What Causes Food Allergies or Sensitivities?!

This was the second worst case of food allergies I have treated!

(I’ll link the worst case at the end)

Shirley had food allergies to everything except “about five foods.” Meat, egg, cucumber, squash, and green beans.   Anything else and she would feel a painful tightness around her neck, her hair would come out in clumps, she would get adrenaline rushes in her stomach, and she wouldn’t sleep for 4 days.

Almonds would nearly cause a panic attack.  She rated her urge, desire, or craving for carbs of any type as 10 out of 10, but the pain “junk food” caused was far worse than fighting the urge.

Listen to what her average day felt like graded from zero to ten.  Back and Neck Pain 7.  Depression 10.  Anxiety 9.  Energy 1.  Quality of Sleep 2.  “How much has your health disrupted your ability to work, serve your loved ones, connect with people, have fun, and be happy: 10 out of 10!  Oh, and being a woman, her period, was unbearable.  She couldn’t get out of bed.

On her intake forms, the symptom she listed as top priority was irritability.  I thought it felt more like anger.   We call it irritability when there’s no clear reason to be angry.  She had good reason to be angry, nobody would help her!

For ten years, every doctor she asked for help said, “Everything checks out fine, just keep watching those food allergies.”

She started researching herself and found an alternative medicine concept called Candida.  Alternative doctors believe it is a systemic yeast infection caused by the overuse of antibiotics and sugar.  In her 20s, she was treated with antibiotics for a full year straight for a sinus infection.  In her 30s her hair started falling out which she eventually connected to the food allergies.  And here we are, in her 40s, and she can eat fewer than TEN foods that Mother Earth provides for our nourishment.

She is barely hanging on, and her doctor dismisses her as “fine.”  With no answers for her suffering, Shirley asks if this “Candida thing” could be a possibility?  She described his response as demeaning, almost mocking of the possibility that doctors might have caused her suffering.

Doctor’s in Madrid, Spain wanted to know the truth, so they calculated the incidence of superinfections for various antibiotics.  Superinfection is the term doctors use to refer to an infection with an antibiotic resistant microorganism following a course of antibiotics.  Nearly every other person prescribed ciprofloxacin contracted a superinfection, and the most common organism was Candida.

This study was published five years before she asked her doctor if Candida was a possibility, and he laughed her out of his clinic.  Hmmm…a person who doesn’t have the answer, yet will not look outside of what he knows, is an imbecile and a danger to our people.

Perfect, we already found the root cause of her irritability, and all I had to do was listen to her to resolve that part of her pain.

If I could find the root cause for her hair loss, exhaustion, and other symptoms, I could heal this whole woman, including her anger and distrust towards doctors.  Well, at least toward the ones with open minds.  

True Health Clinic tests through problems a bit different than conventional medicine.  Instead of ruling in or out hypothyroidism, or whatever condition, we scan the whole system for stress, and support any weaknesses with nourishment.

Our scan revealed that she had a parasitic infection.  Threadworm.  Insurance guidelines consider testing for parasites only with a case history of diarrhea.  Medical education teaches that roundworms are known for their characteristic skin rash.

food allergies

Healing Traditions teaches that when you see this rash, give your children oregano, cloves, and garlic.

Medical education teaches that if you don’t find this parasite, it will live in you your whole life.

They teach that a pharmaceutical is better than our healing traditions, but it is imperative the right medication is taken.  If it is missed, you become a home for a parasitic worm that  slowly depletes your body’s energy and strength.

When you finally go see the doctor for exhaustion, hair loss, and insomnia, insurance guidelines say check for thyroid problems, anemia, and kidney disease.  If the results are negative, insurance guidelines give the doctor permission to prescribe pain relievers, antidepressants, and sleep medication.

Insurance protocol doesn’t cover testing for parasites with Shirley’s case history.

Insurance guidelines state that Candida has been proven not to cause chronic fatigue, so we won’t cover that either.  – MerckManual   Doctors are scared to run tests that aren’t considered within the guidelines, because if a doctor shows up on Insurance’s statistical report as a red flag, they can cut you out.  I know that pain all too well! 

