Top 10 Plant Medicines for Body Detoxification

A Liver Cleanse is a process or program that assists or accelerates detoxification.

Detoxification is a body function that never stops.  Every day our bodies manufacture hormones, and we eat, breath, and absorb chemical toxins that require removal from the body.  Alcohol and medications are extra work for the liver, so if you use either, you really need a lymph, liver and gallbladder cleanse along with a clean cleanse diet.

Dr. Axe spells it out, but essentially you eat wholesome whole foods, and let go of junk food.  (1)

gallbladder cleanseA liver cleanse is any step/s that assist and accelerate detoxification, so eating some broccoli sprouts every day would qualify.  The liver binds hormones and toxins to amino acids using vitamins and minerals to make the connection.

Greens First is my favorite freeze dried vegetable supplement.  You can click on the bottles and purchase some from our online store if you want to try it!

cleanse dietSo a scoop of whey protein and greens would offer some assistance with detoxification, qualifying those steps as a liver cleanse.

There are many liver cleanses that are fashioned as a  short term cleanse.  I once did one called the master cleanse, where you drink maple syrup lemonade through the day and fast for 3 or 5 days.  Obviously you could choose any number of days you’d like.

I think I chose five days, and the result wasn’t what I was looking for!  The fasting pushed me into adrenal exhaustion and I ended up with a severe (painful) sinus infection that took me a full year to resolve.

I carefully monitor my adrenal glands these days, because coming back from adrenal exhaustion was miserable.

All of my patients tell the same story, “I had to keep going and providing for my family with… (various symptoms).  Mine was constant head pain, and a nasally voice from the complete sinus blockage.  I couldn’t sleep, because my mouth breathing dried my lips and tongue out until the pain woke me up.

Everyone’s pain is different.  Just insert your symptoms.

Not everyone that discovers adrenal exhaustion gets sinus infections.  Each person has a unique weak link, mine was my sinuses after 30 years of allergies.  My allergies are resolved now, after taking True Allergy Relief for a few seasons.  True Allergy Relief  fixed whatever needed fixing, and now I don’t even need to take it.

A liver cleanse can be used to stay well, or as a healing strategy.

I take the plants I shared here in a small dose every day to keep up with a toxic world.  I have been “on a liver cleanse” for years, and I feel and function better at age 48 than I did when I was 15 or 25.

The three to five day, or two week liver cleanses are designed to catch up, and potentially turn around a chronic illness.  After chronic allergies, sinus infection, and Scleroderma, I’m planning on keeping up for the rest of my life.  If you haven’t read my Scleroderma story, it’s pretty awesome!

These plants are how I keep up, rather than catch up.  They are Mother Natures most powerful medicines for healing the liver and for cleansing your lymphatic system.

I treat people who have been searching for relief for years, in most cases, and almost every one begins their healing with a lymph, liver and gallbladder cleanse.

If you aren’t aware of the dramatic healing stories that True Health creates in the life of so many people, start with this one.  It leads right into another story, perhaps the most dramatic of all, helping the blind to seeI’m a sensitive healer type, I cannot tell a lie. 

The True Health liver cleanse is so simple when done on a daily basis.  These plants are most effective when tinctured.  There’s a process of extracting the medicinal qualities into a liquid.  The result is a bitter tasting medicine, but you can dilute them as you get used to the taste.

One squirt a day, and a reasonable diet, consisting of 80% whole foods.

Whole means as nature offers.  Man-made food or processed food puts a strain on the body by spiking blood sugar.  You can get away with it occasionally, but if it goes over 20%, you will fall apart.  Sorry, that’s the rules.  And your choice.  Eat 50% processed food and slowly fall apart.  Or stick to the 80/20 rule and live a long, healthy life.  With a little help from Momma’s medicine.

If you aren’t aware of how our government knowingly allows cancer cancer causing chemicals to be used in our homes; Minute 3 tells the story of Formaldehyde

Wow, they surround us with known Carcinogens.  I wonder if anyone profits from Cancer Treatment?

You may want to watch all the videos, because if you don’t have some sort of liver cleanse, you will eventually need to treat cancer.  The cancer video summarizes the approach of Medicine, Nutrition, Functional Medicine, and Traditional Eastern Medicine for the treatment of cancer It’s good to know all your options.

