Gotta Be Brave!

Being a healer…and a human… requires bravery.   What brought this to mind was an office visit that ended very badly.  I am pretty sure this patient thought I was a complete ass, and found no reason to ever see me again.   Here’s the bravery.  When you see behavior that is a contradiction to health and […]

The Science of Natural and Pharmaceutical Medicine

There is a perception that there is little or no scientific basis for natural medicines.  I rather like the science of tradition…3000 years (the first recorded/written documentation) of historical use for a symptom or condition seems pretty convincing to me!   It seems Medicine puts some credence on that history as well, because approximately 50% of […]

Learning and School

I tend to ask the question, “Is that true?,” an awful lot.  It’s the energy of the “Revolutionary” archetype.  And of course, I’d have to have a strong Revolutionary energy to practice alternative medicine.  So, including and beyond health, I wonder if there is a better way than the accepted mainstream version.    This questioning […]

I wouldn’t hire a person who passed a drug test!

Clearly, my hiring criteria is not “using drugs.”  In fact, I would never test a potential employee for drug use or abstaining.  I base my hiring on organization, responsibility, flexibility, compassion, and other values.    The question I pose is, “Can you use drugs or alcohol and maintain these values?”  And, “Can you abstain from […]

Important Brain Health PSA

Spiders are a critical part of our ecosystem.  Terminix posted 298 Million in revenue in the 4th quarter of 2013, in part for the service of killing spiders.  The chemical insecticide used for spider control was evaluated in the Journal “Toxicological Sciences” and discovered that exposure activates brain immune defenses and inflammatory chemicals.  When we […]