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Improve Focus, Memory Loss and Brain Fog Naturally

True Focus improved Alzheimers Disease in a clinical trial!

If I had Alzheimer’s Disease, I’d follow this protocol.  It includes True Focus, but at that stage I’d push healing more intensely.  But, it would be a smarter move to meet your needs with nourishing medicine at the first sign of memory loss.

Awhile back, I walked downstairs and couldn’t remember what I had come for!  Twice in one weekend.  I started taking True Focus after the second time, and it resolved my “memory loss.”  True Focus is nourishment for our most important organ.  Our Brain!

It improves a scattered and overwhelmed brain, distracted brain, ADD, ADHD, brain fog, and memory loss.

And yes, it even helps a diseased brain, Alzheimer’s Disease.

This research study is a double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial from India.

In doctor language, that means the most highly regarded scientific proof.  Indian doctors investigated the effects of Wild Yam and Bacopa on Alzheimers patients, compared to a placebo and Aricept, the number one pharmaceutical for Alzheimers disease.

alzheimer'sThey tested over 100 patients with Alzheimer’s Disease using a variety of memory and focus tasks, and lab tests for inflammation and oxidation, which are characteristic lab findings in Alzheimer’s disease.  They concluded: Administration of the plant formulation for a period of 12 months resulted in a significant improvement in cognitive function, depression, and lab markers for inflammation and oxidative stress in the Alzheimers patients, when compared to placebo and Aricept.”  (1).

The significance of this study is that Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease.

Medical care focuses on slowing the progression and extending life, because nothing has offered improvement, including Aricept.  These plants created a healing trend in a hopeless disease!

True Focus also contains Gingko Biloba: “In Europe, Ginkgo Biloba is a “registered drug” for the treatment of age-related cognitive decline including memory and concentration problems.

“Clinical efficacy in cognitive decline and dementia has been confirmed by a series of randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials.” (2)

Lemon Balm: “The changes observed on brain scan 2 hours after ingestion of lemon balm revealed increased activation in brain centers associated with working memory and relaxation states.”(3).

St. Johns Wort: Compared side by side to Paxil, a pharmaceutical prescribed for depression, and a placebo, St. Johns Wort decreased standardized depression questionnaire scores by 70% more than Paxil.  And while both improved depression compared to placebo, St. John’s Wort showed results in a higher percentage of patients than Paxil (87 vs 60%) and remission (complete resolution) rates were higher. (71 vs 42%).  

Plants work better than a pharmaceutical?

We’ve been so deeply convinced that nature only offers snake oil and is unscientific and probably dangerous.  “You can’t control Nature.”

No Sir, you can’t control Nature, but you can trust Her.dementia

I trust Nature more than these folks!

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If you purchase 2 bottles and you’re not impressed with the results of the first, return the second bottle unopened and I’ll refund your entire purchase.

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