I was forced to resign from BCBS because I spent too much time with my patients, which was reflected statistically as my average charge per visit.  I pointed out that my average cost per patient or case was notably lower.  Perhaps I spent more time per visit, but I had far fewer visits!  Wasn’t I saving them money!

That didn’t matter one bit.  He brought me right back to the number that didn’t fit in their guidelines, and threatened an investigation of my clinic.  He actually told me that there are no doctors that take clinic notes well enough to pass insurance guidelines, and the average fine per investigation was $50,000.   I was given 3 months to let my patients know that I would no longer be covered by insurance.

I’m not complaining!  Yeah, unfair, but without their push, I may not have found my happiness, which I call Care Without Expectation.  I just want you to understand why it is so hard to get Doctors to keep looking, and not dismiss you as fine, when you are NOT fine!

Shirley’s testing also indicated that she had Candida.

Insurance guidelines say that a doctor can prescribe an antibiotic for sinus infections.  There is no protocol or guideline if it doesn’t work though!  So poor Shirley went back with the same sinus infection for a full year, stuck on step 62…prescribe antibiotic for sinus infection.  She was nearly guaranteed a superinfection.

Yeast and parasites inflamed her intestines, causing poor digestion and leaky gut, which further caused adrenal exhaustion and immune hyper-sensitivity.  She came to True Health to Get The Right Diagnosis, and that was what I found.  Lol…that doesn’t sound “fine” at all!

Is finding the problem the “right diagnosis,”  or is it finding the solution?

It took a few visits to get all her results back.  The ongoing intensity of her symptoms sounded like this when she gave her updates, “I’m not sleeping at all, I feel sick, but lay in bed too wired to sleep.  I stand up and feel very dizzy and my hair is coming out in bunches.  I’m having lots of hot flashes, I’m not digesting my food, and I have no motivation.

The next visit we had all the results back.  We confirmed the parasite and prescribed the solution, a plant called Morinda.  You might even remember a few years back, Noni, which is Morinda’s common name, made a little buzz as a crappy tasting juice that “cured everything.”

Morinda may not be a cure all, but it works very well with parasites, so if you have them, it feels like a miracle.  A couple more visits and we hear the first positive report. “better energy,” and then “sleeping well,” and then “gut rushes and collar around my neck is gone.”

We added a powerful mushroom called Cordyceps for adrenal fatigue, and Immunoglobulins for leaky gut.  The Merck Manual says that “there are many abnormal immune findings with chronic fatigue, including low Immunogobulins,” but they can’t make any sense of it.  Lol…who put them in charge, again?  

After a few months on these medicines, a couple plants and a dairy protein, her hair stopped falling out!   I call that a healing trend.

Shirleys trend was pretty bumpy compared to average because of her extreme food allergies.  As she felt better, she stretched her dietary limits, which needed stretching, and paid a price most of the time.  A healing trend meant the price was getting lower though!

We added Lemon Balm to help calm the reactions.

Shirley had been a patient of  True Health for around a year when she reported that her periods no longer put her in bed.  Not perfect, but not unbearable!  A good trend!!

A couple months later, she decided she was tough enough to go out for a few beers.  That cost her a few nights sleep, so not quite yet.  She brought a beer with her to the next visit, asking if we could “calm that reaction too?”  We did our best, adding Ginseng root for the strength it offers, and I believe she was able to go out for a few beers at least once without a reaction.

That was six years ago!  Shirley is still very sensitive, and when she pushes her limits, the reactions are still more intense than average, by a long ways!  But, more like a “normal person” now, the foods that hurt her are mostly indulgences, and we all have to watch those!

Shirley was one of my last few insurance patients.  God, I hated insurance.

As God helped me move further and further away from insurance, I saw less and less of Shirley.  My most recent insurance termination was for helping a woman who was ready to give in to death.  We found the right diagnosis, and she returned to life to feel best ever at age 69, and I was terminated for “treating a medical condition.”  Lol…I couldn’t make this crap up, because I would never have imagined...!!!

