Herbal First Aid Kit

Home remedies for your acute health care needs.

Be prepared with the best medicine on the Planet!  God and Nature’s Own

herbal medicine first aidWe offer our medicine in 2 ounce bottles for chronic health conditions.  We sell smaller bottles in sets of 6, as our home remedies herbal first aid kit.

If you have Alzheimer’s disease, chronic brain fog, or frequently forget why you walked down to the basement or wherever, True Focus is proven to improve your focus and memory and in one study, created a healing trend in Alzheimer’s patients in India.  A progressive disease improved using just a couple of the ingredients in True Focus!!

It’s also one of our home remedies for when you are overwhelmed and having a hard time staying focused on what you need to get done.

When you purchase our herbal first aid kit, they come in 1 ounce bottles, intended for acute dosing.  Acute dosing is 10 drops every 1-3 hours, depending on the severity of the symptoms.  Including True Focus for overwhelm and focus, I’ll overview the top 20 home remedies for all your acute care healing needs.  If you click on the name of the medicine you can read a more thorough overview with the studies I mention.

When you check out, you can pick the five home remedies you want to add to your herbal first aid kit!  Plus a seasonal essential oil roller.  Winter = Water Element.

Water gives us flexibility, adaptability and the strength to stretch for heart desire.  It heals disappointment and fearfulness.

Pick any Five!

Herbal Medicine First AidTrue Calm is proven to resolve anxiety.  It is also our favorite sleep medicine for kids.

True Sleep is proven to resolve insomnia better than Ambien.

But not the insomnia characterized by waking up through the night.  That medicine is True Stress Resilience.  Take 10 drops if you wake up through the night or wake up in the morning feeling groggy.  If 10 drops doesn’t get you through the next night, take 20 drops the next morning.  If you still wake up or wake up groggy, take 30 drops, then 40 drops, etc.

Stress Resilience needs your help though.  You must hold boundaries!  I teach some methods on our Resource Page…”The Five Energy Needs.”

Are you an allergy sufferer?

Goodness, allergies ruled my life until I formulated True Allergy Relief.  It was a piece at a time, so my relief took years!  Your’s can take 2 days.  One of my patients shared her True Allergy Relief with her skeptical husband, because he forgot his allergy medicines on a vacation.  After just a weekend, he was convinced, and traded 3 allergy meds for one True Allergy Relief.

Be ready for colds and flu with True Cold and Flu Relief.  Proven to be 400% more effective than Tamiflu, and it works for strep throat, bronchitis, and sinus infections, as well as for colds and the flu!  I cannot recollect anyone who has been disappointed with True Cold and Flu Relief.

True Clear Skin is amazing for poison ivy and acne.  My eldest, Savannah, was super allergic to poison ivy.  Her misery led to the formulation of this medicine, and not only did it work fast, it seemed to decrease her sensitivity to it.

True Mood Lift is proven to be 70% more effective than Paxil for depression.

True Wound Mend and True Pain Relief are our topical and internal NSAIDs.  Nature’s version of Prednisone and Advil, without the side effects.

True Energy Boost is our five hour energy formula.  I used it to live on 4 hours of sleep trying to get Mother Nature noticed through developing this website, for nearly a year.  I didn’t tire, with the help of passion and True Energy Boost, but I started having memory problems.  That led me to develop a Dementia Protocol, which included more sleep, and I haven’t misplaced my car in almost 2 years.  Lol.

True Bladder Relief is for people prone to bladder infections.  Our last office manager was a woman, and she sold more of this home remedy than me.  She had friends who complained, and she gave them this medicine, and most times they felt relief within a day, often just a few hours.

True PMS Relief, and True Menopause Ease are for when being a woman hurts.  One patient used PMS Relief for a few months, and her cycle has been comfortable for 3 years running.

True Digest Ease is for when you ate something that didn’t agree with you.  Or, as the bible suggests, “When you feast on bread and meat, don’t forget your bitters.  Herbal Bitters stimulate digestion and a hunger for life.  True Heartburn Relief is Nature’s version of Prilosec or Tums.

If you have shingles or cold sores, we have relief.  True Shingles Heal has resolved shingles flare ups in hours to days.  I cannot recollect a single disappointed patient.

Hemorrhoids or varicose veins?  True Vessel Care should be one of your home remedies.

If you struggle with yeast infection, True Yeast Relief even clears systemic candida infections over time.

True Lymph and GI Cleanse are home remedies for poisoning.  Maybe you ate something that had “gone bad,” or for spider or insect bites.  Once a patient was bitten by a spider while blueberry picking.  That evening, she had the black streak of sepsis (blood poisoning).  She searched the internet and found horror stories of giant ulcerations, while I searched my resources and found this blend.  We gave it to her hourly until bedtime, and morning brought healing instead of ulceration.  The black streak was gone!

I didn’t really like Nature because of my allergies, but I was willing to try anything to heal myself and my patients.  Turns out that Mother Nature is the best medicine for healing.  It’s inexpensive, and works far better than pharmaceuticals.  Research has shown that to be a fact.

I realize that a TRILLION dollar business suggests that nature is useless and potentially harmful.  Bold words from the third leading cause of death.  When I was writing this website, I checked the facts myself.  I couldn’t find a single death caused by plant medicines.  Oh, there are some poisonous plants, but common sense tells you that you should not take something that could kill you as medicine.

Click the medicine name to view the articles I posted on each of these herbal home remedies to see the research I shared to help you feel assured that you are right, in loving Mother. 

Click HERE to visit our online store, and before you enter your payment information, there is a box that says “special instructions,” to list the five medicines that you want in your home remedies first aid kit.   Or if you leave it blank, there are five listed that are our most frequently used.  We’ll ship it as its listed!

