Narcissistic Personality Disorder

AKA Stupid Men Calling Sensitivity a Disorder

The hallmarks of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) are grandiosity, AKA high self–esteem, having a different perspective than a stupid man, and the mistaken belief that a stupid man might be able to see more than one perspective.  NPD patients seem to have a lack of empathy for hurtful people, and a need for people to be kind.

The hallmark of stupid men is hurting others.  Criticizing.  Taking from others.  Controlling others.  And physically hurting others.  You don’t have to be a stupid man.  You can choose to be a kind man.  You can choose to not call names, like Narcissist, or ugly.

People with this condition are frequently described as arrogant, self-centered, manipulative, and demanding.  AKA more criticism and name calling.

There is nothing more arrogant than criticizing.  By definition, you are talking down to another human.  You are tearing down another person’s best efforts to find comfort.  Don’t call people arrogant or self centered, show them how your way is to their benefit, and if its not, then you shouldn’t be asking.  That would be kinda dick to control or criticize people.

People with NPD often try to associate with other people they believe are unique or gifted in some way, which can enhance their own self-esteem.  (No, that is what stupid insecure men do, try to raise status by association.  Sensitive people just prefer other sensitive people)

This flies in the face of the entire teaching of Jesus Christ, treating people like a Gift from God.  I don’t even know what to say…

They tend to seek “excessive admiration” and attention by offering kindness, and have difficulty tolerating a lack of kindness.

Hmmm.  There has yet to be a woman president, and the woman who got close acted just like an insensitive man.  Who is seeking “excessive admiration??  Lol.  Stupid men.

No Offense President Trump.  You took away my punishment for not carrying insurance that didn’t cover True Health.


Individuals with narcissistic personality disorder, according to the DSM-5, exhibit five or more of the following, which are present by early adulthood and across contexts:

  • A grandiose sense of self-value.  “They should really understand that they are somehow less than a MAN, and just accept that as fact.”
  • Preoccupation with goals of vast success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love.  “They should just stay in the kitchen, or at least, outta Mans business anyway.”
  • Belief that one is special and can only be understood by other sensitive people.  “No you are not a gift from God.  You are too sensitive and really annoying.”
  • A desire for having a stupid man listen to their perspective.  “Don’t poke your nose in Mans business, faggot.”
  • A sense of entitlement to special treatment. (Huh?  Kindness should be given to all!)  “Nope, you crush the competition and take no prisoners.  Are you un-American sissy boy?”
  • Exploitation of others. AKA refusing to work or participate with hurtful men, who are often women.  Which is NOT the actual definition of exploitation.  “Do as your told.”
  • Exploitation is hurtful men selling hurtful drugs to innocent people and rationalizing that being the 3rd leading cause of death is “acceptable loss.”
  • A lack of empathy for hurtful people.  AKA Huh?!?!?  We actually know that you need nurturing, but can’t get you to stop criticizing…???  “You made an observation of something that doesn’t feel good to me.  I know it’s true, but that’s not nice.
  • Envy of others or the belief that one is the object of envy.  AKA wishing kindness was valued in this culture.  “You can’t help medical conditions.  That’s bad business.  Are you stupid or something?”
  • Arrogant, haughty behavior or attitudes.  AKA finally giving up on stupid, hurtful men and refusing to listen or obey.  “He won’t do what he is told!  Spank him.”

Individuals with NPD can be easily stung by criticism from or being trampled by stupid men, and may react with disdain or anger—but social withdrawal or the false appearance of humility may also follow according to the DSM-5.

That was written by a stupid man.  Are you kidding me, you created a disease based on wanting encouragement and nurturing, instead of criticism and control?

Often they (NPD sufferers) criticize the very act of criticism, which is the foundation of American culture.

They inappropriately have a sense of entitlement for the love of God and kindness from other humans, which can harm relationships based on criticism and control.  While a person with NPD may be a high-achiever, the personality disorder can also have a negative impact on performance (due to, for instance, one’s sensitivity to criticism).