All good.  With no insurance reimbursement, I created The Metabolic Tune-Up which is virtual, so I can resolve medical conditions all over the country!!

food allergies



“I share my story for hope, and the strength to fight for healing. This was a long, hard struggle, and only Dr. Stone had the resources to figure out what was at the root of my suffering.  Thanks, Dr. Stone!”


Ok, I promised the worst case.  This little girl was down to 2 or 3 foods.  I couldn’t make it up, because I would never have imagined!



True Calm Helps Anxiety Disorders

Natural Anxiety Relief!

Can Worry be Deadly?

Depends where you turn for healing I guess.  If you turn to Modern Medicine, it appears so.  True Calm is proven safe and effective, natural Anxiety relief.

Generalized anxiety disorder consists of excessive nervousness and worry about a number of activities or events. People have anxiety more days than not for 6 months or longer. (1)

This past winter, Sarah Fader, a 37-year-old social media consultant in Brooklyn who has generalized anxiety disorder, texted a friend in Oregon about an impending visit, and when a quick response failed to materialize, she posted on Twitter to her 16,000-plus followers. “I don’t hear from my friend for a day — my thought, they don’t want to be my friend anymore,” she wrote, appending the hashtag #ThisIsWhatAnxietyFeelsLike.

Thousands of people were soon offering up their own examples under the hashtag; some were retweeted more than 1,000 times. You might say Ms. Fader struck a nerve. “If you’re a human being living in 2017 and you’re not anxious,” she said on the telephone, “there’s something wrong with you.”

#ThisIsWhatAnxietyFeelsLike, helped turn anxiety — a disorder that afflicts some 40 million American adults — into a kind of rights movement. “People with anxiety were previously labeled dramatic,” said Sarah Fader, the Brooklyn social media consultant who also runs a mental-health advocacy organization called Stigma Fighters. “Now we are seen as human beings with a legitimate mental health challenge.”

The number one medicine for anxiety is Xanax.  The New York Times described our culture as the “United States of Xanax.” (2).  Australia is very concerned about Pfizer Pharmaceuticals’ solution.

Panic attacks had just been defined as a diagnosis in 1981 when Xanax was introduced as a prescription for anxiety and panic attacks. Valium was not yet approved for panic disorders, so Xanax was the drug of choice.  Xanax sold like hotcakes and became part of the popular lexicon. Panic attacks were popularized too; an affliction once thought to be rare became something nervous mothers joked about.

Patients describe the feeling of Xanax as “drunk” and “sedated without a care in the world.”  Like alcohol, but 10 times more addictive, which means you’d have more control if you just became a drunk.  And it would be easier to quit.

Almost three decades later, America is still a Xanax nation. It remains the most popular psychiatric drug, topping more recently introduced medicines like the sleeping pill Ambien (No. 2) and the antidepressant Lexapro (No. 3). Doctors write nearly 50 million prescriptions for Xanax every year–that’s more than one Xanax prescription every second. Pfizer pharmaceuticals patent echoes through our culture, and through the bodies of psychiatric patients as hopeless addiction.  (Youtube “Xanax addiction”)

Valium (still No. 13 among psychiatric drugs, with 14 million prescriptions) put drug maker Roche on the U.S. map and introduced the idea that a brain drug could be a bestseller. The Rolling Stones would never have ridiculed a painkiller, but they went after Valium with gusto in “Mother’s Little Helper.” “Though she’s not really ill,” Mick Jagger sneered, “there’s a little yellow pill.” (3)

Use of these drugs has become too casual in modern society, said review author Dr. Anna Lembke. She’s an associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences with the Stanford University School of Medicine.

“These are highly addictive and potentially lethal drugs, and many people don’t know that,” Lembke said. “Sadly, most physicians are also unaware of this and blithely prescribe them without educating their patients about the risk of addiction.”

“Benzodiazepine withdrawal is potentially life-threatening,” she said. “If you’ve been on them for a long time, it’s important to work with a medical professional to taper off in a safe way.”

Prescriptions for benzodiazepines increased by 67 percent between 1996 and 2013, from 8.1 million to 13.5 million.  Overdoses involving the drugs multiplied sevenfold between 1999 and 2015, increasing from 1,135 to 8,791 deaths. (4)

If only there were something safe and effective for Anxiety Disorders.  Natural Law suggests that you let go of trying to gain approval, and start following heart desire.