These are the plants I use for my “liver cleanse,” and protection from the poisoning of profit over people.  


This the plant used to make into root beer before artificial flavors were invented.  It most excellently cleanses the body of the chemicals “profit” uses to flavor our food.

liver cleanse
Dandelion Root:

Everyone knows what dandelions are, right?  If you pull up the root, it’s HUGE for such a tiny flower.  It is proven to bind and eliminate Round Up, the chemical we spray on weeds.

I’m pretty sure this stupid yellow flower will save our planet from the stupidity of poisoning our world with toxic chemicals.

Culver’s Root:  Gallbladder Cleanse

A wildflower (the purple ones) that grows all around us in the East and as far West as Minnesota.  It cleanses the gall bladder of hydrogenated oils, used to increase profit by increasing shelf life.  And yes, they know the harm it does to us.

Liver Cleanse

Milk Thistle

This plant is proven to regenerate a damaged liver, and assist a healthy liver to naturally cleanse.

Liver cleanse
Oregon Grape:

This plant grows in the West, if the name didn’t give that away.  The berries are very sour, but the Native Americans still ate them, mixed with a sweeter fruit.  The tinctured roots were a remedy for flushing out the toxins of bacterial infections.  I’ve prescribed it for the pain of Mastitis, and my patient’s pain was gone in a matter of hours.

liver cleanse
Poke Root:

My kids painted their faces with the berries, which are poisonous if consumed.  If you are dumb enough to keep eating them after puking, you deserve to die.  Not all of Nature is Medicine.

liver cleanse
The root offers one of the most powerful lymph cleansers, and if you can stand the bitter taste, it will kill the germs that cause gingivitis.

You grow accustomed to the bitter taste.  I can swish it through my teeth without diluting it.  And I haven’t been to the dentist in 27 years.


We have this plant in our garden.  You probably recognize it. Traditionally its use was for blood poisoning, and I have used it successfully with a poisonous spider bite.

liver cleanse
Red Clover:

Yes, the food for Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh’s gloomy friend.  It is so nourishing that treating anemia is a main use of it.  I wonder if Eeyore was just anemic?  It really takes the life out of you!

Astragalus: I’ll let Dr. Axe explain this one.  Click Here to read his wordy description.  Lol.  People tell me my articles are too long!

Red Root:

God grew a plant all over our great country that removes the hurt of Known Carcinogens.  He must have known that money is the root of evil, and offered a Red Root, literally, to combat the devil.

Liver Cleanse
All of these plants are in True HM Detox.  If you buy their protection with another healing medicine, such as Calm, Cold/Flu, etc, we ship for free.  You can find them in our Online Store.

The items in the store are alphabetically listed for your convenience.

Do you really want to put your health on the line, trusting these guys, over Mother Nature?

Mother Nature

Humira is the Champion

The top selling pharmaceutical is Humira, a drug that suppresses your immune system.

Humira is used for Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Psoriasis.  It is manufactured by Abbvie Pharmaceuticals.  Humira earns this corporation 14 Billion dollars per year. (1)

Humira’s side effects include serious infections that may lead to hospitalization or death, lymphoma and other malignancies, some fatal, and liver failure.

Abbvie Pharmaceuticals, and the the doctors who prescribe Humira tell their customers that there is a danger, but there is nothing else available that controls the symptoms of your incurable disease.

California officials alleged Tuesday that biopharma giant AbbVie made illegal kickbacks to boost prescriptions of blockbuster drug Humira.

According to the complaint, “AbbVie engaged in a far-reaching scheme including both classic kickbacks — cash, meals, drinks, gifts, trips and patient referrals — and more sophisticated ones — free and valuable professional goods and services — to physicians to induce and reward Humira prescriptions.”

The California Department of Insurance says the health insurers paid out $1.2 billion in Humira-related pharmacy claims. It’s the largest health insurance fraud case in department history, California’s insurance regulator said in a news release. (2)

Humira does not relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms better than Kevzara!? (3)

Tremfya works better than Humira for Psoriasis! (4)

Humira for Crohn’s Disease:

300 people with severe Crohn’s Disease symptoms received either a placebo, 40, 80, or 160 milligrams of Humira for 4 weeks.  Out of 75 patients in each group, 44 improved with the highest dose of Humira (31 patients reported no relief), while 28 improved taking a Placebo (47 patients reported no relief).

