natural healing


Do you Need Strength!?  To Keep Going?

Do you Want More Strength!?  To reach new levels?


Touch the points you see below, to massage or tap, or even just touch and hold…

left side first, unless you can touch both sides at the same time…and read the description by the point.  Spend at least as much time thinking about the description and what it means to you, or what memories it brings up….while you massage the right side (or keep massaging both sides).


LU-10 Fish Border: Set your outlook to “finding the fish.”  When you find the fish, your day gets very focused, your heart feels excited appreciation and gratitude, and your spirit calms, knowing you have found what you need.  Set your outlook to seeing the body and strength changes you desire.  Visualize it being done.  (Now massage the Right Side and imagine!)

BL-58 Taking Flight & KI-7 Recover Flow: (Right hand on KI-7, Left on BL-58) Pulling scattered components together into harmony.  Visualize muscle repair accelerating like the HULK’s rapid healing superpowers.  KI-7 is like a factory reset, to return to original specifications and settings, aka full of spirit and infinite possibilities.  BL-58 is called the Tirelessness Point.  Feel recharged and tireless in your body.



TH-14 Shoulder Crevice: See and feel yourself being able to PUSH and/or PULL harder and farther.


LI-5, LU-7

LI-5 Yang Ravine & LU-7 Broken Sequence: These two are powerful for letting go of hurt, including the breakdown of your body from pushing it to its limits.  Sort of the energy of a Warrior wrapping his wound and returning to battle, but with deep cellular healing.


LV-4 Middle Seal:  A seal is an emblem, symbol or letter used as evidence of quality, authority or authenticity.  Picture your middle as you authentically desire.  What feels good to your heart?  Athletic and muscular?  Slender and fit?  Curvy and voluptuous?  Emboss (verb. carve or stamp)  that Middle Seal.  

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