Safe and Natural Remedies for Insomnia

True Sleep will gently and naturally resolve Insomnia!

I’ve ranked insomnia as the most torturous symptom I have experienced!  I am soo grateful for this natural sleep remedy, one of the best natural remedies for Insomnia.

Some people think I am “too sensitive” and that I get “too upset” when I am hurt.  Iinsomnia suppose that could be true.  It does feel pretty intense, and often I can’t sleep.  Goodness, the torture of sooo tired and unable to sleep, while you think about how tomorrow will come regardless!!  

True Sleep is the medicine I reach for when I’m too upset to sleep.   My most agitated insomnia resolved with five droppers of True Sleep.

Safe and Natural Sleep Aid!

That is how you dose a tinctured plant medicine.  Squeeze the bulb and let the dropper fill up.  One dose.  This bottle contains 60 doses.  It was well worth the price of five doses to get some sleep!

True Sleep is research tested for insomnia in humans, compared to a placebo and to Ambien, the number one pharmaceutical for insomnia.   Ambien has a history of lawsuits for the hurt it has caused.  

Sedative hypnotic drugs more than triple your risk of death in just a few doses.  If you rely on them to sleep for several months, your risk of death increases five times, and your risk of cancer is 35% higher. (1)

Sedative hypnotics sound wonderful if you are suicidal.  They depress your brain, which can affect vital centers.  While you are knocked out, you stop breathing and your brain shuts off.  It sounds painless!

But very disappointing if you were hoping to wake up. 

Three plants worked just as well as Ambien, for Insomnia, with no side effects. (2)

Insomnia - Asheville Functional MedicineThe patients had suffered with insomnia for nearly a year on average, and were able to sleep 3 hours and 20 minutes a night, on average.  Half were given Ambien and the other half were given Valerian, Passion Flower and Hops.  All were instructed to take their medicine at bedtime.

After 2 weeks, the Ambien group was able to sleep 5 hours and 36 minutes, on average.  The True Sleep group was able to sleep 6 hours a night, on average.  No serious side effects were noted. (2) . Safe and natural sleep remedy!

Well, unless you think it is serious that your risk of death is increased by 3X, on average, after taking 14 Ambien!

Plants seem negatively associated with death.  I’ve found one documented death, where a very sick person with Hepatitis took the wrong plant.  The right plants for Hepatitis is called Jiedu Yanggan Gao, which we have in our store!

The right plants for Sleep weren’t responsible for that death or any others!  But don’t take my word for it, I encourage you to do your own research!  This is a safe and effective natural sleep remedy.

Ambien sales were 2.8 Billion in 2011.  I wonder why doctors in the US prefer Ambien to True Sleep? herbal remedies for insomniaMore Herbal Remedies for Insomnia

True Sleep also contains Kava.  In Germany, doctors investigated the effects of Kava on chronic insomnia.  Sixty one people with chronic insomnia were given either Kava or a placebo.  The people who received Kava had a significant improvement in sleep and anxiety.  (3)   

In another study, they found that Kava can save the life of a insensitive man married to a woman suffering from PMS.  Kava effectively relieved “psychosomatic dysfunctions” of PMS.  Lol, so an insensitive man can’t say, “are you PMSing again?”  (4)

True PMS Relief helps all PMS symptoms.  If you need.

Valerian relieves pain and anxiety as well as being a natural sleep aid.

Hysterosalpingography is the radiographic evaluation of the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes, which is generally assumed as a stressful and painful procedure. Mefenamic Acid is the medicine they use to relieve the pain, but it increases the risk of “deadly heart attacks and strokes, and deadly gastric hemorrhage,” which means you bleed to death.   Wow, if that were my best choice, I’d be looking for new resources, too.  

They compared Valerian, Mefenamic acid, and a placebo. 

Valerian worked just as well to as the pharmaceutical to decrease the anxiety and pain of a painful and stressful  gynecological procedure, without the side effects. (5)

natural remedies for insomnia


In another study, Valerian offered significant improvement, compared to a placebo, for OCD, aka Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  The only side effect noted was sleepiness. (6)  Of course, it is an effective natural sleep aid.

True Sleep also contains California Poppy:  In France, Poppy and Hawthorne Berry were considered for the treatment of chronic anxiety disorder.   I think of Hawthorne more for heart, but these two plants resulted in a clinically significant improvement in anxiety disorder, compared to a placebo. (7

I use True Calm for anxiety and True Heart Health for healing heart failure and blood pressure, which has Hawthorne Berry.

The combination is proven to work for Somatoform Disorder.  That’s what they call it when you have physical symptoms but the doctor can’t find anything wrong.

More Natural Remedies for Insomnia

herbal remedies for insomniaIn Italy, they wondered if Heart 7, an acupressure point for “calming the spirit,” might be helpful for pregnant women with insomnia.  A Mother would never knowingly endanger their baby, and research shows that sleep medicine significantly increases the risk of birth defects.

They used an elastic band with a metal bead to apply pressure to Heart 7 while the women slept, and in 2 weeks, these expectant mommas felt “significantly improved sleep quality and reduction in anxiety.” (8)

Give it a try!                   

Mother Nature offers True Healing, and True Sleep.  True Health offers you the most cared for versions of these plant medicines, from farmers/suppliers that grow exclusively for doctors.  The best natural sleep aid on the planet.

Purchase True Sleep in our online Farmacy!!

And shop around.  I can personally vouch for True Allergy Relief because I had horrible seasonal seasonal allergies until I discovered the plants in True Allergy Relief.

True Clear Skin is amazing for poison ivy rashes and acne.

If you’d like to learn more about insomnia and natural sleep aid, visit our insomnia “condition” page.

In Health and Happiness,