Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Mother Nature

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease characterized by cognitive decline…


…behavioral and psychological symptoms, and impaired activities of daily living. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease are faced with the inevitable decline from mild to moderate and, eventually, to severe stages of the disease and death. 

“I had early onset cognitive impairment after losing my income for helping a woman with a medical condition and not being able to sleep.  This is how I healed my brain and memory!
-Dr. Stone

The American Medical Association observes that, once diagnosed with Dementia, the average life span is 5-10 years, but some barely make 2 years, and others live up to 20 more years.  No matter how long, every year is progressively worse.

Mild Cognitive Impairment is characterized by walking downstairs and forgetting why you made the trek.

In the mild Alzheimer’s stages, you “can’t find the word” and “lose track of time.”  Moderate Alzheimer’s stages begins when you ask the same questions over and over and forget that you are frying an egg!  That seems to worry everyone.

Severe Alzheimer’s stages begins when you lose the ability to repeat 3 words back after I say them, which means you don’t don’t even retain the last few seconds or minutes of your life.  Before you die, you forget your own people and language.  Every visit, we meet for the first time, again, and you can’t recall the word “chair” as you point me to have a seat.  –Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease 2016

alzheimer's stages

And then you die.  If you are lucky, it could take 20 years.  If you are unlucky, this progression can take as little as a couple years.

LUCK depends on your perspective, of course.  Some might say passing is a blessing if you can’t recall the last few seconds of your life!

That is your prognosis, your future, if you rely solely on Conventional Medicine.  Lucky or not.

I thought that sounded horrifying, so I scoured the globe for anything that might offer hope for improvement or remission of a progressive disease.  I found scientific evidence that Dementia can be reversed and prevented!!

You can prevent Alzheimers!

alzheimer, lewy body dementia

Gotu Kola

Aluminum is fed to lab animals to cause Alzheimer’s disease so researchers can test medicines without risking harm to humans.  This study observed the effect of feeding half the animals a plant called Gotu Kola with the aluminum.  Gotu Kola significantly reduced the characteristic brain damage compared to the animals not receiving Gotu Kola, even with acute poisoning. 

True Heavy Metal Detox is our medicine for gently eliminating heavy metals such as Aluminum and Mercury.  At my weight, seven doses of Mylanta per day would cause Alzheimer’s in 30 days, based on the mg/bodyweight dosing they use to cause Alzheimer’s disease in Lab animals. 

The “safe” intake of aluminum is listed as 10 mg per day for a 170 pound adult.

Aluminum compounds may be added during processing of foods, such as:

  • flour
  • baking powder
  • coloring agents
  • anticaking agents

“An average adult in the United States eats about 7–9 mg of aluminum per day in their food.” –CDC

The amount used to cause Alzheimers in 30 days would be 3,800 mg per day for a 170 pound animal.  Antacids may have up to 900 mg per dose.  Aspirin is buffered with 10-20 mg of aluminum per pill.  Aluminum pans serve fish patties with 75 mg of aluminum per patty.  Acidic liquids cooked in aluminum pans can absorb as much as 300 mg per cup (some were very low, which I imagine is the difference between cheap and high quality, aka expensive). –

Our government claims “we aren’t sure if aluminum causes Alzheimer’s” while our scientists use aluminum to induce Alzheimers in lab animals.  I take a dose of True Heavy Metal Detox every day because it binds and eliminates environmental toxins that hurt, even the heaviest and hardest.   I find formaldehyde to be a greater danger (Read about Formaldehyde HERE), and more of the reason I detox daily, because it cleans and clears everything!

I’m not big into politics.  Does our government do a lot of lying?!?

Step 1: True Heavy Metal Detox – Clean the Brain

Step 2: Heal the Brain

Curcumin is one of the most promising and exciting compounds for development of Alzheimer’s Disease therapeutics.

In India the incidence of Alzheimer’s is one tenth the incidence in the USA, thought to be because of their high consumption of Turmeric.   Turmeric also has a beneficial effect on diabetes, which drastically increases your risk of developing dementia.

Alzheimer’s is characterized by inflammatory and oxidative damage to brain cells, causing “tangles” and protein clumping called Beta Amyloid Plaques.  Lewy Body dementia is named for another version of protein clumping.  Diabetes greatly accelerates the clumping and tangles, while Curcumin reduces clumping and tangles and lowers elevated blood sugar.  –Neural Regeneration Research 2018

lewy body dementia

In China, doctors use curcumin to diagnose the severity of AD.  Curcumin can be labeled with radioactive nuclides so it glows vividly on brain scan.  It has a significant attraction to plaques and tangles, almost like it knows what needs healing, making it the perfect “dye” to scan for early Alzheimer’s stages and to monitor progression  and severity.