27 patients achieved enough symptom relief to qualify for “remission,” while 9 reached remission taking the Placebo.  (5)

Humira for Rheumatoid Arthritis:

272 patients with moderate to severe RA symptoms were given either a placebo, 20, 40, or 80 mgs of Humira for 24 weeks.  Pain levels decreased from an average of 5.5 to 2.8 (0-10 scale) in the highest dose Humira group.  In the Placebo group, pain levels decreased from 5.7 to 4.8.

Two patients were hospitalized for serious infections and one patient died in the Humira group.  (6)

Another study compared Humira to Enbrel and Remicaid and concluded: The analysis showed that the three currently marketed TNF-α blocking agents have similarly efficacy when added to methotrexate in the treatment of patients with rheumatoid arthritis with active disease. (7)

TNF-α is a hormone that is released in response to bacterial infection or cell mutation (cancer)!!  Yikes, don’t suppress our immune defenses! 

Imagine suppressing our Government’s defenses.  We leave the defenses for land attack, but we dismantle the defenses for air strike and internal sabotage or treason.

Humira suppresses your defenses, and the doctor’s acknowledge that the consequence could be death, and we don’t request an alternative?!?!

How can we worship God, praise Jesus, and ignore Mother Nature!?  

Jesus was gifted two PLANT MEDICINES as an infant.  Myrrh is one of nature’s many antibiotics, Frankincense is nature’s pain reliever, like Advil, but without the potential for death, and it works slightly better. (8)

My Sunday School teacher was named Faith, and she warned me to watch out for false Gods.  I think she meant the idolization of money?  These people are not evil, but they rationalize the hell out of their choices.  They may even believe there is nothing better, and why look when you are getting exactly what you want!?!?  


If only you could see what I have seen.

I saw a man with Psoriasis heal.  His medicine caused Liver Failure, so he was told that he could no longer fill his prescription.  His doctor didn’t have an alternative, he just sent him away helpless.

If blocking the hormone that activates bacterial and mutation defense also blocks some pain or inflammation, I wonder what HELPing that hormone do its job might

With our lab test, I could see that his immune system was fighting bacterial and fungal infections.  True GI Cleanse is our medicine that helps create bacterial harmony in the “microbiome,” and True Fungal Fighter is our medicine for fungal infections.  True Lymph Cleanse is our medicine to help clean and clear out inflammation.  True Clear Skin is our medicine to clear and heal skin.

In eight weeks, he said, “My Psoriasis never looked this good using my prescription medication.

He enjoyed a year of health and comfort, and then cancer took his life.  I did everything I could, but ten years on cancer causing medicine was more than Mother Nature could overcome.  I actually went to the hospital to say goodbye and wept for the big dummy.  My only visit in 25 years.

My eyes have seen this!

A young man diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis tried True Health after three badly failed attempts at suppression with pharmaceuticals.

Our lab test showed that his body was fighting a deadly antibiotic resistant bacteria, C.Diff, so we gave Mother Natures help for SIBO,  True GI Cleanse and Lymph Cleanse.  Help kill and eliminate.  Help, not HURT.

In six weeks, he was almost symptom free, until he ran out of his True Health medicine.  He had a slight flare up, and never ran out of his medicine again.  Well, until he got to complete remission, which took another six weeks.  Now he doesn’t require any medicine.

Healing is Bad for Repeat Business and for Profit.

Abbvie Pharmaceutical and the doctors prescribing Humira, tell their patients that natural medicine has no scientific basis.

Can you feel them hanging on to their profit??

We used Golden Thread (Berberine) as one of our medicines for Ulcerative Colitis.  Golden Thread, scientific autoimmune, humiraname Coptis Chinesis, has over 100 studies validating its benefits for inflammation and cancer.

Over and over you hear researchers saying “theres enough evidence to begin human trials, or large scale human trials.”  But it never happens because it would destroy Big Pharma Profit.

