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Regional Pain Syndrome with a Root Cause of Lyme Disease

One ordinary day, a man wakes up to face the journey of healing Lyme Disease.

Imagine that.  Yesterday you were able to live life with no sign of Lyme Disease, but this morning you can’t even stand up.  Your wife has already left for work, so you crawl to get your clothes.  You crawl to the car.  And you crawl into the nearest Medical Emergency Room.

The ER doctor diagnoses a lack of Prednisone in your foot and ankle, your first regional pain.  The doctor cares for your pain with an injection and sends you home.

That is how they care for football players, because there is nothing more important than scoring touchdowns.  They suppress the pain of an injury, so the player can get back in the game.

This guy wasn’t scoring touchdowns, but they sent him back in to the game of life, unable to protect his injury.

The suppression wore off quickly, so he calls the specialist.  The specialist diagnoses Reactive Arthritis, which is defined medically as joint pain caused by an infection in the intestines, kidneys or bladder.  The specialist prescribes Methotrexate.  A drug that blocks DNA synthesis, aka. cellular repair and healing.  The medical playbook lists Methotrexate as a primary treatment for autoimmune diseases, to suppress the immune system, and for cancer to slow rapidly spreading tumors.

Methotrexate is listed as a primary treatment for Reactive Arthritis, but I don’t understand the logic.  Its suppressive effects seem contraindicated for resolving an infection or for healing an injury.

To be honest, my logic feels that it is contraindicated for living, but I feel things differently than most.

Suppression did relieve his pain.  Until his doctor said, “This is a pretty harsh medicine.  Your pain is resolved, so we’ll wean you off.”  He soon found out that his pain wasn’t resolved, it was suppressed.

Disappointed, he drives to John Hopkins Medical Center, to see a prestigious Doctor.

His prestigious doctor prescribes Methotrexate.  Yes, the exact same drug as before.  But if prestige said it was the right medicine, he rationalized that maybe he just needed to take it longer.

Unfortunately, this time, it wasn’t able to suppress his pain.

Next he drove all the way to Buffalo to be seen by the Sisters of Mercy.  To their credit, they ran some additional tests to dig deeper, and found Lyme Disease.  I have seen cases of regional pain syndromes that turned out to be Lyme Disease, so this was a valuable clue.

He reported that they did nothing to help his Lyme Disease pain, however.

The pain occupies his mind and conversation, leading to a friend sharing the help she received from True Health.  Feeling hopeless, he visits my very un-prestigious backyard.  (Unless you hold Mother Nature in high regard)

He is exhausted and his pain is spreading by the time he finds True Health.  He is having headaches and visual disturbances, and now the region of his shoulders are in pain.

His labs reveal inflammation and adrenal exhaustion.  The exhaustion may have been a result of his 2 year journey, because chronic infections like Lyme Disease wear people out.  And all immune challenges cause inflammation.

I tested until I found a plant that strengthened his weakness, called Manjistha.

Manjistha is a plant native to India, China and some areas of Africa.  Its traditional use is for the treatment of spider and snake bites, because it flushes the poison through the lymphatic system.  It is also known to be an immune stimulant.  My logic suggests that immune strength would be more indicated for a chronic bacterial infection, as the diagnoses of Reactive Arthritis suggests, or for a chronic Lyme Disease infection, as the Sisters of Mercy suggested.

His journey has now lasted 2 long years. He rated his pain as 10 out of 10 when he walked in to True Health.  His pain would no longer be suppressed by harsh medicine.

Mother Nature offers her strength for 6 weeks and he reports that his energy is 7-8 out of 10, and that his shoulder pain is gone.  He described his foot pain as “slightly sore.”

Manjistha is research proven to win against our culture’s chronic infection. 

Candida is an infection attracted by high sugar and white flour diets.  If you don’t learn your lesson, Candida can become systemic.  That means it reaches your blood, and travels to your brain, causing brain fog and depression.

We don’t know for sure what he had.  Sisters of Mercy identified a Lyme Disease infection.  His specialist said it was a bacterial infection in his gut.  Neither offered results from their diagnosis, which is the only thing that matters.  Manjistha defeated every possibility and returned life to his disability.

True Health has a medicine for the weird cases.  I use it more than any other in my clinic.  In our online store, people aren’t ordering my most significant medicine.  I am guessing that health seekers don’t understand the indication for True GI Cleanse and True Lymphatic Cleanse.

They are for the weird cases.  The cases that defy logic and medicine.  If that sounds like you, I’d make those two my next prescription.  When you buy 2 or more, you get free shipping.

If that didn’t work, I’d make True Health my next destination.  CLICK HERE to learn about our “Metabolic Tune-Up!.


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