Human Studies:  Curcumin improved cognitive function and reduced fatigue and psychological stress in a healthy older population, but didn’t fare much better than a placebo with diagnosed Alzheimer’s.

We’re not looking for a miracle pill or potion, though, We’re looking for what Alzheimer’s needs to heal.  Always start with a healthy diet.  This diet is proven to reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Axe does a swell job of describing the dietary and lifestyle factors that reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease.  I find it boring to have someone tell me that we have to move our bodies, challenge our minds, and eat whole foods.  I also know how challenging it was to find the truth about what we need to eat, so I’m happy that Dr. Axe makes it easy to find!

If you already Have Alzheimer’s or Cognitive Impairment, we need a good bit more Help and HOPE than Prevention can provide!  I found 4 resources that have improved Alzheimer’s in human models.

MCTs in Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil contains Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs).  If you aren’t familiar, can get you up to speed!

Researchers at Louisiana State University (LSU) gave MCTs to early stage Alzheimer’s patients and memory performance increased over 24 weeks.  There were only 2 people in the MCT group, and 2 in the placebo group, but MCT’s improved a progressive disease, twice!  With NO SIDE EFFECTS!  –

If anyone I loved and cared for had early signs of AD, I’d have them on True Heavy Metal Detox, Gotu Kola, Curcumin and MCTs in a heartbeat, but I wouldn’t stop there.

Fish Oils

I’d drastically increase anyone-with-dementia’s dose of Fish Oils.

Have you gotten the scoop on Omega 3 and 6 fats?

Dr. Chris Kresser teaches the basics in more detail, but the simple message is clear!  Get your ratio as close to 1:1 as POSSIBLE, and you will prevent / improve nearly every disease!  –

If your Omega 3 to 6 ratio is low, like 1/20…the incidence of tangles and clumping increases.  If you get closer to 1/1, your brain size (volume) increases, and your memory clearly works better!  –

Human Studies: Eighteen people with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) were given fish oil daily for 12 months, and compared to 18 patients receiving a placebo.  “The fish oil group showed significant improvement in short-term and working memory, immediate verbal memory and delayed recall capability.”  –

Acupressure or Acupuncture.

Ten randomized controlled trials with a total of 585 participants evaluated the effectiveness of Acupuncture on Alzheimer’s disease.   Results of 6 trials showed that acupuncture was better than drugs at improving scores on the Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) scale.  Evidence from the results of 3 trials showed that acupuncture plus Aricept was more effective than Aricept alone at improving the MMSE scale score.  –.

I’ll share which points they used at the end.  They used acupuncture, but I’ve done quite well healing folks with acupressure, and  I’ll show you how easy it is…at the end.

True Neuro-Regeneration

Alzheimers progresses from not being able to recall the last few minutes, to the last few seconds, and then you can’t recall what a bird or chair is called.  In 2014, Alzheimer’s patients received Bacopa, Wild Yam and Sea Buckthorne.  Instead of progressing toward death, their word recall improved by 30%.  Their functional ability improved by 21%.  –

“Alzheimer’s disease regressed.”   Lol.  I wouldn’t say it that way.  I’d say health, healing, and function improved or progressed by 30%.  Just words though.

I’d definitely include these plants!

Plant Medicines that reverse Alzheimer’s Disease.

There is actually some pretty exciting research out there, but it may be 5o years before it gets to human testing.  These are studies on Animal Models of Alzheimer’s.

Are you willing to wait 50 years to see if something harmless is good enough for science to approve it as treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease or Lewy Body Dementia?

I didn’t have 50 years to wait, so I went forward with the best medicine that science has to offer.  There are no harmful side effects, so my worst case is wasting some money on medicine while I normally deteriorate per the medical model.  (Two years later, I am happy and healthy!!)

Aluminum is fed to rats or mice to reproduce the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s so that researchers can evaluate the effects of different medicines.  So far, no pharmaceutical has reversed clumping and tangles or improved memory.  So far, no plant medicine has had a side effect bad enough to not give them a try, and these plants reversed AD!


In animal models, a 30-d course of Ashwaghanda reversed behavioral deficits, plaque pathology, accumulation of β-amyloid peptides (decreased tangles and clumps!) AND increased acetylcholine by 40%.  Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter associated with learning and memory. –.


lewy body dementia“In this study, we found that oral administration of Reishi Mushroom promoted rapid nerve cell reproduction and alleviated cognitive deficits in animal models of Alzheimer’s Disease.  Our findings suggest that Reishi could serve as a regenerative therapeutic agent for the treatment of cognitive decline associated with neurodegenerative diseases.”  –.