We used a plant called Burdock as one of our medicines for Psoriasis.  Burdock decreases the same type of inflammation as Humira!

Burdock humirainhibits Tumor Necrosis Factor or TNF.

Burdock offers this virtue with NO side effects, and my Psoriasis patient said his skin looked better than when he was using the pharmaceutical that eventually took his life.


Better because plants nourish, cleanse, and heal.  Destruction and war are not effective healing resources.  Sounds like a hard man invented medicine.

I discovered plant medicines by being willing to try anything.  And I tried everything.  I learned how powerful these plants are by first hand experience.

My most recent personal experience was an incurable disease called Scleroderma.  It’s thescleroderma only disease I know of that Medicine has no medicine.  Seriously, they just send you home to die.

Nature’s medicine resolved it with a little trial and error.  An “error” with Nature’s medicine just means you don’t heal.  You don’t die or get cancer.


When I set out to create this website and blog, I had to check if there was scientific validation of what I had seen with my own eyes.  Look around the website.  I found scientific validation of Mother Nature for every named condition.  Click through to your condition and watch my video summary of what every healing science offers your condition.  Or at least all the ones I found.

If someone is telling you something, you have to
feel their intention.  These people feel intent upon profit.Mother Nature

Scroll through our blog to read all our case studies and learn more about plant medicines.  If you know someone with Alzheimers disease, search Alzheimer’s and you will find a study from India showing that plant medicines can even heal Alzheimer’s disease. 

True HM Detox is the medicine of choice for the invasion of chemicals.  I saw with my own eyes a little girl who was covered in eczema.  Head to toe.

Any inflammation means immune defenses are responding to invasion and you need to help Cancer - Asheville Functional Medicineyour body clear out.  How disrespectful to suppress your own defenses. Her invasion was formaldehyde.  It is a known carcinogen (Scroll down, see for yourself) and our government allows it’s use in our walls, carpets, and furniture.

Carcinogen means cancer causing chemical.  Our leaders know it causes cancer, and inflammation, and they allow its use in our homes.  As a result, this little girl (and probably many others) suffer from diseases and conditions caused by our leadership.

One out of two people get cancer.  Adding chemicals that are carcinogens to our home in any amount is not taking good care of our Earth and people.

Natural Law says STOP, before Mother Earth shakes like a dog to fling us off and start over.

Mother Nature is an amazing healer.  She doesn’t harm, or cause side effects, so it is safe to try and fail and try again.  Mother Nature costs  $30-40 per month, while Humira averages just over $4000 per month.

Humira is covered by insurance and Mother Nature is not. 

That makes me wonder if Pharmaceutical Corporations, Insurance companies, and our government are more interested in profit, than protecting our people.


What do you think?

Our last President has a net worth of 40 Million dollars.  I’ve heard that our current President has even more.

What kind of leader would accumulate wealth while their people don’t have food and water?

My income was cut off for healing a medical condition, and my net worth is less than zero.

Dr. Todd Stone .  Guess who I owe money to?!  Yeah, our government.  For the privilege of an education that was virtually useless.  I’m going to send them my diploma and see if I can get back to zero.

If you aren’t close enough to let me help you, I teach you how to do it yourself.

Do You Need Healing, Desperately!?

I am on a mission to bring everyone who needs it, hope for healing.

I will faithfully sacrifice my own well being to get this accomplished, and I mean for everyone. Nobody will be left behind.

My practice had become the home of the desperate.  Literally, I have had people say that if I couldn’t help, they were going to accept death. They couldn’t take another failure, and True Health did not disappoint them.  
If you are near or even on the desperation spectrum, this article is for you.  This is for helping you find your path, the GOOD path, the HEALING path, even if doesn’t include accepting my help directly.

This is my advice for your desperation and lack of hope.  My offering of direction.

