that your family makes you go to the doctor!

Then you get the sad prognosis of dementia.  I wish they would just tell the truth.  “I can’t do anything for you with the resources that I use.  You’ll have to look outside.”  Lol.  Yes, Nature is outside.  And she really knows healing.

I’m going to increase my acupressure frequency, which is no big deal after a month.  You know the points by memory and can do them quickly while you wait at the red light or waiting room.  I will keep going until I have NO twilight zone moments, which was my “normal” at age 40.

2020:  That was 2018, and now, I am fine.    Brain, memory, and good health at 51!


5 replies
  1. Melissa Greer
    Melissa Greer says:

    I remember telling you the last time I was there that my memory seemed to be much worse since the “attack”, and wondering why. You said something that felt like Truth, though I hadn’t considered it before. Don’t remember the exact words, but you said something to the effect of ” . . . when the heart is hurt, the brain/mind is hurt too.” Your heart is Enormous in it’s capacity for Love, and Perfect physically, but it’s been grievously wounded in other ways, so could it be that the mind is simply reeling from the pain of the “attacks” on your heart?
    Another perspective to consider is something I learned years ago, that even a Brilliant mind (like yours) can only hold a certain number of different “pieces of information” (thoughts), at one time, and will “drop” some them when it’s bombarded with more than it can hold. It seems to me that your mind, aside from sharing the wounds of your heart, is also “carrying” lots of awfully heavy “pieces of information”. To label the “dropping” of some of them, like what you came for, or what step you missed in a recipe, as a disease might be a bit premature, IMHO. If your mind is struggling with anything, I Believe it’s from carrying the weight of your heart’s Compassion for the Many hurting people in the world, along with your own pain from the losses you have endured. Your Beautiful mind, your heart, your healing hands are all parts of the GIFT that you Are, and your words have Power. Let them Speak the Truth about You, as surely as you Speak it about the “bad guys”, and the people you Help every day. We Believe in you, and KNOW you’re gonna come out of this Stronger than Ever before, body, soul, Mind & Spirit.

    • Dr. Todd Stone
      Dr. Todd Stone says:

      That is perfect. This feels much more a heart battle than I head battle. I love your words (and the rest). I think you underestimate your power in words and heart. Or used to. Seems they are coming out now!

      • Melissa Greer
        Melissa Greer says:

        Thank you, Dearest Dr. Stone. So good to hear your heart & know you’re ok. The most Brilliant minda in history have experienced the “dropping” of mundane “pieces of information”, and the most successful of those were the ones who also had a Warrior Heart. They had to learn what you’re learning, that “heart battles” are the most important to win. A Warrior Heart will Always Win the “mind games”, that come against the most Brilliant minds. You Have Both. Therefore, ALL Is Well.

  2. Melissa Greer
    Melissa Greer says:

    So happy you’re feeling better about your brilliant mind! Wish I could say the same thing. I know I need a dose of Dr. Stone’s healing hands, but keep missing the “window of time” when it’s open. Hope to see you soon!


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