And take the plants in True Calm.  Thankfully, I used alcohol instead of Xanax!  Take True Addiction Relief if you are addicted to either!

Anxiety and stress overwhelm, meet True Calm.  

Ashwagandha is a plant medicine that not only eases anxiety, it heals thyroid problems.  Doctors in India took a group of people with thyroid conditions, and gave half Ashwagandha and half a placebo in a double-blind clinical trial.  The people taking Ashwagandha for 8 weeks had thyroid lab improvements significantly better than placebo.

Double blind means that neither the patient nor the doctor know which group a patient is in until they retest the labs or some way of measuring effectiveness, and open the envelopes to see.  Placebo controlled means that half are given a fake pill that looks just like the real thing.  People experience healing just from the suggestion of caring, so the placebo group tends to improve a bit.

Significantly better than placebo, is doctor language for “it really worked.”

Ashwaghanda “really works” for memory and focus, obsessive compulsive disorder, body weight management in adults under chronic stress, anxiety disorders, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, and sexual function in women.

Go ahead, click through and see for yourself!

The women in the last study experienced significant improvement in arousal, lubrication, orgasm, and satisfaction compared to a placebo.  Men, you shouldn’t have to hear any more!

Click here to buy your lady a bottle of True Calm!

True Calm also contains Lemon Balm and Passion Flower.  They were studied in combination with Valerian Root for their effectiveness on “the anxiety stress response to acute psychosocial stress in healthy men.

After just 4 days of supplementation, the plant medicine group reported significantly less anxiety when exposed to acute psychosocial stress when compared to a placebo. (5)

They didn’t say in the summary how they exposed them to stress, but if I had to guess, it would be talking to a woman.  LOL.  I might know a thing or two about anxiety.  I think minepain is because I am “too sensitive,” so I take Bupleurum Formula with True Calm.  I’d have to say, for the first time in my life I am not the least bit anxious.

Skullcap has a 3000 year tradition of use for stress and anxiety.

Researchers gave Skullcap to a healthy population and discovered that it makes people happier, significantly more than a placebo.  I couldn’t find a study on anxiety, but who wouldn’t eat a plant that makes healthy a whole group of people happier!? (6)

Wild Oats helps you think straight.  (7)   Wild Oats significantly improved cognitive function compared to a placebo in adults with early cognitive decline.

If you need safe, effective and non addictive medicine for Anxiety disorders, or for feeling nervous or overwhelmed, try True Calm.  I’ve done my research, and statistically it works well enough that I can guarantee your results. 

Nothing works for everyone!  If it doesn’t work for you, let me know and I’ll refund your purchase.

True Sleep has Valerian and Passion Flower, partnered with Poppy and Kava for a stronger sedative effect.  All of the plants are scientifically proven to be safe and effective for sleep.

I wonder why American doctors try to tell us there’s no scientific basis for Mother Nature’s medicine.  Could it be because Lexapro earns them 2.4 Billion dollars per year.  Lexapro is an antidepressant but approved for Anxiety disorder.

That means Xanax makes more than 2.4 Billion dollars a year!!anxiety

Lexapro comes with a suicide warning, and frequently causes muscle rigidity, fever, heart palpitations, tremors, passing out, nausea, vomiting, loss of coordination, headaches, memory problems, hallucinations, weakness, confusion, and may suppress your brain so much you stop breathing and die in your sleep.

Go look for yourself.  It looks like this.  Lexapro (generic name)…WARNING (8)

Nature offers snakes and lightning, but Her Medicine has an incredible safety record!

I’ve looked for myself and only found one recorded death from taking a plant medicine.  A man with hepatitis took the wrong medicine for his condition and died.  If he would have taken this medicine, he would have had a good chance of healing.

I think it’s time that Mother Nature gets her deserved respect.  Scientifically validated respect.

Purchase True Calm in our online Farmacy!!

And, lets stop listening to people who are willing to
risk hurting our people in the name of profit.insomnia