There were no side effects…no danger in trying it.

Ginseng significantly decreased memory impairment in animal models of Alzheimer’s disease in 30 days. Ginseng repairs the damage of the hippocampus, decreases clumping and tangles, and improves neurotransmitter levels.”  – 

Environmental enrichment (EE) has been shown to enhance cognitive function in mouse models of Alzheimer‘s disease.  The addition of Magnesium  improved cognition and spatial memory more effectively than either treatment alone.”  –

“According to tests, Methyl-cobalamin (Vit B12)  improved intellectual functions, such as memory, emotional functions, and communication with other people. Improvements in cognitive functions were relatively constant when the vitamin B12 levels in the cerebrospinal fluid were high.   There were no side effects attributable to methyl-cobalamin.”  – 

The plants and nutrients that protect and heal the brain, even with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, are the ingredients of True Neuro-Regeneration.

If anyone I loved and cared for had early signs of AD, I’d have them on True Heavy Metal Detox, True Neuro-Regeneration, high dose fish oils and Coconut Oil in a heartbeat!

True Neuro-Regeneration gives you this much hope…  100 people got better instead of worse.

Add the 2 people that got better instead of worse using MCTs, and the 18 that got better instead of worse using Fish Oils, and the hundreds of animal models that got better instead of worse using Ashwaghanda, Reishi, Ginseng, Magnesium, and B12.

Plus Gotu Kola and Curcumin, which seem to love and protect the brain.

I put Mother Nature’s Healing together for you in our Cognitive Impairment Kit.  I hope you appreciate the relief and restoration of life for your loved ones.

True Neuro-Regeneration, Heavy Metal Detox, and Ultra-pure Fish Oils. Plus use coconut oil and enrich your (or your patients) environment..  Use the acupressure video below, or find a good acupuncturist.

There have been studies conducted on humans to prove
our Cognitive Impairment Kit will help
Alzheimer’s or dementia in humans.
And there is nothing in it that will harm a human.

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Visit my Cognitive Impairment Blog, where I share my  healing process and challenges!

Natural Medicine vs Pharmaceutical Science

Natural Medicine has a rich history and tradition, dating back 3000 years.

But is Natural Medicine scientifically based?  “There’s no science,” is the prevailing perception.  Yet over half of the pharmaceuticals developed in the last 50 years are based on the study of the active ingredients in plants.

For example, scientists designed TamiFlu to recreate the effects of Elderberry.  When compared side to side however, Elderberry works 400% better than Tamiflu.

Science claims that double blind, placebo controlled clinical trials are the gold standard of validating any medicine.  A medicine must perform better than the placebo, and it must be a statistically significant improvement.  If a medicine passes this test, it now has a scientific basis.

The problem with this type of study is individual variation.  I have treated people with the same named condition, yet discovered very different root causes.  That is why I suggest the Right Diagnosis is the root cause, and True Health offers just that.

A clinic where you can Get The Right Diagnosis.  The root cause of your suffering.

If I were the president of the American Medical Association, I would be focusing research on the best methods to find the root cause of every disease, in every person.  In the individuals I have helped heal, the root cause is typically some combination of chronic infections, toxicity, and stress.

Natural medicine has convinced me of its virtues, by the results I have seen first hand.  When I created our new website, I spent many hours searching for scientific validation to prove what my eyes have seen.  It turns out, validation by science is easy to find.  Watch.

I typed American Ginseng into the research database of the National Library of Medicine and I found 494 published studies dating back to 1974.  Then I searched fluoxetine, brand name Prozac, and found 12,849 published studies, also dating back to 1974.  Perhaps that was the year scientific validation began.

The analysis of page one of my Prozac search, from the perspective of an over analyzer.

Study #1: This study shows us that Prozac has been proven to slow the progression of memory loss  That’s great, but this study shows that natural medicine has been proven to improve memory, which I would prefer over slowing down its worsening.  Natural  medicine offers a better option.

Study 2: This study was initiated to determine if pharmacies in rural India had a sufficient supply of Prozac to adequately medicate their patients.   The study concluded that there was not enough Prozac available in rural India.  However, the study link above was published by doctors in India, showing that natural medicine can improve Alzheimer’s disease steadily over 12 months!

That is pretty significant.  There is nothing on our planet except natural medicine that actually improves Alzheimers Disease.

