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Gall Stones

I Love hearing the patient perspective…. “I’d like to share my experience with Dr Todd Stone at True Health Family Wellness Center in hopes that others may experience the kind of healing treatment I did. After the usual morning routine of dropping the kids to school and driving to work, I began to have what […]

Winter Immune Defense for Cold/Flu

In my experience, there is nothing more helpful to amazing health than having an acute immune care protocol that WORKS!  While I don’t enjoy being sick, I have seen that each illness matures and strengthens your immune system, leaving you healthier and more resilient in the aftermath. This only works with natural products, however.  If […]

Parenting Savannah and Sacred Stone

What is the “right thing to do” in parenting our children? My big girls.  Savannah #1 and Sacred #2.  They have been raised in an environment where “being right” is not a goal.  Oh, please, don’t think we are making our choices because we think we are smarter than anyone!  We are as uncertain and […]

Do You Need Healing, Desperately!?

I am on a mission to bring everyone who needs it, hope for healing. I will faithfully sacrifice my own well being to get this accomplished, and I mean for everyone. Nobody will be left behind. My practice had become the home of the desperate.  Literally, I have had people say that if I couldn’t […]