The first step of easing your anguish is reminding yourself that every symptom is a message pulling your attention toward caring for your needs.  Convince yourself, because it is true.  
Picture a old, wise guru, giving you the most painful advice that you have ever received.  Even though it hurts like crazy to hear, you know from the kindness in his eyes that s/he loves you and wants you to find your direction and expand the gift that you are. 
It will help to get the book, Spontaneous Healing, by Dr. Andrew Weil.  When you bathe your brain with miracles, you tune your focus and attention to healing and possibility. 
This how your brain, which I call Regulation, works.  If you focus on finding blue, you miss all the red in your environment.  By tuning into healing miracles, you will come across, find, and discover, the resources you need to heal. 
My book, “When Did Natural Become The Alternative,” was written with this same purpose.  My book is just a few bucks to buy on Amazon.  Dr. Weil’s book can likely be found for a buck at a second hand book store.

Bathe your brain in Healing Miracles.  Until you understand that healing is your normal state. 

Adopt the attitude of the Curious Scientist.  To the curious scientist, every failure is an indication of a need for change.  To the curious scientist, there is no such thing as failure.  The curious scientist is just testing variables.  Nothing more.  Not getting what you want doesn’t mean you are an idiot or failure.  You are NOT supposed to know.  That’s the point of a scientific experiment, which is what living your life is. 

You are here to find the variables that work for you!  

Change variables and be curious.  “What  will happen if I add this resource?”  Your curiosity will drift into excitement, and your excitement will relieve the depression of feeling hopeless.  
If you don’t know what to do, how the heck do you change variables?!  I am convinced that you know more than you think.  I believe you are the perfect person to take the next step in your life.  
My mission is to remind our people that Mother Nature is the source of healing.  Your dinner plate offers the basics for living, if you eat whole foods, and plant medicines offer the healing, when you need it.   Plant medicines nurture and nourish your body to meet your healing needs. 
If you believed that you are the perfect person to walk the path called you, you would walk into a store, or click on our online store, that sells plant medicines, and pick the one that most appeals to you.  You would TRUST that you are drawn to the name because it is meant for you.  
You could ‘google’ “your symptom + relief or remission or cure” and find a story of someone who overcame a very similar condition or situation, and model their behavior.  Do what they did, and be curious what your new resources will bring.
You could do your own research.  With your brain tuned in to healing, you will likely find something of value.  Search “your condition or symptom herbal medicine” on the National Library of Medicine database,  Search “your condition or symptom on, or the Life Extension Foundation.  Both are well referenced resources with tons of content. 
Now you have a variable or resource with some research behind it.  Pick something that feels good and right to you and get curious.  Then pay careful attention to the results.  
All the while, you must adhere to my dietary guidelines.  I have a short video HERE!  Don’t worry, I am not of the mindset that dietary perfection is the only path to healing.  You will find True Health guidelines much easier to follow than perfection.  
You must also meet your life needs.  Go to the “Resources” link on our website, and scroll down to find a document called “The Five Energy Needs.  Read and memorize the scripting in that article.  Use what it offers you to meet your boundary needs and desire needs.  Five percent more each week, aka, a step at a time.  
You will still have ups and downs.  Everyone does.  Remind yourself that you are at least as normal as Dr. Stone.  Your health will change in direct correlation to your ability to interrupt your ‘down’ patterns.  Focus your attention on finding pattern interrupters that work for you.  

Pattern interruptors are anything that changes your perspective or alters your focus.  

I spent my most hopeless times watching a film called “What the Bleep Do We Know.” 
Some people can interrupt down patterns by reading the Bible or something uplifting and empowering.  My wife made me a video of family pictures set to music.  I find it nearly impossible to not feel gratitude and appreciation watching our kids growing up. 
I realize this isn’t the list you quite expected.  But, it’s my best advice after seeing thousands of patients wanting to change!  And it appears, based on the tally of results, that I am pretty good at this healing thing.
If you are willing to accept my help, True Health and Mother Nature now offer care without expectation.  Healing has been pushed out of way by profit, and my fighting back is a True Health Membership.  It’s 7 dollars a month, and it allows you to visit True Health whenever you need, on a donation basis.  Whatever you want to pay.
Visit our conditions page to read the amazing stories of healing we’ve seen at True Health!

