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Will Depression Ever Go Away

What is Major Depression? I was taught is that there are two types of Major Depression.  Low Noradrenalin feels lower than a snakes belly with not enough strength to get out of bed.  Low Serotonin feels like agitated sadness and crying. That’s what both medicine and functional medicine teach. Five elements or Natural Law teaches […]

Safe and Natural Remedies for Insomnia

True Sleep will gently and naturally resolve Insomnia! I’ve ranked insomnia as the most torturous symptom I have experienced!  I am soo grateful for this natural sleep remedy, one of the best natural remedies for Insomnia. Some people think I am “too sensitive” and that I get “too upset” when I am hurt.  I suppose that could […]

Proven Pain Relief

Do You Need Pain Relief? True Wound Mend helped heal a dislocated elbow in less than 24 hours, and is research proven to resolve chronic and acute pain! I was walking our dog with our three youngest, and the boys were being boys.  Gates threw Westy on the ground play wrestling, and his scream suggested an […]

Greater Comfort and Ease Through Menopause.

Research Proves True Menopause Ease resolves every BAD symptom of Menopause! On our conditions page, I share the various approaches of six healing sciences for Menopause, but True Menopause Ease is the best resource I have found for relief of menopause symptoms. The plant medicines that make up True Menopause Ease: RESULTS: At 6 months, the […]