In fact, India publishes more research on natural medicine than nearly every other country.  Their doctors use pharmaceuticals when they offer better results, but find they don’t prescribe nearly as much as doctors in the US use by including Mother Nature in their pharmacy. 

The Canadians consider Nature as well.  In this blog post, I shared a study considered to be of the highest scientific standard, that concluded that St. Johns Wort decreased depression 70% more effectively than Paxil.

Study 3: In this study a new drug is compared to Prozac.  Prozac inhibits or blocks dopamine in the brain.  The researchers wanted to see if this new drug could compare favorably with Prozac in achieving that goal. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain that excites.  It is considered associated with love, success, and excitement.  Prozac and the new one both effectively blocked excitement and love.  I know a couple people who were put on antidepressants, and one said she preferred her dark thoughts to the lack of feeling her antidepressant caused.

Plants improve anxiety by increasing production of the brain chemicals that cause a feeling of relaxation.  Research studies have shown this to be fact.

Study 4: I couldn’t make this up.  This study is a discussion of the complexity of the female brain complicated by fluctuating hormonal levels. Due to the higher numbers of psychiatric illnesses found in women, doctors wanted the study done to see why the numbers were higher than in men.  They can’t figure out what to do with crazy, imbalanced women.

I guess they haven’t heard about my protocol.  I touch them all over (not sexually of course) and tell them how beautiful they are.  And I give them True Thyroid Repair.  The results have been statistically significant.  You can get some in our online store, and I offer my services by donation with a $7/month membership.

Study 5: This is a petri dish study.  Researchers test medications on tissue samples to evaluate the cellular effects.  They compared Prozac, a sedative drug, and fish oils for their effects on oxidation in brain tissue samples.  They concluded that the sedative and fish oils were the best combination and called for clinical trials to begin.

I call for the sedative to be replaced by True Calm, which is available in our online store.  I truly believe that Mother Nature is a better healer than Big Pharma.

Comment below if you’d like me to go through all 12,849 studies!

Improve Focus, Memory Loss and Brain Fog Naturally

True Focus improved Alzheimers Disease in a clinical trial!

If I had Alzheimer’s Disease, I’d follow this protocol.  It includes True Focus, but at that stage I’d push healing more intensely.  But, it would be a smarter move to meet your needs with nourishing medicine at the first sign of memory loss.

Awhile back, I walked downstairs and couldn’t remember what I had come for!  Twice in one weekend.  I started taking True Focus after the second time, and it resolved my “memory loss.”  True Focus is nourishment for our most important organ.  Our Brain!

It improves a scattered and overwhelmed brain, distracted brain, ADD, ADHD, brain fog, and memory loss.

And yes, it even helps a diseased brain, Alzheimer’s Disease.

This research study is a double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial from India.

In doctor language, that means the most highly regarded scientific proof.  Indian doctors investigated the effects of Wild Yam and Bacopa on Alzheimers patients, compared to a placebo and Aricept, the number one pharmaceutical for Alzheimers disease.

alzheimer'sThey tested over 100 patients with Alzheimer’s Disease using a variety of memory and focus tasks, and lab tests for inflammation and oxidation, which are characteristic lab findings in Alzheimer’s disease.  They concluded: Administration of the plant formulation for a period of 12 months resulted in a significant improvement in cognitive function, depression, and lab markers for inflammation and oxidative stress in the Alzheimers patients, when compared to placebo and Aricept.”  (1).

The significance of this study is that Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease.

Medical care focuses on slowing the progression and extending life, because nothing has offered improvement, including Aricept.  These plants created a healing trend in a hopeless disease!

True Focus also contains Gingko Biloba: “In Europe, Ginkgo Biloba is a “registered drug” for the treatment of age-related cognitive decline including memory and concentration problems.

“Clinical efficacy in cognitive decline and dementia has been confirmed by a series of randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials.” (2)

Lemon Balm: “The changes observed on brain scan 2 hours after ingestion of lemon balm revealed increased activation in brain centers associated with working memory and relaxation states.”(3).

St. Johns Wort: Compared side by side to Paxil, a pharmaceutical prescribed for depression, and a placebo, St. Johns Wort decreased standardized depression questionnaire scores by 70% more than Paxil.  And while both improved depression compared to placebo, St. John’s Wort showed results in a higher percentage of patients than Paxil (87 vs 60%) and remission (complete resolution) rates were higher. (71 vs 42%).  

Plants work better than a pharmaceutical?

We’ve been so deeply convinced that nature only offers snake oil and is unscientific and probably dangerous.  “You can’t control Nature.”

No Sir, you can’t control Nature, but you can trust Her.dementia

I trust Nature more than these folks!

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