Yes!  I taught my children.  Innocent children…to say that “I am not practiced at soccer,” rather than “I am bad.”  If you loved soccer you would practice and you would be amazing.  Just find what feels good so you want to practice.  Like healing.  And love.  I know its tricky with the stupid man sexualization of love and the profit driven health care we offer.  I can only say, sorry, dear one…

Researchers have reported associations between NPD and high rates of substance abuse, AKA escaping the hurtfulness; mood and anxiety disorders, AKA living in fear of the next criticism, or mourning the loss of basic human kindness, encouragement, and support.


Causes of narcissistic personality disorder include stupid, controlling, critical, insecure men who insist that their way is right, who attack other perspectives with criticism and name calling.  Genetic and biological factors such as MTHFR defects, environment and early life experiences such as being beaten for talking to a little boy, or punished for picking flowers for a little girl.

You could validate.  And Teach Innocence.  “Hey…may I interrupt your conversation.  So sorry, I love to talk to my friends too.  Right now, the lady is talking to the whole class, and we want everyone to hear what she has to say.  Would you be willing to save this conversation for lunch time?”  

If a child got carried away with their heart desire…then you could say… “boys, remember our agreement.”  And innocence would respond. I am nearly certain.  But if you hurt them, some will hide and some will rebel.  Just the facts ma’am.


Treatment for narcissistic personality disorder can be challenging because people with this condition present with a great deal of grandiosity and defensiveness, which makes it difficult for them to acknowledge that the MAN is right.  It’s almost as if they believe that criticism is not natural.

LOL.  Stupid men don’t even understand the hurtfulness of criticism.  Tearing another person down?  I recollect my Pastor sharing a story of greeting a “whore,” a “prostitute,” also his baby girl, as a gift from God.  When he heard the cab drive up, and she opened the door, beaten and without hope in her attempts to survive this cruel world, he ran outside to her to give LOVE.  Teachings of Jesus Christ.  In the story, she was addicted to drugs, but He didn’t care, He knew she needed LOVE to heal.

Psychotherapy may be useful in helping people with narcissistic personality disorder relate to stupid hurtful men, who are often women, in a healthier and more compassionate way.

You can also try Bupleurum Formula, a 500 year old Eastern Medicine, formulated for highly sensitive children, and proven by the scientific method to significantly relieve the symptoms of stupid Men calling sensitivity a disease.  I mean literally, it significantly improved Borderline Personality Disorder, Schizophrenia, and Bipolar Disorder.  I bet it would work for this disease, too.

Jesus reminded us to have faith in the one True God, and demonstrated to us kindness and healing.  He demonstrated the confrontation of hurtfulness at any cost.  He was crucified for insisting upon giving Love unconditionally.  At least now they only call names.  Jesus was a Narcissist by Mans rules and perspective.

Faith warned me about stupid men who trample innocence in the name of Profit, or other false Gods.  Faith was my Sunday school teacher, who also taught me that I was a Gift of God.  I believed her until my Monday school teacher taught me that I was a BAD BOY.

I remembered Faith, when a patient who had been looking for “feeling OK” all her life, got up from my table feeling so good, that she said, “DrStone, you are a gift from God.”  Oh yeah!  We all are, if we follow the teaching of the Son of God, Jesus Christ.  If you don’t, and you criticize and name call, battle with fellow humans, or trample innocence in the name of false Gods, well, then, you are just a D1CK!!

For Additional Treatment, I created the “No More Tears” Protocol

LI-4 Union Valley:  Sometimes the union requires a valley.  If a hurtful person will not stop hurting, the only way to find peace is walking away, letting go.  Making space.  This point is the Source point of Large Intestine, the part of you that lets go of the stinkiest parts of you.  Perhaps the most used point in Acupressure, or tied with ST-36 for number one.  There is not a greater importance in healing, than letting go of anything that doesn’t serve you, that hurts you.  It has been referred to as the Opium point, for the incredible pain relief it offers.  Physically and emotionally.  I once relieved an acute back pain with about 1 minute of massaging this point.  It also detoxifies your body and mind.