The GABA Challenge


The GABA Challenge is a test for the integrity of your Blood Brain Barrier (BBB).  If compromised or damaged, your risk for neurodegneration and vaccine reactions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder increases.  The BBB is a semi-permeable (some things can go through) “wall” that filters needed proteins, nutrients, and hormones into the brain, and keeps “not needed” OUT of the brain. 
Not too much different from your skin.  The skin is also a barrier system for your body and it keeps a world of dirt and microbes on the outside.  What happens when that barrier system is compromised, such as a cut or scrape?  The answer, of course, is inflammation, which looks bad and painful.  Inflammation is your body’s  immune response to any invasions, such as dirt, bacteria, and viruses. 
Now think of this barrier around your brain, only cut up, scratched up and scabbed up.  The cells within that barrier, now being bathed in inflammation, are your Brain Cells!  

This inflammatory process will greatly increase your probability of neurodegenerative diseases of aging such as Alzheimer’s disease, and if you’re a child, your routine vaccination allows mercury and formaldehyde to cross the broken barrier, and you end up with an acute inflammatory response we call Autism Spectrum!

The GABA Challenge test involves taking a neuropeptide (big word for protein), called GABA that is naturally made in every cell of your body.  When every cell produces their own GABA, brain cells would have to produce it to feel it in your brain.  It does not travel from the kidney to the brain, and it doesn’t cross the blood brain barrier if you consume it. 
The neuropeptides that work in the brain include GABA, which feels super relaxed and/or asleep.  Acetylcholine, which feels like laying on a beach and taking in all the sounds, deep contemplation and/or reflexion on a grateful memory.  Serotonin, which feels like accomplishing something or happy for nothing.  Dopamine, which feels like a party for you, love, or giving a speech.  Adrenaline and Noradrenaline which feel like worry, excitement, fear, or exhilaration.   

GABA is the only inhibitory neuropeptide, acting like the brake pedal to slow your brain down.  All the others are excitatory or stimulating to the nervous system. 

When you take a drug that stimulates GABA production in the brain, you inhibit your inhibitions, start to feel more relaxed, and if you keep consuming, you slow down, get tired, feel sluggish, and lose coordination.  If you keep consuming, you will lose consciousness.  

Alcohol and Valium are probably the most famous GABA stimulators.  If you have ever tried either, you know exactly what I mean. 

Consuming GABA directly shouldn’t do this.  Alcohol crosses the blood brain barrier, GABA does not.  When we take GABA internally, we should not feel brain inhibition.  There should not be a slowing, intoxication, or incoordination feeling at all.  There should be no brain effect at all. 
  1. About 1-2 hours after dinner, on a night that you have nothing planned, take the 2 GABA capsules.
  2. Go about your business (like I said, don’t have anything important planned)
  3. Notice any unusual slowing down type feelings, ranging from mildly intoxicated, uncoordinated, lethargic, or simply slowed down.
  4. Notice any excitation, agitation, or other stimulation such as feeling wired, which will happen in approximately 20% of the cases of compromised BBB.  Most will feel inhibited.
  5. Go to bed.  If you are slowed, it will be gone by the morning.    
  6. ANY change, excitation or inhibition is a positive test for damage to the Blood Brain Barrier.

If you have a positive test, don’t get a vaccine containing mercury or formaldehyde!

Follow these nutrition guidelines and get True Tissue Heal and True Pain Relief from our online store, to prevent Neuro-Degenerative conditions.

That combination will heal all the barriers, including the intestinal barrier, aka Leaky Gut Syndrome.  Well, unless you had underlying chronic infections in your gut.  If you are tired of “trying the next thing,” you can start with our lab test that specifies what YOUR needs are.

It would work for the skin too, if used topically and internally, but we have True Wound Mend that is prepared more for topical use.

Would you like to do this test without buying a whole bottle of GABA capsules for 2 capsules?

neurodegenerationIf you order True Calm for Anxiety,  True Allergy for seasonal Allergies, True Sleep for falling asleep insomnia, or True Blood Sugar Balance for blood sugar problems,  and I’ll toss in two GABA 500 mg pills in a little baggie.

Shop around and buy anything that fits you, to improve digestion, energy, or build up stress resilience.    Then type “GABA” or “gaba” in the comments and I’ll include 2 capsules to try the GABA test for yourself, or 4 capsules, maybe even 6 if you request.