LU-9 Great Abyss:  It’s a thing.  In the greatest darkness, you see the light.  The ability to see the tiny glimmer that pulls you through.  As you continue to massage and think about your inspired vision of tomorrow, the glimmer becomes clear.  The Lungs let go, like her masculine partner in Metal Element, Large Intestine.  Expiration.  With the toxicity of the “Man Box dropped in the toilet, the best healing for criticism, control, taking, and physical harm AKA abuse, is creating an inspired vision.  This point transforms the heaviness of loss, aids the grieving process, calms your breath, and gives you the super vision to see through the darkness, and find the light.

BL-40 Middle of the Crook:  No, not crook like a hurtful man.  Crook like where we bend, where things turn.  This point relaxes the back, just like bending your knees activates your quadriceps and relieves back pain if you are standing or lying too long.  It helps if your blood is boiling, or if you are losing blood.  It benefits all skin conditions.  If your skin is thin, or irritated, you can’t keep out the exterior.  You cannot hold boundaries in a healthy way, from hurtfulness like parasites and opportunistic infections.  In this culture, you need thick skin.  It is the Earth point on Bladder meridian (energy channel), which means it brings nourishment, minerals and richness to Water.  Most often, the Earth just cradles Water in Her arms, allowing her to gently pool, or flow toward other water.  This point gives strength of the energy that created the Grand Canyon.

GB-20 Wind Pool:  This point helps you see more clearly and use good judgment.  Think of wind blowing really hard in your face and eyes, can’t see straight or focus on anything, irritating your eyes, you duck for cover.  In life we might call that overwhelm.  This point calms the wind, or overwhelm in your life, and replaces it with the calm after the storm.  It also opens your sinuses so you can smell what is sour, putrid, or rancid in your environment, clears your brain so you can think straight, and improves hearing so it may benefit a man who knows he is right and will not listen to another perspective.  You can try, but they think this energy stuff is quackery.  Quack quack.  I’ll listen to 3000 years of sensitive healers, AKA Eastern Medicine, before I listen to the 3rd leading cause of death in America, Western Medicine.  AKA Pharmaceutical Medicine.

SI-3 Back Ravine:  This point is used to strengthen the spine.  The Grand Canyon is a big Ravine.  It’s beauty and grandiosity were forged by Water.  The most sensitive element, with sheer determination to achieve it’s desired outcome.  More Water.  Acutely, this point works well for experiencing gut wrenching hurtfulness that is so hurtful it results in loss of consciousness.  Eastern medicine sometimes pokes really hard to “bleed” a point in emergencies.  I’d just pinch it or push my fingernail into it to cause a bit of pain.  If someone I cared for was unconscious.

ST-36 Leg Three Miles:  The vitality and longevity point.  It gives the strength to keep going, on a long arduous journey, to healing and becoming a Gift to this World.  The divine objectivity point.  The creator of Non-Violent Communication, a sensitive man, said that “the highest form of human consciousness is observation without evaluation.”  A very nice way of saying “don’t criticize, people are doing their best, and if they haven’t hurt you, don’t hurt them.”

I said it this way.  If you criticize another person, who has not criticized you, taken from you, controlled you or hurt you… you teach a little boy that some people are not as valuable as others, and its ok to be hurtful to get what you want.  And one day, that little boy, might want your little girl.

I also say, with all you all fighting and hurting each other over politics, baseball, nature vs pharmaceuticals, which nature is so sadly losing, circumcision, spanking and punishment, and how to organize laundry…well, they will give up on you pretty quickly.  As a place of comfort.  Peace.  They will escape into addiction if they are sensitive, or join the fight.  Which means you contributed to the sausage party that is American Culture.  Yeah.  You added another dick.

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